The Gap Fire Burns Another 1800 Acres


Gap Fire seen from Hwy 96 on August 31. [Photo from Inciweb]

The Gap Fire burning northeast of Happy Camp near Hwy 96 grew by about 1800 acres since yesterday. Normally that wouldn’t be good news but that’s less than it has been growing.

Smoke trapped under an inversion layer kept the fire from burning as strongly as in the past, explained the Forest Service on their Inciweb page. And, even better, the humidity increased as temperatures dropped last night further reducing the spread. Nonetheless, the fire spotted northward (See blue circle on map below.)

Gap fire september 2

Gap Fire spotted northward as can be seen on a map compiled from heat information gathered early on September 2. Note the area circled in blue.

Over 1800 personnel are stationed at the fire. According to the Forest Service,

Crews are continuing to build fireline north from White Cloud Mountain and north from the 2014 Beaver Fire towards the Pacfiic Crest Trail. They are establishing containment line north towards Dry Lake along Buckhorn Ridge building off of existing control line on the east side of the fire. On the south side, firefighters are working to hold existing control lines and continue to keep the fire north of Highway 96. On the southwest, crews continue to hold existing control lines around Shutts Gulch with strategic firing operations as needed and when safe to do so. Fire crews are protecting structures throughout the fire area as necessary.

Gap map September 2

Gap Fire map based on heat imagery taken at 1:48 a.m. Click on the map to get a larger pdf version.

The fire is surrounded by the scars of previous fires. Below is a map showing some of them. A larger version can be found here.

Gap Previous

Cooler temperatures for the next few days could help crews battle this fire.



  • One could say the whole Forest is a previous fire scar however the conditions of the forests in 1955 are nothing comparable to the mismanagement and the overstocking of the forest today. And because of that the heat from these fires do a tremendous amount of damage to the soils and they know this as they study it on the taxpayer dime.Sure appreciate the updates here.

  • Who? What?
    Were the forests “overstocked” or “understocked” before we palefaces got here? Who (not youwho) managed the forests before any humans were here many thousands of years ago?

    Were there fish then? How about beavers or porcupines or grizzlies? How about wolves and condors? Where did they go? Oh…I guess they were all “managed” by humans!

    Who, please clarify your second sentence. It is incomplete.

    BOZO the CLONE

  • I believe “who” try to say something like the old mixed specie forest vs. the modern single specie forest.

  • This is a fire. Like drugs. They don’t discriminate. If it was started by a human. Then we can rattle off racial bullshit. In the meantime lets do what we can to support the people fighting the fire k guys/gals

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