[UPDATE 10:38 a.m.] One Lane of Hwy 101 Blocked by Traffic Accident Near McKinleyville

Accident August 4, 2016

Photo by Linda Sundberg.

According to the California Highway Patrol Incident page, one southbound lane of Hwy 101 is blocked near McKinleyville between School Road and Murray Road. At approximately 10:13 a.m., CHP received a report that two vehicles had collided and were blocking the road. An ambulance was requested.

UPDATE 10:38 a.m.: The CHP is now reporting that this was a minor injury accident.



  • Sad but not surprising, the tailgating is awful and folks not understanding that people need to merge from slow to fast lane when other cars are entering highway on an onramp is just ridiculous.
    Have seen multiple close calls in the stretch from northtown arcata to westhaven, especially around mckinleyville.
    The students are back!!! Pulling tons if kids from LA and not giving some guidelines on how to drive around here is a major dis-service to our community by hsu (jyst like them whining about no student housing and pushing new development so they don’t have to fix up their old crumbling dorms).
    I think hsu students should be fined extra and/or have to pay for some of the cost of public services they use.
    I stopped shopping in arcata, tired of seeing taxes go to appease HSU and people who want to make it like the place they came from. I am an alumni and I saw lots of people come from all over and embrace our way of life here years ago.
    And yes 75% of the horrible drivers I have seen in the last few have hsu parking passes.

    • Tailgating is usually the mark of someone who cannot drive well. The ability to match another vehicle’s speed and calculate the following distance based on that speed are skills that many drivers lack. Otherwise, it’s just assholes being assholes. I ALWAYS slow down when tailgated, thus turning the tables on those who expect me to speed up for them. It just doesn’t happen.

  • Even the idea of luring people from the greater Los Angeles area is offensive.

    Folks from LA, and there are exceptions, have virtually no understanding nor appreciation for living on the North Coast.

    Unfortunately Humboldt State University administrators view Los Angeles as the new cash cow.

    Sadly, aggressive recruiting and matriculation of intercity students has hugely dumbed down courses at the university.

  • They were on a straight away..no on ramp near by.couldnt figure out what happened.. I saw this view as well.before the cops got there..

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