[UPDATE: Located] Do You Recognize This Trimmer Missing in the Garberville Area Since May?

Riley Bean

A trimmer missing in the Garberville area since May.

Riley Bean, age 22, is missing. His last contact with his family was May 10 of this year when he texted his mom on Mother’s Day. At that time he let his family know that he was working as a trimmer in the Garberville area.

Riley is 6’2″ and weighed approximately 170 lbs. He has brown hair and hazel eyes, according to his family who are working with Cal-Advocates for Missing. They have set up a Facebook page to help spread the word.

If you have any information, please contact the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office at (707) 445-7251.

Riley Bean missing

Riley with family member.

UPDATE 9/19: Riley Bean was located.



  • Why is this just hitting the news now after what, 3-4 months?? Is it because he is an adult? I mean if he’s in regular contact with family, then it just abruptly stops. I would think the news should pick it up right away so the public could have kept an eye out for him. Especially since there have been so many other suspicious disappearances of male and female adults in the Humbolt, Mendocino and counties all the way down to San Francisco. Also the guy from back east that’s been reported missing and his car was found over an embankment around the Willow Creek area not long ago. He was also supposed to be working trimming someplace also I Humbolt County correct??

    • Henchman Of Justice

      Yep, and DHHS pushes the “know the signs” for suicide…..

      But, in the end,

      99% + of people don’t give a rats arse over the few, handful of folks who lose their lives abruptly……it is true, sad, but true.

      Philanthropy groups, other do gooder groups……..can’t be trusted.

      • the misadventures of bunjee

        OH please just shut up HoJ. Like you have all the answers to much of anything. Do you know anyone that works for DHHS or has committed suicide, even if you knew the signs? My money says no, you don’t. Stop being part of the rant and rave problems and start being part of the solutions. Or just go away.

    • The news won’t know until a police report is made. I’m sure they didn’t file a report back in May.

      • We often don’t know about missing person reports. The Sheriff’s Office only puts out info on those when they think they are important enough. I didn’t learn about this through the Sheriff but rather through a missing person organization.

        • It would be quite illuminating to get a compilation of all of missing people from Humboldt , Mendocino, and trinity counties over the past 5 years and look for trends. It feels really wrong to see so many missing people reports on the news and know there are many more not reported…. Thanks for getting the word out. Hopefully, he’s found safe somewhere….

    • It’ did come out right after. But haven’t heard anymore. Thought maybe he showed up. Sad.

  • Sign of the times.

  • Just for future reference its easy to forget about calling family when youre in the hills up to your ass in work. he prob just doesnt have service.

  • So sad that Drugs have taken over the planet that was once a half way decent place to live. I pray the family finds there Loved one safe and well.

    • Henchman Of Justice


      More like evil people…..

      But it is true that when humanoids get upset that they can’t control evil people, humanoid individuals will blame an artificial source (like drugs).

      Recommendation: move to a polygamist colony, that way everyone is controlled uniformly, but beware, you may feel the need to break out because ya won’t like it when daddio spreads his seed to build that large unisecular family that avoids itself as the blame and prefers to blame satan’s vices.

  • All one can do is hope for the best terrible situation drugs and the black market have put us in .

  • In case you didn’t notice “Who”, the crime didn’t spike til the county started regulating. As long as the only market was “black”, grows were small & hidden & prices were high. Now it is insane. And our inept board of stupervisors has a lot of the responsibility…IMHO

    • Henchman Of Justice


      Little by little over time by several supes during various tenures over a 25 year span.

      Ya see, gubbamint employs dope growers too, and it aint no surprise people in the know buy the land (not sell it) that will be part of future commercial operations, legal or not.

      Ya see, laws were on the books already to “bust the shit up” for environmental damages, but nope.

      To hear a blowhard like Mark Lovelace campaign 8 years ago to enforce environmental laws, wow (only to crawl under a nuclear power plant to hide on his hipocrisy) ……powerful stuff.

      To hear Mark Lovelace champion grandfathered permits for insiders first and foremost, then put a cap on new permits……..just goes to show he was lying all along, as usual for local grass root groupee types who move here from out of town preaching their progressive bullshit.

      • 4th page from the BOTTOM

        Oh Lytle, are you STILL sore at all the other people who’ve made it onto the Board of Supervisors since your amazing 12% finish for 5th District Super in the election ten years ago? And “gubbamint” was cute the first 150 times but it’s gotten awfully stale.


      • Having lived in Humboldt for 55 years I have seen a lot of slimy politicians. Phony, self serving, narcissistic, egomaniacal wimps, that sold this place out. HOJ is another irritating entity that we must put up with here, but he is absolutely on the money where Lovelace is concerned.

      • Wrong. Fact checker has you with Pinocchio nose!
        Virginia Bass, Ryan Sundberg and Bohner pushed for the mega grows.
        Go back to your cave.

  • So sad.im so sorry.praying for all of you for his return.what is going on around here.i think greed has alot to do with it

  • Do they have finger prints? Have they found the owner of the thumb, that turned up in Leggett?

  • Missing persons report was filed after last spring, when he had not made contact with his weekly call home .

  • So sad. Why do they come here alone? Better to have a mate with you, and text your gps coordinates to a friend, or family member. He was here long enough to have made some friends. Why isn’t someone coming forward who liked and knew him from the SoHum area? Very sad. Obviously most of the time it works out, where vagabonds get work and everyone is happy….

  • Could be a tragic coincidence but Tim Sweeting was murdered by someone from New Hampshire in May… Much love to both boys families. Hopefully Riley is ok.

  • Maybe he doesn't want to talk to his family

    He’s around no doubt about it he was on the Plaza early August

  • Could I get a few possible scenarios as to a trimmers murder? Payment dispute, perhaps a grab and go, get shot situation. Course, this could have nothing to do with trim work. Poor feller, if he was a good feller.

    Edit: Not saying he was murdered, eh.

  • Praying for Riley to be safe!

    • Just saw someone that looks like the guy in this pic along the 255 in arcata. Don’t want to get your hopes up but the person I saw looked like this pic not the others ones that are posted.

  • I worked around GarberVillegas around 2000. I have a feeling he is passed away. I would love to be wrong.

  • Scenarios…hmmmm?. #1 Jealous grower pissed at charismatic good looking young man flirting with his lady. #2 Trimmer not paid required to work like a dog, minimal food, no ride to town, gets sick of shit, blow out bang. #3 Left at grow to watch shit gets stolen, not taken care of properly bang. #4 Still working just swamped…phone dies days ago no new one til harvest. #5 ???

  • Before the ecowars, kids like him would be found pumping gas, washing dishes, setting chokers, mowing lawns, or any number of easily gotten part time jobs. Now there are only trimmer jobs & we sit back & call them foul.
    Go poverty.

  • Thas the risk you take in the weed biz. If everything was above board we could trace his employer however everyone up here likes high dollar for illegal weed.

    • I don’t agree with anon…. I follow several unsolved crime podcasts, and “Missing Persons” appears to be at the bottom of police “to do lists,” unless the MP is a juvenile or there is evidence of violence.
      I don’t see that changing with the legalization of anything, really. af

  • I have lived in humboldt/mendocino my entire life. So many trimmers disappear or are found dead around here. Its terrible and sad. Please quit traveling across country to be a part of the weed life out here. Its not safe. Too many people lose their lives over it.

  • Do not come here for a job in the weed industry! It is not a legitimate industry and most of it is run by sociopathic nut jobs. Stop traveling to Humboldt for this shit! if you are from out of the area and you think most weed growers are happy hippies you are sadly mistaken. Get a real job somewhere else. Trimming doesn’t even pay that well anymore. Wages have not increased with inflation. 200 bucks a pound isn’t worth it. Please go do something more productive with your life. Tell all of your friends too.

  • One of many trimmers

    You are correct Steve.
    -a trimmer

  • Crest Mouth Watch

    I have not seen him yet but I will keep an eye out for him . Has Scope ever seen him around ?

    • What is Scope?

      • Crest Mouth Watch

        It is a Garberville neighborhood watch of residents and business owners . They scope things out I am not sure what it stands for. Crest mouth watch is just some dumb name I made up. People are pretty good about reporting missing people if they see them the locals always watch the people in the town. Sorry to hear about your missing relative or friend.

  • Given the way things are going around here, it’s likely he’s buries in a shallow grave somewhere out in the woods. Very, very, sad.

  • Riley has been found! Thanks Kym for posting on this page!

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