Fortuna’s City Manager Takes New Job

Regan Candelario

Regan Candelario [Photo from the City of Novato’s website]

Big change in Fortuna this morning. Residents are waking up to learn that Regan Candelario, their City Manager took another job. The City of Novato has announced that they have hired him to fill the same position in their city. He is slated to begin October 24.

Candelario, who is married with three children, began working for Fortuna in September of 2012 after serving as a city administrator for the City of Guadalupe from 2010 to 2012. He replaced Duane Riggee.

According to the Marin Independent Journal, “Candelario will be paid an annual salary of $191,340 to oversee the city’s $65 million annual budget, as well as management and operations of the city’s departments and services.”

According to Transparent California, Candelario received a full package of salary ($115,721) and benefits totalling $167,127.08 in 2015 by Fortuna. When he started in 2012, he had an annual salary of $107,000. In 2014, a raise Candelario received was the subject of some displeasure on the part of Fortuna Police employees.

Candelario was the subject of a Grand Jury Investigation but came out of with accolades. The Grand Jury wrote that it “discovered that rather than costing the city of Fortuna extra money, the policies and decisions of the City Manager actually saved the city money.”

The Marin Independent Journal wrote, “Having grown up in the East Bay, Candelario said he is happy to be moving back to the area.”



  • A conscientious professional and a fine fellow, and a pleasure to have worked with — and occasionally against.
    Jim Pell
    Former president, Humboldt Taxpayers League

  • Is he leaving because the friendly city isn’t friendly anymore or is his job done?seems like a nice man.never heard anything bad.thats to bad.

    • He had his failures like never seeing the mill site developed that would have made the current need for another tax increase unnecessary and then there is the Fortuna motors building as well just setting there doing nothing.

  • He is an asshole. Acts like a child, treats staff like crap, and frequently undermined anyone who did not endulge his fits, and slight of hand. Extremely disingenuous and petty. Probably 85% of staff let out a giant HOORAY to hear he finally got a job elsewhere. Good riddance.

  • He’said getting out while the getting is good. Why should he stay when he knows the tax measure that’s coming up in November is going to fail again. The fire department screwed the city buy getting their “fire/property tax assessment passed. Take the fire chief with you to Navoto.

  • With 4 years of budget deficits and taking from the reserves to balance each year makes lots of sense to leave the sinking ship early before the city really goes under for good. Only 3 more years of deficit balancing left in the city’s reserves, then there’ll be nada.
    Regan was a “problem solver”, but he spent 4 years never solving anything. Now he leaves the city with a “really big problem” finding another city manager. This task should take 3-4 months, then the new manager has to quickly learn the ropes and suddenly start and finish the 2017 budget in 4 months. WTF.
    Wouldn’t it be great if the citizens actually saw the true justified need to pass the 3/4 cent sales tax increase!
    This would rub it into Regan’s face for having left us in such a horrible condition. Just a thought.

    • I hope we can find somebody that has a connection a local interest or roots to help guide this city with understanding of its history and bring it a better future.Actually I look at this whole thing as an opportunity and the city should as well.

  • scuttlebutt rumors say another citizen took out council papers this morning in Fortuna. Anyone got actual facts? Or just smack put out there by the HCTPL

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