[UPDATE: 8:35 PM] Fortuna Police Responding to a Robbery at Redwood Capital Bank

scanner iconFortuna Police Department is currently responding to the report of a bank robbery that just occurred at Redwood Capital Bank (1075 S. Fortuna Blvd.).  Per scanner traffic, officers are looking for a white male adult, approximately 6′ or taller, wearing a grey Giants sweatshirt, bandanna and sunglasses.  He was last seen running on foot, northbound on Fortuna Blvd.

We will update with further as information is received.

[UPDATE:] 7:38 PM – Most current description includes that he was wearing a greenish tinted sweatshirt and a white tee shirt, black baseball cap with orange Giants logo, and blue jeans.  Also seen carrying a Crown Royal bag.  Suspect is still outstanding and units are continuing to be on the lookout, checking the area.

[UPDATE:] 8:35 PM – Per FOPD’s Facebook page:

Department Investigating Bank Robbery


FORTUNA, Calif – On August 12, 2016, at about 5:00 p.m., officers with the Fortuna Police Department responded to a bank on the 1000 block of Fortuna Blvd in Fortuna for the report of an armed robbery that had just occurred.

The bank teller told officers that the suspect was in possession of a black handgun and demanded money. The suspect then left the bank with an undisclosed amount of cash.

The suspect is described as a White or American Indian male, about 5’10”. He was described as wearing a Black baseball hat with Giant Logo and Orange bill, dark colored sweatshirt, and armed with a black handgun.

Anyone with information regarding this robbery is asked to call the Fortuna Police Department at 707-725-7550 or the WeTip Hotline at 1-800-78-CRIME

[UPDATE 8-13-16]:  Below pictures provided by Fortuna PD

robbery1 robbery2 robbery3



  • Kym, any more on this? Such a great bank, can’t believe it happened to them

    • We haven’t received any additional news as of this point. FOPD is continuing to check the area. The original post was updated with more description.

    • Such a great bank? WTF. That is an undiagnosed form of insanity there.

      • Nope, it’s a great bank. Great people work there, they give great service and are a real asset to Humboldt Co.

        I’m sorry that they were robbed and I’m glad they are okay. Where is the security cam photo’s?

        I can’t believe that he was runnin on foot and he wasn’t caught.

    • Dollar Dollar Bill Y'all

      That branch is gossip central. If you want people to know your banking business, bank with them.

  • I’m listening to my scanner and they still haven’t found the perp the cops are asking people at Walgreens if they’ve seen anything ? ,but as of yet they can’t find him. Earlier I heard them say he’s not going anywhere.

  • Honeydew Bridge Chump

    It’s not the bank’s money, it’s from the federal reserve system, who cares?

    With the money they took from taxpayers for the “foreclosure crisis”, it was ENOUGH to pay off EVERY single mortgage in the US.

    If jump starting the economy at a local level was really their goal, why not push the reset button on mortgages instead of propping up derivative holdings?

    Imagine the pace of currency circulation if one day everyone with a mortgage was free and clear?

    Construction workers, home services, etc. would be working overtime and buying their own homes.

    What’s going on now?

    If I were on a jury, I’d never convict anyone of bank robbery.

    Jury nullification at it’s finest.

    • [edit] The majority of bank robbers are (1) stupid because if they knew how little cash was actually on a bank’s premises, they’d seek much greener pastures and (2) probably attempting to feed a drug habit and, as we know, someone waiting to get enough dough to get their next fix is dangerous because no amount of logic is gonna convince the perp that the risk of people getting hurt and facing a lengthy prison sentence is not worth doing the crime.

      To contradict our erstwhile friend Infamous Willy Horton, Bank Robber Extraordinaire, when asked why he robbed banks, in modern times it’s not where the money is. And by the way, the FDIC does not cover bank losses from robberies.

      • They steal money to buy something cheap.lots of banks here?we lead the nation in hepatitis c,and doubled in 6 years.we lead nation in overdose deaths.speed too.cheapest speed and heroin.staff of old folks homes use opiate without peer pressure.doctors 25% addicted.surgeons very respected.$200/hr.anesthesiologists very addicted.get it for free.a fentanyl lollypop.people come here to rob banks to buy cristal. $300/oz.australia $900/gram.in biscayne it’s mixed with ketamin.wacala.a guy visited from there and died from too much.chinese tourists come over now just to see such spectacles on sidewalk.people are stabbed and fear police,that tell on snitch.to save money.people are encouraged to plead guilty.rapes are orchestrated in jail.

    • Honeydew bridge chump, you are so incredibly misinformed when it comes to the law that it is ridiculous. You’ll never participate in anything that leads to jury nullification (which is the jury disagreeing with the actual statute/law because the entire jury believes that the statute is unjust or immoral in some way and the ENTIRE jury believes the law should not exist and therefore they return a verdict of not guilty) or anything else in a case involving bank robbery or any kind of crime because you’ll never sit on a jury. You would be excused immediately for your obvious bias and your amazing view that robbing a bank, that terrorizing innocent people at gunpoint and stealing money is ok and not a crime as you outlined above because the “money doesn’t belong to the bank.” And you just posted your lunatic views all over social media. I am appalled that you find holding people at gunpoint and stealing money is ok. Why on earth does it matter who you think the money belongs to? That’s like saying that beating someone up and stealing their shoes is completely fine as long as the shoes didn’t belong to the victim. …or that breaking in to someone’s home and robbing them at gunpoint is ok as long as you steal things that are in the home that don’t actually belong to the homeowners. Are you really that far out there? No wonder our county seems to be going to hell.

    • EXACTLY…. the idea of a “great bank” is like saying a “great highway robber”

      and to you survivor 15…it only takes one to hang a jury. Remember that.

      • Yes, buy a hung jury is not jury nullification. And they’d never let a person like honeydew bridge chump sit on a jury.

        • Honeydew Bridge Chump

          I’ve done it before, not for bank robbery but a felony trial. During question and answer time you play your cards close and throw on square camo.
          Myself and a woman allowed the person to walk from the charges.
          More people need to infiltrate and set people free over petty, victimless charges.
          In bank robbery, the bank isn’t a living thing, so there is no victim.
          Think about that with your next toke of butane hash.

  • Hope my friend Jennifer is ok

  • Giant fans get desperate this time of year….

  • I didn’t know that Redwood Capital was in the derivatives market. I bet Jimmy Stewart was running a Ponzi scheme in that X-mas all time favorite, too. Lending this person’s money to that person without the first person’s permission. The bastard. Why don’t we all go rob a bank, I mean if its just the governments money, but wait we are the government. Where were all you potential bank robbers when Bill Clinton signed the law doing away with
    Glass-Steagle that was passed in 1933 to keep the banks from doing what they did in the 00s. For u in law enforcement that is sarcasm. Instead of being ignorant and bitching about the banks and what your government let’s them get away with do something about it. Or go back to the Thunder dome where you can impress the nitwits with “oh the big banks are out to get us” spew.

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