Fire Across the Street From Dazey’s Supply

Redway fireAccording to scanner traffic, firefighters are responding to a “debris fire” across the street from Dazey’s Supply as of 10:37 p.m.

According to the incident commander, the fire is burning in a 50x 50 spot, there is a moderate amount of fuel but the fire is spreading slowly.



  • ‘Debris Fire’ you mean a homeless camp fire. How many fires does this total in Redway this year? Thank you Redway Fire Department.

    • All the scum of the earth is plaguing Humboldt County…so im going to put a little bolo in here. Earlier today in Whitethorn a friend caught some tweakers in a white 03-06 dodge standard cab pickup with NO license plates trying to yank down a back gate of Whitethorn Construction. He took a pic of the truck & they took off. After hearing this news, some friends & I saw the truck lurking back and forth in the Whitethorn area looking up peoples driveways. Another friend of mine followed them out of town to see what they were doing & they pointed an assult rifle out the window at him so he backed off. So im just asking for people to be on the lookout for this truck. Yeah this is a little off topic but it’s all relevant.. we are being overtaken by scumbag criminals. & btw this was reported to CHP by multiple people but was totally disregarded by our pathetic law enforcement.

  • Alrighty then!!

  • The cops better get their ass in gear around here or its going to be a bloody fall, locals are sick and tired of criminals being let off the hook or just completely ignored. Do your fucking job or people are going to start doing it for you.

  • was in Garberville yesterday…..what a hole—–the amount of drug traffic at the gas stations and post office hard to understand—–business owners allow this right in front of their stores ? My family will no longer shop in this town. Prayers to the folks who live in town and have to deal with this.These scumbags are domestic terrorists and should be treated as such.I do not see bad guys from other counties dropping bombs on us,they are letting the drug addicts and thieves do that for them. take back your town !!!

    • Thank you.thats what I say too!TAKE BACK OUR TOWN.we have no law here,you want to get away with something come to Eureka!!sick of that,sick of catch and release,that’s a fish not a criminal WE NEED HELP

    • Imagine what a tourist thinks. If you pulled into the Shell Station and saw the riff-raff drug scene on the sidewalk all day there you would get your gas and get out. It’s so sad what has happened to Southern Humboldt, from sleepy little towns to transient, drug, and grower central. The new influx of people mostly have no respect for town. How many of you have had your way of life disrupted because of new growers in the neighborhood? How many of you now feel uneasy navigating town ? I see the trimigration has started to uptick. Anyways, back to the fire, shows you how much the “poor homeless” people care about the area. There is also major drug dealing and using going on across the street from Shop Smart. I don’t know what the upshot to all of this , but it looks pretty bad.

  • yes G-ma…..hard to know where to start. but I believe exposing the problem is a start.

  • Same haircut different decade

    Has anyone ever watched the reality TV shows they make with hcso? Those guys are too self absorbed in their own fifteen minutes if fame to do really police work. They’d rather be on the discovery channel wearing army gear cutting plants Down. Kind of a joke. While in their own backyards meth and dope fiends are writhing and killing and thieving. What a joke they are. It would take a rookie detective sitting at the shell or Chevron for half a day to figure out who at least the mules and cash runners are dealing meth dope and crappy weed around a small rural town like garberville. Do the jobs you’re paid to do by tax payers.

  • have talked to many tourists on the beach and deli at Shelter Cove who will not even stop in these towns anymore. Store owners , residents ? any ideas? they are frightening local life- they are frightening tourists–they=street dealers and riffraff hanging in front of your business. weekly boycott of businesses allowing this on their property ? Supervisor Fennell are you listening ? we need some help.

    • Supervisor Fennel says she cares but the funny thing is, she never does anything about it. Not a fucking thing. Oh, she’ll come to meetings and act like she’s concerned, she’s not. Action speaks louder than words.

      • Exactly the problem “Stupivisor” Fennel doen’t give a Flying Fig, she promised all sorts of things at the Bridgeville meeting, but so far in actuality there has been NOTHING DONE!!!! Remember this the next time she’s up for election throw ALL the Bums OUT!!!!

    • Last time I was in Shelter Cove the tide was going out and the beach was starting to fill up with people surfing and enjoying the day. 2 truckloads of people arrived, pulled down on the beach, one hauling a trailer with 2 quads, the loud racing type, they unloaded the quads and started racing up and down the beach. they were totally oblivious to the kids playing and the noise they were making burning around spinning donuts tearing up the beach. Some guy finally clued them in. We left. Shelter Cove has a weird vibe these days, I suspect it too has been invaded by weird people.

  • Estelle doesn’t care one bit about So Hum, the people that voted for her are the same saps that voted for the worthless Paul Gallegos. I didn’t drink the cult of personality kool-aid, I voted for Bud.

  • Dyerville Loop is Not Alderpoint

    We wonder if Estell has ever been back to Blocksburg, after her 1st[?] visit to the Block ? [ Harvest Festival, about 8 years ago when she ran against the deeply rooted 5th generation Humdoldt-ian Railroad Commisioner Cliff Clendenen???????] Come visit, the roads are all fixed and the Bulgarians are all gone to bed, you can hear happiness standing on down stream, footprints dressed in red, and the wind cries… “THINGS ARE ABOUT TO CHANGE”…. ‘ .Use your g.p.s. so’s you dont get lost.. What no road signs? No cell service? No fear?

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