Rio Dell Police Seize and Bury Marijuana

cops with pot

Rio Dell Police bury seized marijuana. [All photos provided by Rio Dell Police Department]

This is a press release from the Rio Dell Police Department. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

On September 8, 2016 officers with the Rio Dell Police Department, with assistance from the Fortuna Police Department, executed a search warrant in the 400 block of Monument Road. The Search warrant was sought after numerous complaints of the strong odor of marijuana coming from the location.

During the investigation, officers removed 200 mature marijuana plants. The seized marijuana was taken off site where it was destroyed. The responsible party for the marijuana growing operation has yet to be contacted. A report will be forwarded to the Humboldt County District Attorney’s Office for review.

Truck bed full of marijuana






  • Henchman Of Justice

    Burying weed?

    Did the sheriff’s [edit] department get a negative declaration or environmental impact report signoff and permit to carve up the ground with burial sites?

    Burying weed poses environmental risks much moreso than biomass facility uses or burning, just saying……

    • That was Rio Dell PD, not the sheriff’s office according to the article.

      • Henchman Of Justice

        Sarcastically Ya, but the sheriff is the head law enforcer
        in all of the county who supposedly has these little itsy bitsy meetings with the other heads of jurisdictions (cities) where they swap (pun intended) personnel and equipment and policies (to be as uniform as possible), not to mention that burying stuff in the ground near jurisdictional boundaries (or simply anywhere within Humboldt County) is cause for cross contamination concerns while the site may be sold in the future as part of a sale, split, development, etc… so lots of reasons why the head guy in the county’s law enforcement should be kept in the loop with how and where all cities are disposing of a drug for which county sheriff department services AND District Attorney surely comingle with that of any of the cities in a pyramid effect, top down politics with regard to all things drugs and law enforcing.

    • A clear case of “Do as I say, NOT as I do”!!! :-C

      • Henchman Of Justice

        Dan, Dan, Dan,

        Not opened minded enough yet……

        Tisk task

        • I’m already beyond Batsh!t Crazy, I’m just tired of the emphasis on raiding Cannabis grows especially the little ones, insted of concentatrating on the damned Meth Labs!!!! Meth & Heroin are 1,000 times worse than Cannabis on at its abolute worst, but how often do they bust Meth Labs????

  • Will there be some sort of headstone?

  • Honeydew Bridge Chump

    Grave robbers dig em up for less…

    Just saying.

  • What a complete & total WASTE of time & money, for 200 plants??!!! Why can’t they use those same resources to find & bust Meth & Heroin which do FAR MORE damage than Cannabis EVER will!!! Sadly it seems when it comes to “REAL” drugs ( I do NOT consider Cannabis a “Drug” ) they can’t find their butts, with both hands as well as a map!!! Speaking of Cranial Rectal Insertions!!!!

    • The article said the neighbors were complaining because of odor. Don’t you think that may have something to do with the bust.

  • Ha Ha!! Evie Todd…I just spit corndog all over my puter!!

  • Wow, maybe they shoulda taken a look down first or second Street. Think there’s a lot more serious problems down that way

  • Where’s chipper?no love

  • so all these pictures are NOT the grow site but instead some sheriff lot?

    because there does not seem to be anyu near neighbors to complain about the smell there…misleading.

  • Haha you can smell it on the 101 from ukiah to orick!

  • Good luck getting the smell out of there trucks now too

    • Speaking of strong odors how in the Hell can they not smell the Meth Labs all over the County Ehtehr is just as strong a scent if not stronger than Cannabis but it’s ALWAYS the Cannabis that gets busted due to the odor!!! Just wondering/saying!!!! As the Robot on an OLD SciFi series from my childhood, “Lost In Space” was fond of saying, “Does Not Compute”!!!! :-C

  • Marijuana is illegal. That is what the Rio Dell police are doing. I live on first Ave in Rio Dell and I don’t cook dope or grow marijuana. So don’t say what you don’t know. The area that the police where in obviously didn’t just have graves. Grow up!!

    • Henchman Of Justice

      And yet the Rio Dell city council is legalizing within city limits marijuana operations a la carte.

      Check into it.

    • I AM grownup yes Cannabis is still illegal sadly at least until November then we shall see BUT Heroin & Meth both are illegal as well!!! So why, tell me do they not get as big a priority as some poor schmucks personal stash 200 hunred plants these “daze” is a tiny grow!!!, As I said some unlucky bastasrd’s personal stash!!! Sad waste of time & money busting something as harmless as Cannabis while the killer drugs Meth & Heroin coninue to grow more popular every day????!!!! BTW as far as grown up goes I think nearly 65 years on this earth counts as grown up!!!!

      • When grow up means go straight, two words. All those people who don’t want the medicinal benefits of cannabis: SHUT UP!

    • Deleted by me.

  • Marijuana (cannabis) needs to lose it’s illegal status. If anyone could grow it it would become normalized in our society & we eould all benefit. (Except cops, jails, lawyers & judges)

  • Hope they obtained a permit from the county for digging that hole. Even though I doubt they did, from a environmental stand point I’m sure burying it is probably the most non-environment friendly way of disposing of it. It doesn’t matter though there cops, they do whatever they want.

  • Johnny ben there.

    You inocent children. It’s not the bularians, or mexicanos, or whatever. The law in Humboldt is owned by organized crime. Why do you suppose none of the biggies, get busted, or get “off”. MONEY. So. Hum is caught up in a quagmire of greed and organized crime. DBA/AKA Mafia. Some Domestic,Some Foreign. NONE LOCAL
    ROLL WITH THE FLOW, and everyone profits.

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