What a Methy Situation…

Eureka Police Chief Andrew Mills tweeted about a crash which he said led to a discovery of several pounds of an illegal substance.  Mills and an EPD Detective Sergeant were getting lunch when a DUI driver crashed into several vehicles while in the parking lot of the North Coast Co-op. Note the tubs that EPD say contained seven pounds of meth on the passenger floorboards.




  • Luck is all you need sometimes. Great job getting that garbage off the streets. Now to investigate to hopefully bust the lab.

  • Please Kym do not show the tweakers pics of their candy. Sorry, but I just don’t think it helps an already very sad situation. Athough I do like the Cana-flower pics so often posted here. What to think? Not criticizing, simply suggesting. Murders are done by desperate ones that crave only more, of what “no-one” needs to live. Yes, live up, be up. Food is love, not chemicals, and true Justice is only ever born of realization Now.

  • 👉 Um that guy!

    LMAO! Did i not say, LMAO! Oh by the way i can’t stop laughing my ass off. Unreal! Dear Worst Criminals Reality TV, i think there’s some content here for you! LMAO!

  • “Officer can I have my meth back so I can sell some, pay for the cars I smashed and put the rest back into our community” seven pounds! Wow.. Street value???

  • This is a case of Crash and Burn one really has to wonder just how much is rolling around.Folks coming in to get in on the green Rush and our culture of addiction.

  • plz tell me this guy shops only at health food stores but does meth…he only sells it right? otherwise that would be really ironic.

  • very high on their own supply.

  • Yea! one for the eureka police dept. less for all those tweekers out there good job!

  • GREAT headline!


  • Honeydew Bridge Chump

    Least their dirty hands won’t get in the store filling up endless soup sample cups.

  • One more time: Taking drugs make you think that you are fine, and that everyone else is doing them. If you believe that getting drunk and driving with pounds of illegal chemicals in your car is a good idea, then you may end up in jail, at least for a few minutes in this county. Hard drug addiction is mostly about death and wanting to die. Escape from addiction will be the hardest thing you ever do, if you don’t die from taking drugs, accidents, hepatitis C, or exposure to general drug culture craziness. There are faster ways to kill yourself, if that is what you really want.
    Remember, when you are dying from the effects of a toxic lifestyle, almost no-one will be there who wants to take care of you. Young folks, stay in school, don’t take drugs and alcohol, and if you need to leave Humboldt to get what you need, then do it!

    • If you believe that getting drunk and driving with pounds of illegal chemicals in your car is a good idea, then you are an IDIOT!

  • Cmon man, can’t rep the King Marley shirt while being a drug dealer.

    My guess is they were the cooks of that meth.

  • Your headlines are beginning to sound more like the LoCO.

    Please stay classy.

  • They said they were Methodist Missionaries. So we let’em go on their Own Recognasense. Pass the mustard. Are you gonna eat those chips?

  • Now all Mills has to do is interagete the methicans to find the lab duh .that’s the super meth the Mexicans are killing our home and people with that was propably on it way to fuel a mega grow .Mills just got lucky ..That is why we have lost the war,and the pic of the shit is gonna make every junky who see that are really going to be jonesing .

  • That looks like some decent old school white crystal, not the modern day crank most people get that makes their teeth fall out. It is a schedule two drug after all, medical grade isn’t that harmful unless abused i.e. not eating/ sleeping for weeks. Pass the foil!

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