[UPDATE 2:42 p.m. Suspect Dead] Shots Fired at Standoff in McKinleyville

Shots Fired featureAt approximately 1:20 a.m., the Sheriff’s Department fired off a flashbang at the scene of the standoff in McKinleyville. Our reporter Bobby Kroeker heard a warning that it was coming followed by a bright light and a loud sound. Then six shots were fired in a rapid succession. There was a short silence. Then more shots.

A woman left the apartment. We’re not sure where she came from as there was no indication that there was a female at the scene before.

The standoff began Wednesday after a man fired at deputies responding to the report of shots fired at the Redwood Creek Apartment building in McKinleyville.

UPDATE 1:51 a.m.: A law enforcement officer ordered the press to move from the area they were staying.

UPDATE 1:57 a.m.: Three shots fired by the suspect. “We have visible flame,” reports law enforcement over the scanner.  More shots fired by the Sheriff’s Department.

UPDATE 2:05 a.m.: According to scanner, the subject is lying down. Hands not visible and not following commands.

UPDATE 2:06 a.m.: More shots fired. Lights are shining onto what appears to be a man lying on the porch. Officers went to the man and have asked for medical to respond “code 3.”

“Suspect detained,” reports someone on the scanner.

UPDATE 2:09 a.m.: Arcata Fire has moved up closer. No smoke or flames visible at this point.

UPDATE 2:11 a.m.: Medical personnel can be seen with the suspect.

UPDATE 2:14 a.m.: Firefighters appear to be dealing with a fire in the apartment but no flames are visible.

UPDATE 2:21 a.m.: Smoke is visible coming from the apartment building.

UPDATE 2:27 a.m: Firefighters are on the roof and venting the fire. A large amount of smoke can be seen.

UPDATE 2:33 a.m.: Over the scanner someone can be heard requesting a police camera to take photos before the fire destroys the evidence.

vehicle, cops, nightUPDATE 2:55 a.m.: A car raced into the crime scene past the tape and cones. A young woman got out of the vehicle. She told officers that she was 17.

UPDATE 3:10 a.m.: Law enforcement tells reporters that the suspect is deceased. The officer states that while a woman was being escorted from the residence the suspect opened fire at the officers out the window. “We returned fire,” the officer said.

The suspect lit some things on fire at that time, the officer explained. Firefighters fought it from the rear. The suspect began shooting at officers. They returned fire, the spokesperson stated. The man was detained, medical was called and the man was pronounced deceased.

Sutter Road is still closed and will be for some time as evidence is processed.

UPDATE 8:42 a.m.: Sutter Road is open to one way controlled traffic. A press conference is scheduled for 9 a.m.

UPDATE 12:30 p.m.: The Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office released the name of the man killed in a standoff with law enforcement early this morning.  David Alan Fulton, age 59 of McKinleyville, died last night after exchanging gunfire with officers.

David Fulton

David Fulton

Sheriff Mike Downey released a rundown of events immediately before the fatal shooting. Below are videos showing a major part of the press release.


UPDATE 2:42 p.m. Interview with True Value manager. His store was headquarters for the operation.



  • Wait, dont shoot, what if its an African American male in there???!!! j/k sorry.

  • so glad its over..to close for comfort :/

    • Henchman Of Justice

      Uma uma uma,

      FACT – Police State cops got tired of the waiting game and induced, instigated the killing.

      “Flash Bang” preceeds “Time Updates!”

      • FACT : This guy was “as good as dead” the moment he opened fire on the police.

        • Henchman Of Justice

          Most likely true, especially since leo’s already have had run ins with him.

          He was dead no matter what.

      • Your opinion is an opinion, not a fact. Nobody here knows the facts yet.

        Are you not ashamed of yourself?

        • Henchman Of Justice

          Kym printed the facts.

          You are on Kym’s blog.

          How can you pull a straight face, deny Kym has provided the facts, and claim the facts are opinion.

          The cops were tired of waiting it out, induced the death by shooting a grenade.

          Those are facts.

          • The post said “The officer states that while a woman was being escorted from the residence the suspect opened fire at the officers out the window. ‘We returned fire,'” and “Firefighters fought it from the rear. The suspect began shooting at officers. They returned fire” Im not sure where you are coming up with the rest of that

            • He’s an over-the-top conspiracy nut who’s sensitivity filter isn’t working. I’m all for having a healthy suspicion of authority but it will eat up your brain if you let it.

              • Henchman Of Justice

                Or, someone who reads the facts as fact.

                Kym presented the facts in chronological order, date and time.

                It is funny the personal attacks when someone addresses facts that make others look like they committed a wrong.

            • AnonymousHumboldtian

              Did you miss the part where they threw a flashbang in at 1:20 then shots were fired nearly 40 minutes later around 1:57. I’m not saying the cops did anything wrong because I wasn’t there, but it does make it sound like the cops just got tired of waiting and talking.

            • Henchman Of Justice

              After the grenade though.

              At approximately 1:20 a.m., the Sheriff’s Department fired off a flashbang at the scene of the standoff in McKinleyville. Our reporter Bobby Kroeker heard a warning that it was coming followed by a bright light and a loud sound. Then six shots were fired in a rapid succession. There was a short silence. Then more shots.

          • Go back to bed and wake up again. It might help reset and enlarge your capacity to understand the printed word. [edit] Read what it says without putting your spin on it before you’re completely finished reading the entire article. Now what were you saying???

            • Henchman Of Justice

              No spin, timelines match to what HOJ posterizes.

              Ask Bobby Kroeker if gun shots occured five minutes before grenade flash device deployed.

              Downey now says shots were fired at 1:15 am, but somehow Kym missed it (HEADLINE IS AT 12:30 PM today, so Downey has had several hours since death to massage the timeline).

              • Henchman Of Justice

                Headline update now 2:30 pm, no verification by Bobby about 1:15 am gunshots claim by Downey.

                Bobby did good getting a video of HOJ’s buddy Doug at THC. Renumeration, business lost and employees shorted hours. Doug had no idea the whole parking lot was to be filled by personnel and no customers allowed to shop. Doug was enjoying the perspective and is a great guy who holds his tongue politely.

  • Wtf is going on in this town ?? Mckinleyville use to be peaceful & safe 23 years ago when our family built our home here. If keeps getting worse with each passing year. I’m glad my children grew up here but I’m thankful they r grown now cuz the town of Mck is not where I’d want to raise my children in 2016 🙁
    Hope everything in this situation turn out ok & no one was hurt during this incident. Ty to the emergency people who responded today & kept the general population safe from the unknown throughout the day. Prayers n peace to all involved!!!

  • Honeydew Bridge Chump

    Crazy… credit to standing and fighting like a man. Setting fire to the place was a decent attempt to break encirclement.

    Events like this show how scared and unorganized law enforcement is in general. Superior numbers, weapons, and even armor is useless against a determined defender.

    One man holds hundred cops pinned down from a substandard building. Just imagine what several defenders would have done. I’d bet they could capture the Bearcat, and collect weapons from the surrendering cops.

    Scenes like this show their weaknesses and are encouraging for second amendment types, because they would suffer heavy losses and cut and run during any type of confiscation.

    Glad that many weren’t hurt, and prayers that God has mercy on the defenders soul. Praying that each and every government worker understands what happened here, and give the public more respect, stop being slobs, and work towards cutting their department budgets so they can keep their dirty hands from our pockets.

  • It is difficult for me to fathom that so much fire power was needed for just one man. Perhaps this was a good time for our police force to practice what they learn about criminals and guns in public environments. I am saddened that this now dead man would not just give himself up. I am sorry for his family. Also, all the families with children that were not able to sleep in their homes warm and safe last night. All those children must have been so scared to go home this morning. God Bless the Law Officers for taking such good care not to harm any of those people that live there.

    • I agree. I hope counseling services are provided for all those that need help.

      • Henchman Of Justice

        Ya, because it ain’t gubbamint agency types that need the counseling cuz they do the hurtin’, as opposed to being their own victims.

        Gubbamint is causing mass mental and emotional disorders as the perps, then wanting to get paid as mighty mouses saving the day.

        What a crock pot of stew that poo poo (popo pun intended) be.

    • Henchman Of Justice

      Police State overkill for political funding tactics.


    • Henchman Of Justice

      Those kids doing better than the toddler from Turkey who survived an apartment bombing, but was scared and burned badly. The kid, being filmed by mass media profiteers, wiped his hand to his face like wtf. (no tears, just shock)

      American WHITE kids tend to have it easier in a Police State, but are being impressioned at a young age that the Police State is good for them, opposite of black kids. What was demographics of the kids on Sutter (all white)?

      Be careful with quid pro cop thoughts and support when LOCAL GUBBAMINT CODE 911 overkill is on the menu for political melodrama cause and effect scenarios.

  • Dazed and Confused in Humboldt County

    What is going on in this county? You have a man detained all day, probably millions of dollars spent while hours later we find out he has been shot and killed, a man who really harmed no one, yet we have a woman from Fortuna who ran down with her vehicle, two young girls killing them and she’s not even detained. Can anyone help me make since of this?

  • So well said mobandy. God bless officers and all involved. Also, thankyou kym for excellent reporting always. You and john are truly amazing.

  • RIP Dingy Dave

  • Listen to all these disgusting trolls saying terrible things about the cops. Do us all a favor and don’t ever call them when you’re in danger!! God forbid one of you uneducated hippies ever needs help. These brave men and women put their lives on the line EVERY DAY and all you trolls can do is judge and say “oh that poor man!” HE SHOT AT COPS AND SET THE PLACE ON FIRE. You all need your head examined if you think he’s the victim here, and people like you are EXACTLY why California crime rate has gone through the roof! There’s no accountability anymore!

    • Henchman Of Justice


      as if cops don’t commit wrongs or overkill situations for political melodramatic situations wasting tax dollars in a country of $19 trillion debt and pensions to follow.

      One bad guy does not deserve so much of the sheriff’s department resources to do really nothing tangible except put on a show to the general public after evacuating the apartment complex.

      Remember the guy who beat a woman with rebar?

      Ya, a citizen shot him in his leg. Are you making excuses for leos who can’t hit the broad side of a barn because of being trained to kill, not neutralize?

      The guy was a pos, but shooting at cop cars while cops were on foot is not the same as shooting at a person and does not justify being killed.

      Snipers could have pinpointed his shooting arm with a free and clear background as site was evacuated and a building with walls was a protective barrier.

      Once again, death of a mental psycho off his meds (as reported) was unnecessary.


  • Murderers. There I said it.

  • Could we get some follow up on the 2:55 update?

    • Follow up , perp deceased , case closed

      • Thanks, but I’m referring to the part where a teenage girl drove into a sealed crime scene and announced herself to officers.

        • I agree the events posted and timeline don’t match up, the guy shot at them when they were getting the girl and they returned fire? then they said they warned the news people and shot a grenade Then the firefight started and the girl showed up later which one is it?

          • There are 2 different woman being discussed here…the woman that was in the apartment the entire time with him, then some random 17 year old drives up to the scene (I’m assuming on Sutter Road, not actually into the apartment complex) and proceeds to speak with police. I’m assuming no follow up is cited with the 17 year old as she is a minor and probably irrelevant to situation at hand.
            I imagine she may have been in distress and sought the nearest law enforcement assistance?

            • Henchman Of Justice

              Except, she (minor) had to drive through yellow barrier tape as reported, was she DUI?

              Older female in apartment was discovered early in the morning just prior to minor arriving on scene. Cops were shocked because they only thought the dude was inside.

              Imagine if the cops killed 2 people due to ignorance from poor command post operations and inferior information assessment. Typical college graduates, can’t “think”.

          • Henchman Of Justice

            Exactly, sheriff’s make shit up.

  • Arm chair commandos…………… LMAO

    • Henchman Of Justice

      Snipers are hard to recognize and catch, Mike.

      In fact, all the way down Sutter before the bend, many sniper locations where cops could have been targeted from at any point during this standoff. Add a couple other vantage points, and the cops are pinned in the hardware store parking lot, not able to flank or easily relocate all that equipment.

      Had the cops “staged their equipment” on Sutter Road itself on either side of the apartment complex, then the equipment helps shield 2 angles from sniper fire using the street ROW……just sayin.

      Armchairing the possibilities……

  • The first woman was delivering pizza ( one of those smokin dominos deals) to the suspect , the second girl had a cat in a tree that need rescuing immediately, and that takes priority

    • now that would be seriously F’d up if the suspect called in a pizza. Unless he mentioned the part about him having a standoff with all the cops in the northern part of the state. I doubt he did.

  • Does anyone care?

    So the guy ends up dying because his car got towed. Talk about over reacting. What a waste.

  • “A car raced into the crime scene past the tape and cones. A young woman got out of the vehicle. She told officers that she was 17.” – now wth is a 17 year old girl doing driving around at 3 A.M. I hope they took her home in the back of one of there squad cars.

  • This event should never have happened…What the hell…just glad its over…sorry it ended the way it did…rest in peace ….

  • Suicide By Cop….
    Humm, “Flash Bang Grenade”..
    Yet in “Downeys Version”….
    1:01 a.m.: Power restored to apartment.
    1:05 a.m.: Shots fired inside apartment.
    1:10 a.m.: Female shouted “not coming out.”
    1:15 a.m.: Decision to port window; flash bang deployed.
    1:20 a.m.: More shots fired; phone contact attempted; female exits.
    1:23 a.m.: More shots fired, exchange of fire with police.
    1:25 a.m.: Some kind of movement in bathroom.
    1:30 a.m.: Gas shut off due to concern of gas in the unit.
    1:40 a.m.: Moved team forward to introduce chemical agents (chemical agents not used).
    1:53 a.m.: Black smoke and flame seen.
    1:56 a.m.: Shots fired from the landing toward officers; officers return fire. Fire personnel moved to back of residence to try and suppress fire
    2:05 a.m. Team moves in, handcuffs subject, brings him outside. He is pronounced deceased.
    And a simple look up online: Lots of “Flash Bang Grenades” cause fires,
    Seems Humboldt County Law Enforcement Could have handled better without the use of any “Flash Bang Grenades” which seems to have further infuriated the suspect. IMHO

    • Henchman Of Justice

      Bobby Kroeker, Kym Kemp’s peer reporter, was on scene and has yet to confirm Downey’s claim that, “at 1:00 am and 1:05 am, shots rent the air near swat.”

      Every media source is presenting a different set of facts as it relates to the flash bang and sequence of gunfire.

      Either media is tilting and skewing for its profiled readerships, or Downey is making shit up……could be a little bit of both too, it is Humboldt Hick County.

  • Oh for fucks sake. Cops have a job. They did it, and did it well. If you don’t want to get shot, don’t open fire at the police. That’s not a little known fact. Drugs, criminal history, and standby time are irrelevant. Point a gun at cops, you’ll get shot. Justifiably.

    • Henchman Of Justice

      Most of the cops were standing around like Cal Trans employees……on a phone, leaning on a vehicle, and taking in some sunshine while basking in the moment.

      If that is a job well done, then sign us all up for a pension.

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