Please Excuse the Foot Patrols, PG&E Tells Northeastern Humboldt

Press release from PG&E :

PG&EPacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) will be conducting routine inspections on foot along the routes of our electrical lines in your area. Our personnel will be assessing a 30 mile transmission line that runs in and between the towns of Hoopa, Maple Creek, Willow Creek and Russ Ranch. The foot patrols begin mid-September and run through late October. These inspections will help us to maintain and improve the overall electric system reliability for you and your neighbors. Weather and other factors affecting safe working conditions may impact our schedule.

You could see PG&E or contractor crews walking along the routes of our transmission and distribution lines. We may need to access your property to complete these inspections. Whenever possible, our crew members will introduce themselves at your location and answer any questions you may have about the inspections. PG&E employees and contractors always carry photo identification cards and are happy to present them to you upon request.



  • Holy CRAP! That was my response about 7 years ago. I was working in a garden with two other ladies. No one around. Then…”HELLO…HELLLLLOOOO” We are like WTF???? As we piss our pants… Helloooo dont mind me ladies I’m with PG&E just checking lines…and by the way nice plants.” Garden lived to be harvested…no cops came. Very surreal.

  • One more reason to get off the grid….better yet, don’t go on! Sheesh… af

    • That’s what I thought, but I still have to let them on my property 3 or 4 times a year to inspect the lines, that are in the open meadow, with no trees around, and you can see them from the road lol, but whatever floats there boat, nothing to hide anyways,

  • Right in the thick of harvest? Man, some out of the area Suit had to come up with this.

  • P, G & E is in the business to sell electricity. The last thing they`re going to do is mess with anyone`s garden or make enemies. Please rest easy, all you cultivators out there.

  • They are just overly intrusive with their 4 visits a year . Can’t they send a drone ?

  • When people stop stealing everything, they will leave you alone…

  • This might be a good time to update the lawsuit cases across the nation against the utility companies forcing off gridders to hook up. San Bernadino was one of the first in Calif if I recollect.

    • The way the Codes are now written, one can legally build an off-grid home IF one is wired up to go ON the grid. Like, you can use wood to fuel your heating IF you also have a system to provide 24-hour 72F above the floor automatically…. af

  • The driver of the Mercury suffered a heart attack and was apparently already dead when hit by the truck. Don’t be so quick to blame people before knowing the facts.

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