Body Found in Redway


The Humboldt County Coroner responded to the report of a dead body in Redway today. [Photo provided by a reader]

Emergency personnel recovered a body that was discovered below Dazey’s Supply in Redway about 1:30 p.m. “At this time, it appears to be accidental,” said Sgt. Kenny Swithenbank of the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office. “It looks like he fell off the cliff. It’s steep back there.”

“It was in the gulch just south of Dazey’s,” Diana Totten the Public Information Officer for Southern Humboldt Technical Rescue explained. Law enforcement requested her volunteer group assist them in retrieving the body from a very steep canyon. “Body looks like it has been there at least 48 hours,” she stated.

As of 6 p.m., Totten said, “The coroner has taken possession of the body and headed north.”



  • I hope it was accidental, it’s been out of hand of late 😕

  • Lot of people falling off cliff’s recently.

  • Is it dazey’s in redway?sounds like g’ cliffs in redway

  • Mumzer there is a steep area down behind Dazeys in Redway, mabey not a real cliff, but very steep area. Someone fell down there last year. The Garberville Dazey’s just has apartments and a freeway behind it.

  • The true local people feel like steve Dazey is the worst person to ever come to southern Humboldt. Not the worst thing. That of coarse was the ranches getting cut up with the county having their heads in the sand. But Dazey brought the counter culture to the front page

    • I agree. His “park” financed by donations is horrible in concept. Hopefully it will get killed before developement. He has become part of the 1% and appears to have no concience

  • Thebigdeal .. your on point.

  • OMG there is bodys being found way to often lately. What would this person have been doing in the area of which he was found? Is there a homeless camp in that area, was he taking a short cut to someplace? Who discovered him? Article says it looks like he was there 48 hours so did he have family and friends looking for him? There is a lot of questions needing answers before I would consider it an accident.

  • Who owns the property where the dangerous spit is? Why no fence? Especially if someone has fallen before

  • I was in Switzerland and I was amazed by the fact that they have walkways on top of bluffs thousands of feet high. I asked our guide why they had no guardrails or warnings. She said that there is no way to guard people from themselves, and most locals are very aware of where they are and used to it, and watch where they are going… and that wold be good advice for me.

    I spent the rest of our vacation with a slight rectal pucker.

  • No cliffs in Garberville? Take a walk to the bridge past the 101 on-ramp to the north, and look over the west side. It’s almost straight down a couple hundred feet to the river…..Prayers for the friends and family

  • Its always easy to tell the lovers from the haters on this blob.

  • I often notice folks sitting right next to this gulch.. It’s a long way down..

  • RIP!!prayers to the family.their seems to be alot of death around here lately.are we that careless,or mindless?be safe everyone

  • Someone probably pushed him over a few dollars. Typical g ville personality. No investigation. No problem

  • Could a life really be worth a couple bucks,that’s fucked up.and truly sad

  • Yes, people do die for that little. I used to work for a wonderful woman named Barbara. Her young adult grandson was attending a school for the deaf on the east coast in the 90’s, i think. For the first time those couple yrs he attended this school, she had full conversations with him, that she never had with him before. There was always love but lack of communication. Anyways, while he was attending this school, a student in the same school, killed him for the few bucks in his pocket. His grandmother cherrished the lil time she had those full conversations. I took away from this, “There is always good and evil in this world & no matter how tough it gets, it’s your choice!”

  • Moscow. Where in this entire discussion does it state there are no cliffs in Garberville except for your comment?

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  • Annoying, Mumzer said no cliffs in Redway. It’s near the top of thread. ..

  • Just like “well looks like it’s been there for over 48 hours. Can’t investigate. Shall we get lunch?”

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