[UPDATE 8:56 p.m.] Laytonville Raid Today

Laytonville Marijuana in a truck2

Mendocino Sheriff’s Office vehicles are raiding marijuana gardens in Laytonville. [Photos provided by a reader]

Before noon today, the County of Mendocino Marijuana Eradication Team (COMMET) began raids in the town of Laytonville. Several vehicles and a woodchipper went to a number of residences, at least one on Tolen Avenue.

When we called and requested information at the Mendocino County Sheriff’s substation in Willits, we were provided the number of COMMET. Only a machine answered there. We left a message but have not been called back.

One reader told us, “They…are going door to door and giving some folks five days to re-locate their plants and others are getting pulled and shredded on site.” According to multiple witnesses on the ground, the places chosen are within 1,000 feet of a school or church.
Laytonville Marijuana in a truck

UPDATE 8:56 p.m.: KMUD‘s Izzy Vanderheiden talks to Mendocino County Sheriff spokesperson. He tells her that two were arrested and gives more information below.



  • Government is our friend

    • Honeydew Bridge Chump

      They love you & know what you don’t.

      If you know more, they ignore or rewrite their guidelines.

      Imagine all the lawyers, cops, and caltrans too….
      Leaving the planet, in saucers without you…

      My favorite Beatles song.

  • That’s messed up… Anybody who has to move your plants out, you can drop them at my place!

  • What! You can’t run a drug manufacturing facility next to a school in the middle of the suburbs around here??? Thought this was a free County!
    How are people going to pay their mortgages and buy tap-out t-shirts now?!
    This is NOT fair!

    • drug manufacturing facility? *facepalm*

    • Most of these people were trying to survive on very few plants, Timber has left Laytonville, the largest woodsman supply company Baileys, left for cheaper product shipping, the cops act like they are focusing on environmental crimes but they are busting 25 plant grows on flat acres. The cops have just tore thru a neighborhood of upstanding members of the community, Shame on mendocino county for doing this.

      • From protecting the right to clear cut thousands of acres to prosecuting people for growing on less than an acre in two decades.
        A rigged and crooked game same as it ever was.

      • The country ordinance that says they can grow, says they can’t grow there. Obviously, you plan for your child to smoke drugs when they grow up, but I don’t. My child shouldn’t have to be exposed to your liberal philosophy, that marijuana isn’t a drug and is harmless. Most people agree, hence the ordinance. Please state for the record that you intend for your child to get high and not get a non marijuana industry job…

        • Then you should teach your child to not read comments posted by “Mendo Truth”. See how easy that was. Problem solved. Now your child is no longer exposed to MT’s philosophy.

        • The irony will be when you get sick and need to use cannabis as for relief

        • A little more reason

          That’s a bunch of bullshit. Just because a kid sees a plant doesn’t mean they’re going to grow up and be stoner. And in northern California where weed is the economy all jobs are weed related jobs.

        • Maybe your kids can skip straight to some oxycodone that is being sold 15 feet from the middle school in the pharmacy, and I never stated anything for the record that was your delusion, just because I think someone should be able to grow some plants in their backyard does not mean I am promoting kids getting high, a 1000 feet is way out if view, keep your kids in your bubble and someday they will realize you are full of crap

          • MT… STFU.. SL’s kids are dynamite, your predictions are awfully funny. Operative word being awful. Wipe your mouth now.

      • I don’t want 100 pounds of weed grown next to the school. But I worked on Prop 215’s passage and I fully support the legal use of weed by consenting adults. See how that works? Your philosophy is actually the one that offends your community by forcing everybody to submit to your viewpoint. You see- you are actually being oppressive and you are wrong in calling your perspective “freedom-loving” because you do not accept or respect the concerns of your neighbors. I am glad the sheriff did this. People with your bizarre sense of entitlement have run this weed “freedom” beyond what most of us are comfortable with. And yes- I am a cannabis supporter for 40 years now.

        • I agree with you “Farce” I support the passage of Prop 215 and the use of marijuana for medicine. I also Support Sheriff Tom Allman in his decision to clean up the neighborhoods close to schools. My feeling is that he has just begun.
          Mid month of August a friend of mine was raided out 36. He stated to me that, “I was growing medicine and they the cut down and left over 1500 plants”. In the same sentence of him telling me about the fact that they took all of his medicine: He stated, “they cut over a ton, potentially $1,500,000.00 to $2,000,000.00 dollars worth of my bud medicine.” I saw his operation and it was very clean and there were environmental hazards, no chemicals, and the water had not been diverted from any stream. My question: Is this medicine or is it for profit disguised as medicine? Have or take some pride people in what you are doing and call it for what it is.

          • Edit to my above comment.
            “I saw his operation and it was very clean and there were environmental hazards, no chemicals, and the water had not been diverted from any stream.”

            There were NO environmental hazards is what I meant to say.

            It was very organized, it was again very clean, there was no trash or garbage, no chemicals, again there were NO environmental hazards, and the water was a well with absolutely no diverted water. There had been no dirt removal change of grade or dirt reconstruction.

            The LE came in and cut all of the 1500 plus 8′ tall plants and left them there. There were no arrests.

      • Remember: You do Still get to Vote

        (though subject to terms and conditions; offer does now apply in all areas/elections)

  • upstanding members ? really? This whole thing is a joke. People should not be growing pot in town. 6 mature plants. Thats the law and thats liberal. out of town is different. In town is effects other people and thats not fair. Good job MCSO

    • How do you contribute to the community? How many jobs do you create? Maybe you are the joke.

      • I like your logic.. “These people were just trying to sell drugs for a living to support their lifestyle, they have no other choice in life but to be drug dealers. Have some sympathy”
        Yeah. Sure buddy.

        • To be fair, which largely supports your statement ironically, is that most of the people visited work full time jobs. They’re good people, apparently trying to supplement their income(alleged) but I don’t think anybody was starving. Hard not to try to live a better life when everyone else is.

          • These people dont have much more than dependable cars and a roof over their head. Sounds like you know them but I doubt that you actually know their financial situations. Would you be happier if they were starving and being served eviction notices?

        • I like your logic, you have no idea what your talking about but you decide to argue on the Internet. Maybe when AUMA passes you can do us all a favor and move out of California

    • Learn what your talking about before you say anything Laytonville is not considered a city and does not have to comply with the 215 city laws of 6 plants because it does not have a sewer system learn your facts then you can talk your talk…

  • [edit] I watched u take this picture on your skateboard you fucking hypocritical piece of shit I remember you coming to the neighboring house having dinner while your dad grew more weed then even what they loaded up today because you didn’t have a mom around to cook you a meal so mine did! You grew up on dope money while smoking it in high school so put your name on the pictures your posting and stop being a pussy, the parents and kids that suffered today could have been you 12 years ago

    • The name I redacted is not the name of the person who gave me the photo. I don’t believe the person who provided the photo was unsympathetic to growers either. Sending me the photo was at my request because while I had been hearing rumors of raids, I hadn’t received enough proof. I need two eye witnesses or a photo.

      • Thanks Kym. Many people rolled by to see the commotion, including myself, since I work for the newspaper. I took a very similar photo, but never submitted it. As you can see from the second photo, a car’s side-view mirror is just barely visible on the very far right side of the pic… If this pic was taken from a skateboard, why is it obviously from the vantage point of a vehicle window? It might be good for people to get their facts straight before they publicly rip an old family friend to shreds… Burned bridges are hard to rebuild. 🙁

  • The economy is expanding. Quit smoking that dope. Go back to town and get a freaking job.

    • You sound like a communist, sure, we all should work and live where you say….

      • You’re right, we should all live and work where you say.. Drug laced thinking, create a double edged sword. Try not to hurt yourself..
        Lazy people who can’t put the vape down, can’t work at a ‘real’ job..
        “There are no jobs”
        Chevron is hiring.. (sure it’s only one job, but nobody takes it.. )
        Work to create jobs, not fall in line with lazy drug manufacturing.
        Not paying taxes. Your workers, not paying taxes. You both support government subsidies and entitlement programs, but only in theory, actually supporting them would be PAYING TAXES.

        • Chevron is hiring? Lets say a single parent takes a job there. If they’re lucky they start out making $10 an hour. Working full time they would make $1600.00 a month before taxes. Just enough to not qualify for most public assistance. They have a child so they need a two bedroom house. If you’re lucky enough to find a rental you can guarantee that you will be paying at least $1000 per month. Dont even think about buying a house because you cant find one for under $300,000. Then you have your health insurance to pay for and daycare for your child so you can work to make that $1600 a month. What are you left with? $200 bucks maybe, to pay for food, utilities, car insurance and gas for the month? Is that earning a living? I think this towns housing crisis needs to be addressed before you judge people for supplementing their income. Would that person be more of an upstanding citizen of Laytonville if they worked only that job and raised their child in a mold infested trailer with no running water or pg&e? Because thats the choice most of us have to make.

  • So sorry for the families involved

    Thats not fair? Are we in first grade? Cheering on while your neighbors and members of your community get their hard work put through a chipper? And putting the importance of being able to pay their mortgages now next to a t-shirt? What? Its not fair you can see some branches over a fence or smell a ripened aroma for a short time in the fall? Or is it not fair that you are too good to do it yourself? Do I whine about all the trees and shrubs people have in their yards causing me allergies? In a time when most of America is struggling with a failed economy and tons of good people have lost their homes, you must not realise how lucky this area is to have something to help it get through these hard times better than most. What would you know about that? So either you come from money, work for a business that probably only exists here because of the pot industry, or you own a business here that benefits from the pot industry. Or maybe your kids go to school here and they enjoy programs that are funded mostly through the pot industry. Because I have lived in other states, and believe me! Most schools and communities in other places wish they had an industry that gave them some cushion. Why don’t you move to Tenessee to a coal mining town? Where most men die from the black lung while trying to put food on the table while their children watch and prepare themselves to do the same? All in the name of energy. And why is your self rightous opinion so important? Because I bet if we took a vote by your community and peers your opinion would be outnumbered. And in the America I thought I knew, majority mattered and the people decide for themselves. I hope some day you are in a position to need the help of your community and that the good people that were chopped today have the chance to be the ones to help you. I wonder if they will know the glee you experienced on their behalf? I hope so. I hope they pee in your Cheerios.

  • And the moon is made of green cheese.

  • Retired R.E. Agent

    I don’t live in Mendocino county, but IN one of the tiny towns in So. Humboldt. I do not cultivate Pot as I do not use it in any form. I have many good friends who do use it and are welcome to do so at my house.

    I have one problem with the new laws. We have a neighbor who cultivates it and is in full compliance. However the smell of the plants during the last few weeks of maturing is strong enough to actually keep me awake – in all rooms of my house. There must be some way to keep the odor down. I think that even the flies are getting high from it.

    • Try some self responsibility for your self conceived woes. Ever hear of essential oils? They’re essentially helpful. Frankencense will help relieve your self induced depression from having to smell the happiness of others.

    • Rest assured that the terpenes Pinene, Myrcene, Humulene, Terpinoline, and Terpineol, which, among others, give Cannabis its strong odor, are completely non-psycoactive, and are commonly found in things like Pine needles, Myrtle bushes, Hops flowers, and Lemons or Limes.

    • Reality please. Everyone knows that one becomes inurred to almost any odor within 30 minutes to an hour and it becomes unnoticeable. Whether skunk, papermill or cannabis, if you live with it…soon you cannot smell it. This is why old ladies can live in homes that REEK of cat piss yet they are oblivious. Get real you silly person. It does not keep you awake. That is laughable…except you would persecute your neighbor based on this lie

  • Seems like we all have to do what it takes to get by these days!there are jobs you just have to be willing to work!!we offered a job to our neighbor once because they were on welfare and had 6 kids one on the way,he told us I’m on walfare I don’t have to work,your already paying me,and go FUCK yourself.NICE,real nice

  • So what’s next, smoking, vaping, percolating coffee, BBQ’ing, within 1000 ft of a school or church?
    It’s their property and medical needs. It is wrongly classified, & to be honest, shouldn’t be classified in the first place.
    Thomas Jefferson talks about nullifying bad laws. Tom Woods explains it. It’s our duty to nullify.

    • Medical needs? Really?

    • California law says no smoking marijuana within 1000′ of a school, years old law.. sure ‘vaping’ of marijuana extracts is included so no, not next.
      People get all fired up like ‘The Man’ just dropped these rules out of the sky yesterday..

      However BBQ’ing is super obnoxious, people laughing and eating… disgusting!

      I hope you didn’t mean tobacco products.. ambiguous wording, confused by the unrelated activities

      Johnson 2016

      • The age of a law does not make a bad law good or a good law bad. Only the content & consequences matter.

        You laugh at BBB’s. Need I remind you of the epa’s over reach? They unconstitutionally & illegally experimented on seniors & kids, to prove their preconceived CARB conclusions. What in the result? The taxman cometh, instead of the sheriff. The guinea pigs lived, but the Potential for harm is still real.

        The vapor is not tobacco. The fda labeled it tobacco so the master settlement agreement trust bonds could be paid back. The taxman & bans cometh.
        The big tobacco corporations are rescued. The attorney generals of msa states are dancing. The vapor is now classified a tobacco product & can be treated as such, despite not being on the unconstitutional msa list. The fda has classified all proponents as tobacco. This includes, but is not limited to COTTON, WIRE, METAL TUBES, BATTERIES, … No nicotine is now a tobacco product. This means that NON NICOTINE POT is classifiable as tobacco, with or without thc.
        The anti-constitution zealots march around, promoting big pharma products, grinning ear to ear. They use the taxpayers funds to promote laws, bans, taxes, black market, enforcement, fines, on the taxpayers. They promote the UN grants that end state sovereignty. They promote “healthy cities network” for their Bonuses from big pharma. Big pharma started the prohibitions long ago.

        I’m not impressed with propanda against the rights of AMERICANS.

        • They’re scum bags, no doubt, driven by greed.
          Down with big pharma, up with big green.
          Pill junkies have the same position to that effect I’m sure. Pills make them happy

  • So sorry for the families involved

    There is cigarettes and alchohol all being sold within 1000 feet of a school. Your kids go to the grocery store and near the fruits and veggies is a huge display of vodka and rum and wine. There is no difference. Yes, for a little while you can smell it, but the benefit it gives patients, growers and communities is worth it. Once people get with the program and get in compliance with enviromental laws this will allow a lot of people to be able to do what they always loved and be able to be a contributing part of the community and be able to show it without fear. But the truth is, to be happy about watching your neighbors go through hardships because you don’t like the smell, or you can see branches or you think if it is growing within a thousand feet of a school it will make your kid a drug addict when the grocery store has a huge selection of alchohol next to the fruits, vegetables and deli is a bit ridiculous. It is essentially getting a kick out of peoples suffering for your own selfish reasons because society use to put a taboo on one thing but allow other things to be ok. It is all a matter of numbers, how many like something vs don’t like it. Fortunately the discrimination on marijuana is dropping as more people become aware of the facts after all the government brainwashing. And now people like you are becoming the minority. But oh the suffering until the transformation happens. And to think, there are people out there selling kids oxy. Heroin in the disguise of a pill. Now there is something to keep you up at night.

  • Vice President nominee, Scott Bradley, explains it’s your duty to nullify bad laws. He provides the sources, you provide the listen up mode.
    Now you know why the media completely ignore him & his running mate, Darrell Castle, who feels pot should be decriminalized. Even the libertarians bash them, slander them, for not playing the govt. control game.
    Registration is free. You can use a fake name, nobody cares. NULLIFICATION: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/7402707601652943107

    • I need to clarify. The purists Libertarians support the Castle-Bradley ticket. It’s the new wave LOLibertarians that don’t understand the concept of no govt need apply. They think govt hands out permission slips & allowances. The nicest big daddy wins. That’s so far off the mark, it’s not laughable. Just to be clear.
      The purist libertarians are what we now know as the classic liberals. They’re AOK.

  • Laytonville Local 40 years

    Tom Allman a High Level Masonic “Grandmaster” in the local Masonic Cult, look it up! … what a lying piece of shit he is raiding 215 patient gardens… he is nothing but a class act liar, freemason and drunk.. hell bent on destroying Mendocinos Cultural Cannabis Heritage… the darkest places in hell are reserved for people who violate the rights of the community, no heaven for the oppressors,

  • Laytonville Local 40 years


  • It’s appalling what those POS are you doing all around the Weott school! The folks on the opposite side of the highway and up the hill are fine, but there is a grow three driveways up from the schools driveway, every little kid biking or walking to school can see, smell or touch! Not opposed to that lifestyle, but it’s not for everyone!!! Each family should be able to choose whether cannabis is present around the family property!! The plants are like 8′ from the county road right next to a CDF STATION AS WELL?!?!?! There are two other property’s that touch the school property and have at least 20’x60′ greenhouses and another’s property like 200′ from the school has a mega grow on a acre lot! This is the most ridiculous thing I’ve seen in SoHum. It’s like 6 big greenhouses! I wish our Leo would stop harassing hill folk and deal with these scum bags building drug manufacturing property’s around family’s, school’s and park’s!! 10+ years ago you would of caught a case in a second for this and everybody around town would of been at your neck…

  • Hit’em with the Heeeeeiiiiiiin!
    Hit’em with the Hein

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