Two Reported Dead in Shooting Near Hyampom

Scanner traffic indicates two people died following a shooting in the Kerlin Creek watershed west of Hyampom. Law enforcement got on the scene about 10:50 a.m. today, according to Gary Booth who can listen to the scanner in that area. (We don’t have access online–Trinity County is one of only four counties in California not available on the internet. We are situated too distant to access Trinity scanner directly.)

According to Booth, as of 11:05 a.m., “CHP H16 is overhead of scene looking for more bodies, two inside house… .” Law enforcement hasn’t made contact with the person who called in the shooting.

We’ll be attempting to follow this story which occurred in a remote area. Law enforcement thought originally this shooting occurred in Trinity County but as of 11:30 a.m. scanner traffic indicates that it is 1000 feet inside of the Humboldt County line, according to Gary Booth.



  • I was about to say “at least it’s not SoHum this time” but . . . oh well.

  • Horrible hope we can find out more information .This would be the second double homicide this year in Trinity .A county of 14,000 .if this is true.

    • According to an update it is just barely over the Humboldt County line!!! As the homicide total creeps up yet again we can all hope taht HCSO gets their collective heads out of their collective posteriors & bust some of the Bulgarian types who continue to threaten peacable citizens who happen to “get in their way”!!! Not to mention all the damned Meth Head Tweekers, instead of small “Non Permitted grows”!!!

      • Copy that 1000 feet is nothing probably originated out of Trinity but who knows.

        • What's 1500 feet among enemies

          The law allows a 500-yard swath on each side of a county line for either County to assume jurisdiction over a crime. In addition to that 3000′ either-county zone, for Murder they can go by where the fatal injury was inflicted, where the victim was found or where they died. So if that’s the case here, either Trinity or Humboldt County Sheriffs or both can investigate it and it could be tried in either County.

      • Been hearing about these “Bulgarian people’ running people off their own property. Trying to buy people out of their land and if they don’t comply using threats and force.

        • AnonymousHumboldtian

          You’ve been listening to too many conspiracy theories. I know a few Bulgarians and Polish people that live on the same road as me. They are usually very nice and friendly people. Although I wouldn’t consider them stewards of the land either. Also why are people already insinuating that Bulgarians are behind this? These comments always seem to amuse me.

          • A foreigner is prohibited from buying land in Bulgaria. Why should we allow them to buy land here? They’re granted visas but engage in criminal activity that is against federal law. If they’re growing weed immediately deport them.

            • That’s common sense too much common sense in this post Clinton economy of black markets and drugs.Think globally act locally sell out your own folks for the almighty dollar.

          • Maybe you should talk to some people who are being strong armed/threatened to sell their property to their new Bulgarian neighbors.
            Of course not all bulgarian folk are bad, but to act like this isn’t happening because you know a few nice Bulgarians is hurting our community and the local families who are now scared of being harmed. Not to mention the amount of grazing animals mauled by dogs belonging to Bulgarian folks who don’t keep track of them.

            Talk to any rural real estate agent as well, they are constantly called by bulgarian folk looking for land. When a few acres went up for sale in a friends neighborhood they were advised to sell privately so as not to end up with bulgarian folks in their hood. Its a real thing.
            Their destruction of the enviroment and dis-respect of neighbors has been documented over and over. Unfortunate that this is how they choose to do things, but who in Bulgaria, or mexico for that matter, has money to come buy hundreds of acres and put a big grow on it? Most likey mafia, cartel, whatever it’s called, it takes folks with money and connections. So the folks being referred to as “the Bulgarians” are not your friendly neighbors; they are gang members. And there were also busts in the past for having auto chop shops in barns on rural properties.

            If someone says oh that’s a Mexi cartel grow over there, you probably get an image of what that looks like. Nothing different here, we just haven’t seen the pics of Bulgarian run grows like we have with “cartel” grows.

            • I keep hearing rumors of these actions but no first hand witnesses. If anyone would like to talk to me, my email

              • Good. I’m sure complete anonymity would happen with you, and I suggest looking for folks who have already sold out if possible. If true, it’s past concerning; it’s scary…and I say that from a neighborhood far, far away. Others need to know how to prevent this (possible) senario from happening in their own neighborhoods. Thanks for all you do, Kym. af

                • What needs to happen is to sit the top Sheriff down in a chair, administer one of those old CIA proven truth serums, and get some answers. They know far more about this East Chicago organized crime element than is shared with the public, and the depths of criminality that some of them have in their past. While there may be many decent people here of Eastern European descent, there IS an organized crime element here paying mega cash for properties and bullying neighbors. I have heard too many first hand accounts that are not rumors.
                  That said, a xenophobic fear of Bulgarians is lame, we are making them into the face of the greedrush, much as the hippies were the face of the early day growing. There are plenty of carpetbagging ‘Mericans who show no regard for neighborhood or environment, as have there been gun toting grower bullies in the backwoods for decades.
                  But these are not the lowly immigrants who have migrated to Humboldt in the past who have faced the longstanding racism that runs through Humboldt history. I treat people with respect til they prove they don’t deserve it, but I won’t be taking a plate of cookies to my Bulgarian ‘neighbors’. Comparing people who come here well armed and buying with piles of cash to previous immigrant migrations is apples and oranges.
                  I have chatted up some Bulgarians, I rather like the look on their faces when I attempt to say “how are you” which phonetically is ‘cok see’? 😉 One in particular warned me off, confirming details I mentioned in the first paragraph.
                  If you want the truth of the matter get Downie to TALK!

                • How to prevent this”Bulgarian issue”? Come on folks. It’s the “Boogie Man in the Bush” story over and over. When will we ever actually address the root of the issue? It is no one specific group or cultures fault for acting like greedy animals, and forgetting the sacred in our interactions; our societies means for resource distribution is built on game theory. We are all culprits for participating/perpetuating, in our own varying capacities.

                  If it isn’t someone from Mexico, Afghanistan, or the “evil younger growers”, oh the boogie man is now from Bulgaria? These beliefs are so ancient, so xenophobic, so destructive; we are ONE species. This has nothing to do with anyone’s nationality, not anymore than our nations international policies encourage violence, economically desperate people, and create refugees globally. But that’s… sort of another topic.

                  If you want the real story around the “Bulgarian problem” why not speak with local absentee landlords, who instead of jumping to do a 4 year lease- to- own to long-time-local herbalist women, them paying 3-4xs what the property is worth, while improving and preserving the integrity of the land, community, watering only with rain water, growing a biodynamic, permaculture gardens, of any and every medicinal plant possible, while also growing/preparing food for the markets and community in need.

                  The landlord instead wants to get even wealthier, and is now considering selling to Bulgarians, big investment firms etc. who have 5-6xs what the property is worth, today. The Bulgarians etc. know they will get their money back, after they blow it up for a couple years or more of course, so it obviously makes good economic sense for all involved. Except the environment of course, and yes it all changes the face of the community. (Im joking obviously this isn’t a story, it is basic economics)

                  If it’s not the Bulgarians, it’s someone else, and no amount of displaced hate and racism will resolve the root of the issue. Again, our means for resource distribution is built on GAME THEORY, which rewards greed, so obviously it is no one specific person, group or cultures fault for ultimately being motivated by self-interests, and at all cost to people and planet.

                  It is not my landlords fault for wanting to feed his family infinitely just from his owning property. It is not the Bulgarians fault for wanting to feed their families from growing a plant. It is not even the money’s fault for inspiring greed.

                  It is our BELIEF in this economic construct, based on competition for excess, that is clearly the root of the issue. These misinformed outdated systems built on inhumane, unsustainable beliefs, inspire lower levels of animalistic nature in humans. This economy and environmental integrity cannot coexist, as it exists today, “it is time for a new story” as David Korten says. (See Naomi Klein’s books and lectures and David Korten also

                  These issues are all interconnected. There is no difference between what we see playing out here and in North Dakota, with environmental degradation of indigenous lands/water and corporate greed. This system inherently puts people against each other, the planet, and so themselves. The violence, war, environmental degradation, corporate control, pipelines, it is all absolutely unnecessary.

                  Anyone out there know of a place where a young free-thinking, permacultarist, anti-corprate/government, organic small farmer, here to make a difference/NOT here to make money, can find refuge, while big business/government takes over town? Oregon, Spain maybe? If you are wondering where we all went. I guess I’ll be the new “boogie man in a bush,” or the Bulgarian in some other small farming town. If there are any left that is. Ohi.

              • Kym has there been any new information released yet on this double homicide?

              • I keep hearing this too, but I havnt seen any action on either side, I’m not sure someone would just give up their property without a shootout… This is the Wild Wild West

          • Whatever the nationality was of those who were harrasing a disabled vet for his water threatening him as well as his family including his disabled mother I heard him at the meeting at Bridgeville School!!!

        • Respect the Natural order

          I have over heard Ranchers son talk about this group frequently in the Lolita area. They say they have no regard for animal safety or where and how they get their water sources. Heads up People!

        • I delivered a load of plastic pipe, to a hardware in Eureka, back in the 1970’s, and the guys unloading the pipe said that they were run away from their hunting cabin, by growers, and when they reported it to the Sheriff’s office, they were told it would be safer if they just stayed away, until after harvest. This has been going on for a really long time. I would suggest, that some people “in power”, are making a lot of money, that isn’t being declared.

        • Interesting, Bulgarian People!!

      • I thought that river looked familiar…

      • AnonymousHumboldtian

        Bulgarian types? Why don’t they bust CRIMINALS? Or better yet, why don’t they go after people by the name of Dan Fuller?

      • Yeah but there is what about 1000 bulgarians living out 36

      • Somebody probably ripping off someone else’s grow. What another person does on their property is their business , if you cross that line especially if your intentions are bad you may end up looking down the barrel of a gun. I’m not saying killing someone is justified I’m just saying bad things happen when people have bad intentions!!!!

    • It was humboldt county

  • Lots of people out there. Doesn’t suprise me. whole area is getting over taken by out of towners.

    • I wish there was stats on the number of locals arrested for all types of crimes compared to transplants. I’d love to put this myth to rest. Drunk driving, hit and runs and murder must go to the locals.

  • No matter how,or who they are,this is so sad.Rip.Is this the wild wild west.God Bless these families I’m so sorry for your loss.

  • According to the map it appears that area is being used for the manufacturing of a controlled substance.
    It would be safe to say this was drug related.
    Not surprised.

  • So it was in Humboldt county correct?

  • The shooter should call a lawyer so they don’t get arrested

  • Sounds as if the authorities expect to find more casualties. Wonder if it has anything to do with the recent arrests a few weeks ago? Maybe the same crowd looking for vengeance or a debt owed ? Criminals will always have access to guns… Go TRUMP 2016 !!!

  • I was thinking the same thing. It sounded as if they were looking for more victims. Hopefully not the case. Scary situation just not knowing what has happened and what the actual situation is.

  • Brown Banana Split Belt

    Are you sure it wasn’t Crystal the Methacan ? Is this at the a new C and H Sugar factory ? Or maybe another murder at the Lumber mill send Knight Rider and Kit to check it out, if they don’t get ran over by the Lumber truck, watch out Kit these people could be dangerous, ok Michael.

  • What is scary is that with all the murders and stabbings how many of the perpetrators have been caught? Whether the result of drugs or not people are getting away with murdering and savagely stabbing people. This county is screwed up beyond belief and I have no faith in law enforcement holding anyone accountable. I support law enforcement, but what the hell is going on?!

    • Law Enforcement investigates and arrests. District Attorney is responsible for filing charges. If it goes to trial it’s in the hands of the civilian jury. If convicted the sentence is handed down by the judge.

      • Law enforcement doesn’t always arrest. They supposedly investigate and turn in to DA to see if DA wishes to pursue charges. I know a stabber out there who better be brought to justice.

  • That what the fucking so called legal weed trade has done to the whole area

    • There may have been weed but no one shoots people in,the heads for weed. It was a cook house. Gawd, people are so ignorant.

  • Take The a Money & Run

    Bulgarians are forcing people off there land, they’ll pay you way over what your property is worth or ever will be.

  • China To Deploy Elite Gaggle of Police Geese:

    • I had geese and they will chase people who come into their territory.
      Being struck by their powerful wings (they use the part closest to the body as do other large birds and the muscles and ligaments used in flying make the strength of the blow more forceful) while the goose/gander is also using their strong bills to peck, pull and twist isn’t easy to fight against.
      Even the geese who are domesticated and don’t fly much still exercise their wings and they know there will always be predators to be concerned with.
      And don’t forget the story of Rome and how Hera’s geese kept it safe (for a while)
      But there is a major problem with geese. They like the green stuff. And they like it growing, no interest in trim. And once they try it, they come back. Except when they’re busy trying to fly with one wing. Give them a stretch of open ground (especially if there’s one with an incline to it) and sounding out loudly (an ack-ack-ack call), wings flapping, they try to reach that place where they can take off. And failing doesn’t stop them. Guess the good tai-chi where they stretch their wings and do all sorts of other movements in the mornings isn’t enough to give them the coordination to get both wings to flap in the same way at the same time.
      So they fall down (not very far) and get up and try again.
      Or maybe it’s goose games and they’re not really planning on getting off the ground and into the air.
      If anyone ever wanted to sabotage a grow, a big flock of geese and a herd of goats would accomplish it quietly, quickly and entertainingly (after they’d eaten a fair amount.). A friend had dairy goats and she thought that goats lived fairly boring lives so she’d give them the early big leaves which they definitely appreciated. They didn’t try anything vigorous or run around…they tended to lean against something (a wall, a doorway, like that) and zone out. Zen goats, meditating on whatever. I’m not much for goats milk so I don’t know if it influenced the taste but the Zen goats were great company to be around. And never wanted to borrow your car keys for a beer run.

  • California and New York have the strictest rules on guns than any other state. They also have the largest black markets for weapons than any other state. Go figure.

  • Talking to my friend in the pines. He says there was possibly green a car involved and maybe it’s race related. This new culture of growers popping up in the pines and all over is a bunch of greedy clear cutting monsters.
    Trump will get us all nuked by 2017

  • Crystal the Methacacn Yeah it was me if you want to find me I will be at 22 Arcata Avenue.

  • Crystal the Methacacn

    Crystal smoke screen.

    I am staying at home were the real money is at Donald Trump is going to make me a millionaire it just cost $20.00 dollars and the whole economy will be fixed and my girlfriend Crystal won’t have to work anymore .

  • Time to buy guns! More guns have always been the answer!

    • I hate guns, but I’m considering getting one soon 🙁

    • Who are the best instrutors in NorCal? Where do they train? Do they rent you one for use during class?

      • Check with your sheriff. Here in Mendo, the classes are for 2 week-end days, in the book and on the range. Most excellent training, and a good refresher for those who think they know what they’re doing. Wait time here to get into a class is 4-6 weeks, faster if the applicant has a restraining order on somebody, or reason to believe they are at risk. You bring your own (hand) gun, although “dummies” were available for those without one. af

      • Olde west shootery in Eureka and yes you can use theirs for classes.

      • Pacific Outfitters. One evening class. One range day ~ When I did my concealed carry, we tested at the range towards Korbel.
        I had my own gun so didn’t ask about using one of theirs.

      • Thanks for all the leads!

  • Sounds like maybe these Bulgarians bought the 40 acres I have been staying on for the last 4 years up at Burr Valley, they were leasing a place up there and got busted 2 weeks ago. The owner, of the place Ive been staying on had a price and this person placed a bid way over what she was asking. 80% of the 40 acres is totally flat, with the creek running thru it, that is dry right now. Towards Burr road, it has several springs that feeds into the creek. Law says all pot has to be 100 ft away from springs and creeks, so this person will have to put a bridge over the creek and go into the other field. No cover there, pot will have to be under covered things, green houses maybe. The “B’s” totally messed up the other place they were on, gonna take alot of cleaning up to get it back to where it use to be. I shudder to think what this 40 will look like when these people take over.

  • I was spending some time last year following the fire in Kerlin Creek area from satellite view, as it consumed garden after garden. I was surprised by just how many large scenes were there- like every property was a mega-grow. But we all know weed people are awesome and peaceful, right?

  • Guns and Bibles, Guns and Bibles, that is what we really need because its all a long time ago now.

  • The place the shooting took place today had a few hundred open field plants, I missed what was said about any plants inside.

    Check out the Barrel chested Russian Bear the only thing he is missing is a AK-47 , a satellite radio, a airplane, a helicopter that can turn into a submarine , and a couple of Ukrainian forien exchange students to grow 50,000 plants in Blocksberg for them and the pond is not for the plant’s it’s for the submarine yaaaaaaa right ha ha

  • Dreaming Gready Goblins

    Sucking all the colors of the Emerald Triangle dry and nothing can be done about the greedy little goblins. This what they do while they are sleeping you can only imagine what they do when they are awake .

  • Shit you zoom in the mega Mega MEGA grows on forest road 4N20 F!

  • I was lucky enough to arrive in So Hum in the 60s and it was beautiful but you had to be careful hitchhiking if you had long hair because “the rednecks” might hassle you.

    Now, I can’t help thinking how quickly those old boys would have taken out the trash that’s in the county today.

    The Humboldt I knew is gone forever, there are still really great people there but I fear they are outnumbered and it takes only one asshole to do incredible damage to people and to the land.

    • Yup everyone hated us for that then, and now they want us back, think it’s a bit too late

      • I wish I could have seen the county when it was about loving the land and each other. I never heard of this county until I drove around to find somewhere pretty and move there. This area is pretty but unfortunately a good chunk of the people aren’t so after 8 years I’m cutting my loses and moving onto greener(weed free) pastures.

  • Yep,they keep coming and coming,and now they fucked it up for all of us True Humboldters!!I feel like the outsider,I’m not I was born and raised here,I belong here,this is my home and I’ll be damn ed if junkies,thieves,murder-ers,greedy growers,good ole.boys,are running me out of my home we payed for!!I don’t blame the.folks who move away,it has gotten bad here.but it’s been coming for love to have old humboldt back but…we’re still here and kicking

    • I’m with you G-ma. It’s a shit show for sure and it sure feels strange to see that an invasion has taken place right under your nose. Humboldt County Law enforcement and the BOS sure we’re asleep at the wheel for the past 5 years. Now look, what a mess, and why the hell do growers have to buy so many things just to grow a plant? They are mass consumers , I can’t believe the progression of products that passes by my house. Right now it’s pallets of the black totes with yellow lids, fuel and water trucks, trimmers who don’t know how to drive these roads and truckloads with trailers to the dump in Redway.

      • I hear you Eastside and Gma. The traffic on my previously quiet NoMo road is very revealing. I can’t believe these people need to buy so much crap to do what they do. Not very inventive I suppose – but it was the amazing creativity, inventiveness, and ‘do with what you’ve got’ that inspired me to move here long ago. Not to forget, deep regard for the land. Does law enforcement even have a plan?

        • These are commercial operations being grown by people who will insist they love this “beautiful nature place”. But they do not. Or they are too green to understand what they are doing to destroy it. Along with destroying our rural communities with their greed. I guess it’s only very obvious to those of us who have been here 25+ years and can actually remember? Again, a focussed eradication program that only chopped plants and efficiently moved on to the next property could make a dent in the profits and reduce motives for many of these commercial operators. But instead we encourage them by ill logic. I believe weed is okay. But what’s happening is not! It hasn’t been for over a decade. And the illness is spreading. Our sheriff is complicit through his inaction and insistence on using inefficient methods or even just looking the other way.

          • Oh, he’s just knocking himself out busting 20 grows a year. What do you expect from a lazy Sheriff that figures legalization and the Water Control Board will take care of it. I place most of the blame on the Sheriff for the festering pile of crap that is the current grow scene.

          • Be careful out there.

            Do you have any idea how long it takes 8 trained men to check 120 acres with 3000 plants on it? They have to cut and document everything. Look for all water sources and check for environmental destruction which needs to be well documented as if the jury was seeing it all with thier own eyes. Check every structure for weapons money and any other stashes and paperwork to help them with thier case. All while watching thier own ass and ready to defend themselves at all times. Drive or walk every quad trail and check out what could be potienal grow sites. This time of the year as plants get huge and the caging growers use it is not easy to take a plant down and with each day they grow in value where now they must be hauled off and/or chipped. Oh and they start thier day at 5 in the morning and it’s 105 once they get to where they are busting and they are in full military gear getting covered in resin! They can’t just go door to door like the Gestapo. First they have prove there is illegal activity and see a plant or some kind evidence that says 100% there is weed being grown ILLEGALLY on the property and not just assume. What your saying is the eureka police should be able to go door to door kicking it in if you don’t let them in and ransack every house looking meth and heroin without warrants just on suspicion. That would be the equilelint to what you are talking about with the efficient cut team. You see it sounds great when you write it down but it doesn’t pencil out. If you cut to soon everyone replanted and by the time you go back to them in Jan to repeat the cycle they already harvested. If you cut to late then the whole team can’t even get one of these mega grows fully documented and properly cut in a day let alone a bunch as you speak because the flowers must be chipped or hauled off. Oh and let’s not forget that the cut team are also regular sheriffs and members of swat and baseball coaches and have families to spend time with and robbers to catch so they can’t just go cutting 7 days a week with no planning and nothing else in thier life except for your not so well thought out fix it quick efficient cut cut cut plan. Because your plan is a fantasy. Have you ever cut down 20000sqft of canopy before? You should try and cut down 5000 with 6 of your hardest working friends and see how long it takes all while worring that you might have to defend yourself or that you are being watched. Im betting it takes you multiple days and you still miss something. And that’s 1 property. Some of these places are 300 acres plus with an acre or more of grow space. I can only imagine how exhausted they must be at the end of that day after driving 6 hours round trip and cutting thier ass off for 8 hours. That’s a 14 hour day something most folks know nothing about.

            • Haha, like anyone busted in Humboldt has a jury trial. Plea out for probation at the worst. They have their routine down, it’s not rocket science.

            • Agree with you law enforcement has their hands tied behind their back to a large extent. Our political leaders have failed us by not calling it what it is a State of Emergency due to lawlessness and exploitation.

            • Fucking cops commenting on this shit. If it’s such hard work why are you all fat. Seriously. Yes lots of people have harvested an acre of grow that’s what happens when it’s ready [edit]. Talking about hard work imagine planting. trellacing, tying up all that shit. And then some [edit] all patriotic and cut down and waste all that energy and time spent that’s going to pay like 8 people’s salary that have families as well. Wake up [edit] you’re going to be on the wrong side of history. When we look back at the war on drugs and you see how your actions of making this shit so illegal is what is empowering the dangerous criminals I hope your guts turn.

            • Think of this way[edit].
              Without the growers you,
              as well as about 30 percent of humbolt, would not have a job. Can’t argue with that.

  • Funny when anybody but Native American’s talk about how people moved here and ruined the place. 10,000 plus grows and Bulgarian’s and Mexican Cartel’s are the problem? No, White man came here and ruined the place. Still are to this day.

    • I knew someone would post a comment like this, as if we should all shut up because the Indians got screwed. Yes, I agree, they got screwed and still are. That doesn’t mean we aren’t having a problem NOW with pot cultivation. Get up to speed on current events, why doncha ??

    • Futurethoughts………And the peaceful Hoopa aren’t at all involved in the trade? No violence there, huh?

      • Always hard to get information out of Trinity if anybody knows anything I hope they share it here.Not anything that will jeopardize the case more information that will help us protect each other.

  • Kym, could you give my contact to Shikta. Thank you, your site is my go to place for news.

  • All these grows visible from the day by incoming airport traffic. Insane lived normendoco/so hum last 30 + years. It takes lots and lots of semi truck loads of soil to fill all those greedhouses and outdoor blows. Call em blow cuz blown up so huge isn’t a grow. The different people (contractors) that put up the greedhouses or moved earth and accepted the cash to do it you should be ashamed of yourself you have to be able to say no to these people sure the monies good but god damnit damnit just say no!!!

  • Hupas are not the only natives here. They’re the only ones that make the news. There are good natives and bad. If white people hadn’t brought drugs here in the first place. It would be a different Native scene for sure.

    • Just blame a honkey, fer shur; it’s all their fault whatever happens. That reaction is getting to be fairly standard it seems. Ascribing ‘White Guilt’ is quite the fashion lately.

    • Of course there are good natives and bad, just like there are good white people and bad. But did white people hold you down and shoot you up? Not taking a shred of responsibility, huh? Keep playing that broken ‘victim’ record, it’s really paying off for you and your community.
      You and futurethought (who’s obsessed with the past, by the way) should get a room and cry together.
      Every single issue does NOT boil down to maltreatment of Native Americans and it’s not only disingenuous to insert it here, you minimize and invalidate all concerns and problems of everyone else when you you do that.

      The crimes against Indians do NOT have be endlessly re-litigated before ANY other topics can be discussed!

  • Here’s the thing…people have lost their morals and ethics. Sure there are good hard working folks out there. But even those folks turn a blind eye. Justice and law tainted by personal egos of the enforcers of it. Drug addiction, no mental health care. All makes for the situation we are in as a society in whole. Look at any other cities across the land theft, drugs, murder are all across this nation, and the world. It is an epidemic. Where to begin. Eye for an eye? IDK pray for us all.

  • Does anyone have any recent news of the shooting near Hyampom ?

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