[UPDATE Wednesday 7:235 a.m.] Cal Fire’s Resources Strained by Multiple Fires Tuesday Afternoon

Johnson Fire 8/2/16 Cal Fire photo

Tanker drop on the Johnson Fire. [Photo tweeted by Cal Fire]

Cal Fire’s resources are strained with the fires burning across the state. In addition there are at least three local fires which started this afternoon. The first began about 1:40 p.m. in Forest Service area when a truck lost a wheel in the Burnt Ranch area north of Hwy 299. The second began about 3:45 p.m. on Johnson Road off of Bald Hills Road where logging slash flamed up. Then at 4:32 p.m., grass and brush in the Panther Gap area off of Bull Creek Road caught fire.

By 5:45 p.m. Cal Fire was calling for all available local government engines to act as support.

At 8:25 p.m., Cal Fire reported that the Johnson Fire was still burning in heavy timber. “Expect substantial mop up work next several days,” their Twitter account tweeted.

Johnson Fire 8/2/16 Cal Fire photo

Johnson Fire overview. [Photo provided by Cal Fire]

At 8:35 p.m., Cal Fire tweeted that the fire near Panther Gap, the #PantherFire, “is holding at 5 acres in brush and timber. [Estimated] 5% contained with hose lays getting around it.”

We have no official word on the other fire but a local witness says the fire appears to have calmed down.

UPDATE Wednesday 7:25 a.m.: Cal Fire sent out information about 11:45 Tuesday night. They stated that at that time the Johnson Incident was still the same size and not contained. The Panther Incident, Cal Fire said, was at 8.1 acreage and not contained.

Here are two photos of the Johnson Fire from late Tuesday.

Johnson Fire 8/2/16UPDATE 7:35 a.m.: Cal Fire updated with this morning’s information.

Johnson Incident [22] acres; 20% contained; heavy commitment of resources.
Aircraft is scheduled to be flying for the Johnson Incident today.

Panther Incident 8 acres; 70% contained.



  • Crap, we were having a slow fire year. Hopefully they can get them out before anything gets out of hand

  • Good luck all.please take care.hope their contained soon

  • Henchman Of Justice

    Resources are thin?

    How can resources be thin when there exists a surplus of collected illegal taxes?

    Is Cal Fire not spending all the illegal taxes for fear of losing the illegal taxes collected after the lawsuit?

    Causes of these fires not by homeowner, but by:

    1) Business operations – slash burns and truck tire failure.

    2) grass fire cause, unknown, but likely not caused naturally, nor by homeowner.

    • Slash pile? From logging? There are so many giant slash piles from
      “be a green dot”. This will be a smoky winter. Is this a Green rush
      slash pile? Whats the word anyone know?

      • Brown rush. Read the article. LOGGING SLASH. Sparks from an unhinged wheel. And a fire in brush and timber. What does “green dot” have to do with it?

      • A grower once said that they start some of the fires to keep Camp out. Cal Fire is ok.

        • That used to happen put by hoopa, the fires in so hum over the last 15 years have been mainly lightning strike as far as I know but if someone on fire crews knows of other fire sources in that area please correct me! The dry lightning storm ten or so years ago was amazing to watch but terrifying with over 350 ground strikes

    • Resources are thin because all Agencies had to send Fire equipment to the big fires elsewhere, tax money is spent statewide, not just where it was collected. USFS, BLM, BIA, and NPS are all short of Fire resources up here, too right now, and they don’t collect the tax…

      • Henchman Of Justice

        A surplus of tax dollars not spent dejustifies your points.

        If no surplus, your point is valid.

    • Henchman, it appears your understanding of the “illegal Tax”, which, we are not happy to pay, is not for suppression. It is strictly for prevention. Although still disgruntled with the tax, I was able to come to a better understanding of it. The dollars do not fund current fire resources. The men, women, and equipment that are out there risking their lives, are funded by the annual budget with added funding once an area is declared a disaster. All parcel owners within the designated zones pay the tax, not just “homeowners”. As with all fires nationwide, large fires require the assistance of outside agencies. No agency maintains the current staff throughout the winter and seasonal employees are hired for the summer season. The budget only allows a specified amount to be spent during the year. Should they hire additional firefighters and purchase more equipment, you would be whining about the increase in tax to support them. The fire near Monterey has pulled a majority of resources. Two years ago Humboldt, Trinity and Mendo pulled the resources. Last summer it was Lake County. Nobody likes paying taxes, but we certainly welcome the help of firefighters and LEOs when the need arises. I was able to obtain this information because I was angry with the tax and chose to find out how this happened. There is much more information that I found noteworthy regarding the tax or “fee” as CalFire calls it. It’s available to anyone who asks. So, Henchman, stop assuming and find the truth instead of trying to misinform readers.

      • Thank you. I knew that guy was full of crap.

      • Henchman Of Justice

        You are wrong.

        All parcels do not pay the cal fire illegal tax.

        The illegal tax, err fee, supposedly gets applied only to parcels with “habitable structures.” That means a living unit. If it aint lived in, it aint a living unit, no cal fire illegal tax. Plus, the state is getting away with under reported petitions for protest because the mailings arrive late or not at all. Governor douche bag Brown oppressed a certain segment of society, typical two party system piece of shit he always has catered to be. Definately folks be dancing in the street when he is gone for good.

        Anyhow, all parcels not paying are being used as political tools because of cherry picking politicians. Timber lands, forrest lands, private lands, Ag lands, etc…..All dont pay if no habitable structure exists.

        Just another illegal tax that only affects homeowners, makes less affordable housing more unaffordable, but no local liberal progressives want to admit that gubbamint causes unaffordable housing.

  • I can’t believe that logging is aloud to slash burn at this time of year. Unbelievable!

    • They cant, it flared up from months ago. Cat piles can hold heat for unbelievably long times…months later they can flare up if a small coal is smoldering..

      • Yes a fire burned in the wrong place in winter can smolder underground for months and pop back up in the dry season.
        I worked fire hazard reduction/restoration crews and we were taught over and over the impotrance of burn pile placement.
        Its sad and scary to think no one is monitoring these logging companies even on national forest land nor the placement of their slash piles. They get a permit and off the go. If they do get caught breaking rules they just pay the fine.
        Nit to mention the practice of killing standing trees not wanted for timber leaves literal giant matchsticks which cause many fires to go crazy. Ur tax dollars again not at work.

  • It’s a complicated political world..
    We’re about to elect a war mongering liberal with a poor record…
    It’s it any surprise calfire is saying they are spread thin? Would they ever say they have to many resources?
    Vote in competent people.. Otherwise we can only blame ourselves..


  • Things are going pretty good, can’t beat this weather. As far as politics go, they just have to run their course, lighten up its all good.

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      It’s not good if your property burns up. It is not “good” to work in a pall of smoke as burned evergreen needles float down through the smoke like snowflakes and you wonder what will happen next, or how you will re-build. Thank you firefighters.

      • All in your perspective [edit], jobs,jobs,jobs, and as far as material things , get insured.If you don’t like fighting fires you shouldn’t be working for cal-fire, cut the drama

  • Thanks to all of the men and women who risk their lives fighting fires. You save people’s homes, lives, and livelihoods. You endure days of work with out leaving your post on the fire line, intense conditions, and heart wrenching medical crisis and for that we Californians are so fortunate. I pray for the safety of all of the firefighters and for those effected by the fires raging throughout California. I also pray for the families of the firefighters who are at home missing their family member.

    • Henchman Of Justice

      Yes. Thank You Ghostbusters for saving the planet, don’t know what we’d do without ya’ll except that you’ve never been needed until invention of american faux gubbamint.

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