One Dead After Accident Near Leggett Today

CHP Feature FatalityPress release from the California Highway Patrol:

On 09-02-2016, at approximately 2:20 P.M., a 2007 Toyota Tacoma, towing a 2014 Kodiak trailer, was driving southbound on US-101, north of Cummings Road in Mendocino County.  For unknown reasons, the Toyota made a turning movement to the right and ran off of the west side of US-101.  The Toyota and the Kodiak trailer descended a moderate downhill embankment that caused the trailer to overturn and the Toyota to collide head on into a tree.  The Toyota and Kodiak trailer came to rest on the embankment facing a southerly direction.

A driver who had witnessed the Toyota run off of the road, parked south of the collision scene and then walked back to check.  He made notification to emergency services and waited for their arrival.  When emergency personnel arrived, the driver [a 62-year-old man woman from Silver City, Nevada] was determined to be unconscious and was extricated from the Toyota.  Life saving measures were attempted, however, the driver was declared deceased by Laytonville Fire Department personnel at the scene.

Members from the California Highway Patrol, Leggett Volunteer Fire Department, Cal Fire, and Laytonville Fire Department were present and assisted at this traffic collision.

At this time the collision is still under investigation by the California Highway Patrol.  Alcohol does not appear to be a factor in this collision. The identification of the driver is currently being withheld pending the notification of next of kin.



  • Rip so many accidents lately.please slow down folks.65 is the doesn’t say “see if you can go faster”

  • Heart attack, I’ll bet..

  • It could of been a weight factor ,pulling a travel trailer with a Tacoma pickup

  • Rest in peace,
    on a side note; we just drove across the U.S and back and saw numerous accidents all over the place, it’s not just here in humboldt county, please be safe out there it’s a wild place to be these days, hug your loved ones and remember schools in so watch for the youngsters!

    • Peresonally I think there’s a DL in EVERY box (or is it bags now??? ) of Cracker Jack!!! Judging by all the wrecks here, there & EVERYWHERE!!!

      • As a close friend of this person, I think your comment is horrible… and without knowing this person- you shouldn’t be commenting at all.

  • 80 means 55 in Humboldt County

  • In this area the cell service starts. It may have been that she received a notice or a message alert on her cell phone and she checked it? Just an idea.

  • Who ever you are may you R.I.P. prayers to her family and friends… please people be curtious. To other family members who may be reading this. There probably hurting by the news they receive. Thank You

    • Anne Cerstvik Nolan

      Thank you, Michelle. This kind of speculation is indeed very hurtful to her family. We won’t know the reasons why this accident happened until after the autopsy and having people speculate regarding my sister’s death is really painful and obnoxious.

      • I knew your sister, too…just talked with her a few weeks ago. She was excited to begin her trip. Is there going to be a Memorial service/veteran’s burial ceremony?

  • My dear dear friend , my heart is broken and I will miss you so much!! I am so blessed to have had you in my life, and that I got to see you one last time just a couple weeks ago I hugged you and I didn’t think it was the last time! Tomorrow is never promised people , hug like you’ll never hug again, every time! Rest in perfect peace my sweet friend , I love you

  • RIP my dear friend! I guess our lunch date will have to wait until we are reunited in heaven.

  • Glendanne Squyres

    Dearest Mary, you are now a Guardian Angel watching over your son’s and your multitude of friends. You weren’t speeding. You didn’t use your cell phone. Something happened. You told me you were tired. You were going to take the 101. Now, our lunch date will have to wait until we meet again. You are probably already organizing a gardening community. Your bright smile, your encouraging spirit, and your loving soul will be deeply missed. I wiil remember to eat my brightly colored veggies, fruits and flowers. I will miss you, dear friend!

    • Well said… Thank you.
      Her favorite song request was Cat Stevens’ “Morning has broken”. She’s singing, dancing in her cowboy boots and praising the Lord!!

  • Mary was my sister-in-law and I’m completely flabbergasted by many of these comments! Not a single one of you knows what happened while she was driving that final day of her life. Does’t anyone have an ounce of respect for the living or deceased anymore. I’m an excellent driver and can maneuver a vehicle quite well, however I would / could never attempt to complete the CHP’s accident investigation on a public forem below the victim’s news article. This ignorance really turns my stomach. “People” please show you have a heart. Goodbye Mary, I know you’re probably enjoying Mother Nature from up above.

  • The insensitive and ignorant comments are horrible! Why would anyone blame the driver? You people have no knowledge about the incident or the driver and no sympathy for those who loved and cared for Mary.

    Maybe you people feel that if you can blame someone for this accident, you can feel safe from death. However, death will find you.

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