[UPDATE 9:15 p.m. Interview With Witness] One Pedestrian Dead in Arcata

Breaking news graphicOne person died after an accident on 14th and H Streets in Arcata about 7:15 this evening. CPR was attempted but the person was declared deceased at approximately 7:23 p.m.

Arcata Police are shutting down 14th Street [and H Street.]

We’ll update when we get more information.

UPDATE 7:49 p.m.: The driver of the vehicle is being questioned in handcuffs, according to our reporter Bobby Kroeker.

Bobby Kroeker

Emergency personnel block roads near the accident. [Photo by Bobby Kroeker]

Photo by Bobby Kroeker]

Law enforcement questions driver of the vehicle. [Photo by Bobby Kroeker]

UPDATE 7:52:

[Photo by Bobby Kroeker]

The front of the vehicle which apparently struck the pedestrian is undamaged. [Photo by Bobby Kroeker]

Damage to the vehicle.

Damage to the side of the suspect vehicle. [Photo by Bobby Kroeker]

UPDATE 9:15 p.m.: Reporter Bobby Kroeker interviews a witness to the accident:



  • Not trying to jump to conclusions but if driver is in cuffs certainly points to DUI. That area is very active with college students this time of year, any person using a crosswalk without a stoplight and a flashing sign telling you it’s okay to walk must use good judgement and don’t ever rely on cars to just yield for pedestrians. I’ve seen so many close calls on Broadway in Eureka and most are caused by someone stopping waving them across and people coming from behind in next lane don’t see them. Prayers for all involved!

    • That is indeed a major walking (and bicycling) area not just for college but for high school students as well as neighborhood residents —but that intersection is a four-way stop, one lane each way with a 25 mph speed limit and there is NO excuse for this to have happened.

      I hope that accountability is attributed fairly and as swiftly as possible.

      Condolences to the family and friends of the departed, and to any who may have witnessed such a traumatic event. And thank you, first responders.

      • Henchman Of Justice

        Well, knowing Arcata like a butt pimple, have you ever already began your entry through a cross walk when…….vroomy zoomy, some pos races through the crosswalk after the vehicle went first.

        Ya, your scenario is void of reality of shit fuck Arcatan types.

    • “Not to jump to conclusions but if driver is in cuffs certainly points to DIU.” The irony in that sentence is out fucking standing. Don’t “try” not to jump to conclusions, just flat out don’t do it.

    • As someone who frequently crosses 4th/5th in Eureka, I have to agree and note that while I appreciate the courtesy of drivers who do stop, there’s no way I’m about to take my life into my hands just because they want to do a good deed. I prefer to cross when I feel it’s safe, not when some driver wants to score good Samaritan points. It sure would be nice if some of that trail funds went toward the installation of some additional traffic lights on that stretch of road. But King Auto must not be disturbed in his peregrinations.

    • Henchman Of Justice

      Arcata sucks for drivers:

      Streets get more narrow, walkers, bikers, skateboarders all defy user laws, respect and reasonableness.

      Surprised more death stories are not occuring, but college back in town, so more idiots in cars, on bikes, on skate boards, walking, etc….

      The damage looks as if a HUGE SPEED BUMP (dead body) was driven over, but how does flesh rip away a car body part? Did the guy drive on the sidewalk, take out public infrastructure?

      College back in town = Murder by manslaughter

      So, where is Marci the Murderer???

      • AnonymousHumboldtian

        Arcata sucks for morons who can’t read traffic signs. Drivers who can read seem to make it through Arcata without any problems. I agree people walk into the street without looking, it happens on Broadway all the time. I also have nearly been run over in a crosswalk by inattentive drivers on a fairly regular basis. Humboldt is full of people who don’t pay attention.

  • Many times pedestrians don’t even look up from their phones or acknowledge that there’s a vehicle coming when they enter the crosswalk. I also see far too many people texting while driving.
    Whatever the reason for the collision, my condolences to the loved ones of the pedestrian. 🙁

    • Henchman Of Justice

      Courtesy is for men to protect women by walking on their side closest to possible danger when in crosswalks, on sidewalks, etc…..

      Quick way to prove to a woman that her man is thinking of her well being!

  • This happened right in front of my house. Saw the paramedics performing CPR. The car hit the pedestrian in the crosswalk and dragged him under the car. The driver failed two breatherlyzer tests and they cuffed him. This is so fucked up. Please don’t drink and drive…

  • 14th and H is a 4-way stop.

  • So very sorry to the family.and for the.folks.who witnessed it.bless you all.please don’t drink and get drunk then drive there’s only one superman

  • He was my neighbor and was a wonderful man, one of the nicest, friendliest, most conscious people I knew. His car stopped running long ago so he walked everywhere. He is Arcata’s loss.

  • LeAnna Carson-Hansen

    Cedar I am so sad to read of your loss, and the loss of this man from his family and community. May justice be served. And may he rest in peace. May the “system” work regarding this unnecessary death.

  • Bottom line…It takes an active effort by both drivers and pedestrians to keep a watchful eye and ear out for one another as much as possible, and to also make safe and educated choices whenever encountering each other. And most importantly, neither should ever assume that they know exactly what the other is going to do.

  • MOBunjee, it’s not a myth. Men used to walk on sidewalk closest to traffic to protect their women partner from getting splashed, should a passing car hit a puddle. It was etiquette.

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