[UPDATE 11:34 p.m.: Interview With the First Person on the Scene] Man Shot in the Chest; EPD Searches for Shooter

Map of area closed after shooting

N Street is closed between 8th and 9th after a shooting about 9:50 p.m.

At approximately 9:50 p.m., a 38-year-old male was shot in the chest possibly with a shotgun near 9th and N Street in Eureka. An ambulance rushed the victim to the hospital.

Eureka Police are searching for a suspect on foot who reportedly fled with a firearm eastbound on 8th. According to the scanner, the suspect was last seen heading southbound on N Street.

The Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office has been called in to assist.

We have a reporter on the scene and will update as soon as possible.

UPDATE 11:17 p.m.: WARNING: Graphic description following:

According to Dustin Smith, age 25, of Eureka, the victim appears to have known the person who shot him. Smith was the first on the scene after the shooting. He told us, “I was sitting in my house. I live less than one block away….I heard the shot [and] I ran out of the house with my phone.” He called 911.

Right after he got outside, Smith located the victim who was calling out. “I saw he and his woman yelling for help….I knew I was possibly putting myself in danger but I heard the screams for help so I went,” he explained.

The victim was shot in the back. “The entry wound was right in between his spine and his shoulder blade on the right side,” said Smith. “The exit wound was almost the center of the chest…I’m trained and certified in first aid and CPR,” he explained. “The only thing I had was my sweatshirt to clog the wounds. I did everything I could until the police showed up.”

The woman with the victim identified an individual as the shooter, according to Smith.

Smith was calm when he spoke to us but he said he was a little shook up. “[This] was not something I’ve ever dealt with before.”
UPDATE 7 a.m.: Interview with another witness.



  • This is messy Mike and kendawg we are on the scene shots fired

  • Sorry i was the one to just save his life cause i herd the shot he was shot in the back and it came out his chest if u guys want the acurate story give me a call Dustin Smith [edit]

    • Henchman Of Justice

      To “The real civic volunteer helper”:

      You are a rock star for helping, stepping up in lieu of the unknown for another humanoid without prior conviction!!!!!!!

      Hope your nerves ease, blood and guts ain’t no joke.

    • You are a amazing!

    • Dustin Smith: I am the sister of the victim. Myself, my mom and my whole family want to thank you so much. We are so grateful for the courage you showed that night. We will forever be grateful and remember your actions. THANK YOU! -my whole family 💜

  • So, was this person shot in a house or was he outside? Just to me it would seem kind of strange if he was outside because then presumably the shooter was outside as well and with a shotgun? I mean a handgun sure, but a shotgun is a tad large to just be walking down the street with.

    • Really?! Does it matter? To much of this going on. Outside home, inside home, it just shouldn’t be happening at all. I want the days back when you could walk around town, and not lock your car or your home.

      • Ok grandma Simpson. If something has a lock, you should use it. Unfortunately we have this problem called human nature and it wasn’t different ” in your day”

    • This person was outside.

  • The shooting was on street, never saw the victim or female before, pretty scary when you hear yelling & shots fired rt outside your window. Hope the guy is caught soon. Detectives are now knocking on doors trying to collect info.

  • It was done with a 22 I was the first responder because I herd the shot and the suspect was walking with the victim from what the girlfriend said she knew who it was but the cops sealed the area whitout letting EMTs though even though I told them the shooter was gone and I had one male in critical condition they still took there time he was shot outside in the back and it exited his chest

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      That makes more sense Than a shotgun. A shotgun wound, as described, would have been extremely gorey and instantly fatal. A .22 could be “iffy” like with Reagan. Brave action could be life-saving. Hope so.

    • Cops and emt don’t seem that bright to me

      You sir, are a hero

  • It’s not safe out,past dark!!CRAZY TOWN USA

  • Thank you Dustin Smith for doing what A TRUE RED-BLOODED AMERICAN would do Hope your nerves have eased up

  • Eureka People stay in your house and lock your doors, windows, barricade your property, Eureka is a bigger mess than its ever been, is this what its come to? Actually, all of Humboldt County is in trouble.

  • Gettng Tired of It

    How many times do we have to read about shots fired at other humans in our county? My adult children say we’re going downhill, but I keep hoping the tide will turn. I long for the days when we rarely had a shooting…. Dustin Smith acted selflessly and heroically. Good job.

  • Know your friends well.
    Stay away from crime.

    It wasn’t a random shooting.

    So, possibly some type of dispute which escalated between friends, or
    Some type of criminal dealing gone bad.

    Great job, Dustin Smith!

  • whokilledourdaddy

    EPD is still looking for the shooter in an unsolved 2014 murder, don’t get your hopes up…

  • J winbag glad I am out

    Wow.. gotta love Eureka these days, I think we need to seriously consider what the heck is going on.. The Chief of police needs to micro manage some officers… To many bad things.

  • Thank u to all who say I’m a hero for that but I was just being human like all Americans should be i won’t let another person die without doing everythin I can to help

    • Thank you, Dustin. You are a hero.

    • You did what far too many won’t these days sadly, you stepped up to help a fellow Human without having to be prompted!!! As for EPD searching for the suspect before allowing EMT’s in EPD is ALWAYS searching for something, saly more times than not it’s their service weapon to shoot someone, not to mewntion their backsides with both hands & a map!!!!! Great job Nephew!!!!! 3 “Chinese Cheers for EPD, Fooey, Fooey, Fooey!!!!!

    • Dustin Smith: I am the sister of the victim. Myself, my mom and my whole family want to thank you so much. We are so grateful for the courage you showed that night. We will forever be grateful and remember your actions. THANK YOU! -my whole family 💜

  • Thank you Dustin smith. I can’t thank you enough on behalf of his family. To the police who take their time and hold emt away from helping a victim, I hope [edit]

  • Nathalie Richcreek

    The person who helped immediately is a great human being. The EMT’s are great – the Police for not allowing the victim to go with EMT’s for help were IDIOTS!!! Police too often push their “weight” around because they think they have that right and unfortunately this power problem could end a life !!! Real stupidity on their part. Officers wonder why people often don’t trust them – this is one reason !!!

  • There are two detectives for the eureka police department. Two! Ridiculous.

  • With the shooter not being in custody, the police need to make sure the scene is safe for EMT to assist without more lives being endangered. This time, the police made the right call.

  • Dustin, I agree with you that you were just being a human being trying your best to help another human being but sadly, these days, even a kind smile is heroic. I know it’s hard to hear and accept being called a hero for simply going outside and responding to calls for help but you were the hero. Thank you for what you did. It wasn’t easy and it took courage. My hope is that when people hear of what you’ve done and if they’re ever faced with this scenario, that they’ll take action.

    Did the victim survive, if so, how is he doing? How’s his wife and family doing? No matter the outcome, you are a hero to them. You cared enough to reach out in a vulnerable situation. We could all hope for this. Thank you!

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