Trinity Supes Pass Marijuana Ordinance; One Year Residency, 500 Permit Cap

Trinity Board of Supes audience for Marijuana Ordinance

A packed audience watches intently as the Trinity County Board of Supervisors discusses creating a commercial medical marijuana ordinance. [Photo provided by a reader]

Don’t expect to sign up today but Trinity County created a zoning ordinance for commercial medical marijuana cultivation regulation. On Tuesday the Board of Supervisors voted unanimously to accept an urgency ordinance. According to the wording of the ordinance, “[T]here is a concern that if left unregulated, there will be a substantial increase of marijuana activity in the County.”

Trinity wrote into the ordinance some protections for their local communities.  “The  board recognizes the land rush phenomenon in other jurisdictions,” explained Carson Anderson, Senior Planner for Trinity County. He said that applicants must have a one year proof of residency and there is a cap of 500 permits allowed at this time.

According to Anderson, the Board was trying to protect local communities. “They don’t want to see a lot of outsiders pouring in,” he said.

In addition, growers can’t apply right away. “We’re a few months away from having the ability to register someone,” explained Carson Anderson this morning. He says that his department will spend the next few months putting together the forms and processes that a grower will have to go through to become compliant. Then Board of Supervisors will have to approve the process.

“We’ll look at other jurisdictions” who already have the ordinances, Anderson explained. “They were overwhelmed in Humboldt County….They weren’t prepared in terms of staffing…. One possible solution for Trinity is a manager and temporary staff.”

Anderson said the key thing he wants to emphasize is growers must first get a waiver of wastewater discharge from the Regional Water Control Board.

To read the Trinity County zoning ordinance for commercial medical marijuana cultivation regulation, click here for a pdf and scroll to page 29.

A very short summary of what it calls for (please read the information at the link above for a complete listing):


Two tiers available:

  • Tier 1 may grow up to 5000 square feet. This costs a total of $5000 for the permit of which $1000 goes to the General Plan Update. The rest goes to the general fund.
  • Tier 2 up to 10,000 square feet.  In Tier 2, some mixed light is allowed. This costs $6000 of which $1000 goes to the General Plan Update. The rest goes to the general fund.
  • Tier 3 is not currently allowed.


  • Humboldt county planning department wasn’t ready for the 25 people who signed up .

    • where did you hear that? Last time I checked there was around 850 people who turned there applications into the building department. But that was a week or so before the deadline. Have you heard any updated numbers kym?

      • A total of 2300 applicants turned in an Activity Registration form to Humboldt County by end of day of the deadline (August 23rd).


      • Telling the county you are growing pot and going through the application process are two different things .

        • what else do you want? Your question was answered

        • @huh? – telling the county your growing pot was the first step of the application process. It sounds like 2300 people started the process. Obviously you don’t know what your talking about. Yes only a handful of people actually have there county permit in hand, but there are 2300 people that have started the process to try to obtain the county permit. Thanks for update @Cannabiz + kym

          • 2300 people are now going to spend 70-90 grand trying to get permits ??? Haha , yeah right … The county told people they’d be left alone this year if they stated that they were growing an existing garden . All they did was blow it up knowing that they weren’t going to be targeted for raids this year . Next year who knows ….

            • Sure, not everyone will go thru the whole process and some people most certainly just did it to save there ass this year, the thing is though, I bet at least 1/3 of the people that signed up actually do intend on jumping thru all the hoops to try to get a permit. Either way your original comment about 25 people signing up was rubbish. And as far as the 70-90 grand to go thru all the hoops is an entirely made up estimate, but it could cost upwards of that it all depends on how up to specs your grow already is. I know for sure none of the permit applications themselves cost anywhere near that though. So the only time it’s gonna cost someone an absolutely absurd amount is if they have lots of stuff they need to fix for there grow to be compliant.

    • Henchman Of Justice

      Laughing still……..laughing. That was good, needed a gut filled workout.

  • In addition to the setbacks, which will wipe out the pines. The entire goal of the board of supervisors. It was an ugly scene yesterday, with an old, scared, racist old guard desperately trying to hold on to “their” county.

    • I think you might be misunderstanding some things about the way the ordinance works. The Trinity Pines is definitely the most well known grower subdivision, if you will. However, Down River and Hyampom are also small parceled grow communities. It seems unfair to claim the whole point of the ordinance is racist. There is a variance process specifically noted for those who are closer to a neighboring residence than 350 feet. You should be careful throwing the word “racist” around. It’s not just something you use when you feel things are unfair, especially when all sorts of other ethnicities are affected by the same rules.

  • There will be a big rush for PO boxes from Salyer to Ruth and Kettenpom..

    • Getting mine tomorrow, lol

    • 911 addresses should be used…not old made up or p.o.boxes. The 911 address was issued years ago, but, some people refuse to use them.
      If you want the ‘permit’ to be legal, it should contain the ‘real’ physical address.

  • the misadventures of bunjee

    Little isolated Trinity pegs it at a year and 500? I’d double the first and halve the second. And be hard core on the water rights, particularly the agricultural designations, which some say are out of balance and who has senior water rights, per who in the chain of property custody is getting a hold of them. If you don’t lock down the use now for this generation and the next 5, you never will. Domicile can be faked or circumvented too unless one is willing to sit and personally babysit people.

    Want to be a grower and make a buck? Fine. Do it right. It really isn’t THAT hard to do. But be involved. And be good neighbors.

    When the cats away, the mice will play.

    • Henchman Of Justice

      True, but……water is not supposed to be a commodity. As human beings, we have a human right to the use of water.

      With that said, any use of water that fucks up mother nature should be a concern, no different for pot growers as an industry (but for personal use only, restrictions are bogus).

      No excuses for poisoning the water, making water undrinkable or killing other earthly species because of water poisoning/ stripping practices by greedy fucks………who buy their way through politicians, politcians who collude to fuck us all over if they can by using wannabe elitist little lemmings, shills and minions on the small scale to fuck over the en masses.

      Grass Roots politics is fucked, suffice to say………..who is your daddio now??? (The Feds, State or the local diet Grass Root Beer drinkers?)

  • Wow this is going to get ugly around here.ive talked to people who absolutely refuse to do this . people who say it’s not worth it.and be under their many rules.lot of money too!!

  • Does it give a limit on property size?

    • Not sure about trinity county, but in humboldt the minimum parcel size was 5 acres. confirmed.

      • Henchman Of Justice

        In Humboldt, less than five acres is allowed too, just sayin.

        Ya think the FEDS care about acreages……..what a hoot!

        Great, all these growers willing to aide and abet gubbamint in confiscating fire arms.

        Permitees are illegal drug users per the Feds. The Feds now have yet another reason to knock on a permitee’s front door with a search warrant to confiscate firearms.

        No thanks to the greedy fucks who care not that gubbamint is not 100% for legalization.

        These permitees epitomize the terrible culture America is now……no fucking values or principles unless they are fleeting……..and associated with money, money, money……..permitees might as well sign up as a gubbamint worker, for they are useless to the free world.

    • Right now there is no minimum acreage but if you have less than roughly 15 acres and a neighboring residence closer than 350 feet to your garden you will require a variance.

  • I’d suggest the regulations include actual ownership of the land, not a lease or corporate ownership. Then the title (through a quick parcel search at the county courthouse) search will show who owns it, who sold it, and when.
    A lot of counties have their assessor parcel info online and if you have an approximate address you can check the area and identify the parcel by using a USFS map as a reference.
    Get the parcel number, go to the pertinent department/office in Weaverville and look it up. If you really want to be diligent (those who might think of buying but don’t want to talk to the seller or a real estate agent yet) you can usually see if there are any liens against a property as well.

    Water rights: A major issue and is usually something that is supposed to stated on the deed or as a deed amendment.

    It’s not an obscure or arcane subject. W-a-y back in the 70s a young lawyer, Les Scher, wrote a book based on what he encountered when he decided to buy land in Honeydew.
    The book is Finding and Buying Your Place in the Country.
    It’s available new, and used (on ebay and amazon). Because he went through all the California-specific things, his info and advice is extremely helpful.

    I don’t like in a rural area now but I’ve used the book (and what I learned) to help friends with property issues even in cities…when the state law is the operative authority.
    If you know the book you probably already love it. If you don’t know it, be prepared to make a new friend. I don’t know Les Scher but I do value good useful books and don’t hesitate to recommend them. And yes, it’s good on water rights.

    • Henchman Of Justice

      Water Rights – talk to a native, learn how gubbamint agreements are reneged on all the time by “simple minded people who fill a public position, a position not necessary”.

      Deeds – pfft, did a title company commit fraud on that deed…..happens often, even after notarization………personal experience…… is a reason why FATC no longer operates in Humboldt – got caught too often committing title fraud……ever wonder why transfers of property using the system is rigged to the point that “insurance” is offered for the transaction of title? What is the problem, it is just land…!

    • We are certainly trying to have as much local control as possible as many feel we are being invaded by carpet bagger types. They are definitely here, threatening lawsuits and the like. We want priorities for local existing farms first, before any new grows are even considered.

  • It is absurd (& probably unconstitutional) to have a one year residency requirement.
    And all to grow a plant that occurs naturally on planet earth.

  • Honeydew Bridge Chump

    NoHayfork should not even allow government workers in.

    Check points can be set and trenches on the hills.

    So we have a grower detective, ex tweeker shrimp, and some Weaverville dirtbag types sucking wall Street for their pension.

    If it can happen anywhere, it’s FORK.

    Don’t sell goods or services to anyone working for the county.

    Make them move to Weaverville…

    These types shouldn’t be allowed in the Fork.

    Pull the stuff in come rain, dump dirt and rocks on their access is the word.

    These bags of trash aren’t even part of TC and don’t deserve access without a toll.

    Mark Potts for Sheriff .


  • criminalize coffee.

    most comprehensive study says 8,500 grows in humboldt. no comment, just fyi.

    completely decriminalize marijuana today, all the problems gone tomorrow. free the weed!

    • Not a chance oh the game will change but not a chance the problems will go away. Off to heroin the black market goes.After all the greedy always need their profit .

  • Why is this site moderating free speech?? What the fuckis that?

    • This is a private site. Not a government site. As such as much as I provide a place for people to speak a variety of opinions, I don’t allow insulting other commenters (even if I might agree with your opinion.)

      • Well wtf! That is bullshit! So every comment on here is censored through you?

        • Yep. This is a private site that I operate as are most media sites. You have the same right to go out and work your butt off for many years and make a blog for little or no pay and then you can make your own rules.

      • Do you stay up all night monitoring this? If i make the 30 minutes then its posted?

        • I do not stay up all night. Because your comments have been approved before, they post automatically. However, when I get a chance I vett them. If you continue to insult other commenters, I can chose to ban you. I haven’t banned anyone for months maybe even a year but I will if someone chooses not to follow the rules of this site.

          • just wanted to say it sure has been nice without barry walloberger, or whoever that guy was that would always post ridiculous comments about people that own a toyota are connected to isis. Guy was such a loon, and or a troll. Thanks again for that kym. We haven’t forgotten.

              • Why knock on wood? when you ban people do you do an IP block? (I’m sure you know what IP blocking is, that’s like the most hardcore method I know of) or is it just the name or email address you ban? I’m just curious but plz don’t answer me if your not comfortable with letting the world know the full extent of your banning capabilities.

                • If someone is clever enough, they can make it difficult to ban them. I’m not going to explain how though.

                • when you IP block, there are ways around it but all of the ways I know of are beyond what your average computer users would be able to do, and like I said that’s the highest level of banning I know of. I think were safe.

  • I agree about the permit process. I think the felony conviction is bullshit. I have a felony and the reason I grew cannabis was because of the difficulty of getting a job.

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  • What a gamble: people go legit, the weed is legalized, the price plummets, so what was the point? Maybe cool to say you’re in the industry?

    • Regulators had better find or determine a overproduction limit.If this report(New Frontier and ArcView Market Research) is legit 1,500 acres is not very many permits ,broken down in numbers issuance of 6,534 10,000 sq ft permits Should meet California’s demand.overproduction will stymie the legal market leading to a crash in wholesale prices ..1500 acres =
      65,340,000sq ft
      The report suggests that California will require 1,500 to 2,200 acres of cultivation to satisfy marijuana consumer demand. At the same time, it says the market is likely already over-saturated with pot produced for the current medical marijuana market as well as illicit sales in the black market in the state and beyond. The research underscores the likelihood that the out-of-state black market for California pot will continue to thrive in ensuing years even if voters pass Proposition 64.

      Read more here:

  • Make a 30 year residency requirement.

  • Yes, obviously Cali is already over-saturated. The black market will of course continue under the new pot laws, thereby sustaining the local police and prison-industrial complex. The future: pot price is so low you must grow lots of plants, making you a federal criminal. You end up in Lompac, which has been converted to a state-run pot farm. You are forced to work for 50 cents a day.

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