Armed Robbery in Eureka

Operation Safe Streets reports around 4 a.m. that there was an armed robbery in Broadway early this morning.



  • Ok one more robbery and I’m moving, what is this Oakland ? Yikes.

    • Might as well start packing .

    • Oakland is probably safer.

    • Well, start packing. Robberies happen multiple times weekly in Humboldt, but as with many crimes they either don’t get reported, or do not make media coverage.

      It gets worse:

    • Are you kidding? Have you ever lived in a big city where crime is prevalent? Its way way more than armed robberies at gas stations. Get a clue. Do you walk outside at nite in humbokdt and run a high risk of being caught in a gun fight? Do you hear gunshots every nite from your house? Has anyone ever even fired a gun in one if these robberies, killing the innocent worker just so the shooter can be initiated into a gang?
      Oakland is not safer by any means. The bay area is niw having problems with people beating folks down and stealing their dogs, usually puppies. Car break ins are so bad in SF the cops made a brand new special unit just to deal with it.
      Really do some research. Look up headlines from all over SF, nor cal, oregon, etc and see how it compares. And if you don’t like it here and jyst wanna sit and bitch about it, then leave, please. Good luck finding somewhere without violent crime!
      Crime is up everywhere as addiction is up everywhere and wages arent. Not rocket science, when people feel desperate, be it for drugs or food, they commit desperate acts.

      • you stand corrected! Go to and plug in a few cities, and finding one higher than eureka is do-able, but finding one with 1/2 the index of eureka is easy..
        Crime Rates Sebastopol, California -Eureka, California -United States
        Violent Crime ….45.8 ………………………..68.6 …………………….41.4
        Property Crime……47.3…………………………72.2……………………..43.5

      • Just can’t really argue with that survey…but I feel what Whoa Nelly is sayin’

  • Just how much cash do you get from a gas station at 4AM?

    • Yeah, and how much business does the convenience store part do at 4 am (not counting fuel that can be sold without having the store open)?

    • Enough to score meth and/or heroin to feed the jones. It’s way past time these all night gas stations install bullet proof glass and a carousel to exchange $$ and purchased items like they have down in Oakland, or else just don’t bother to be open. How often can the McK 76 stations be robbed before enough is enough

    • JustWantToHearTheEndofTheStory

      The rule is to keep $200 in the drawer. Anything over that goes in the safe (which can’t be opened by the employee) However, that’s the rule, doesn’t mean it’s followed.

  • It’s not Texaco on that corner. It’s performance Fuel if Google Street view is correct.

  • I spent 35 years in Oakland, Humboldt is more stoned, more meth, but generally a much better place with less traffic. Unless you want a commercial airplane flight, I’d unpack.

    • thanks savage! Thats certainly a severe sore spot. I just read two ads: Oakland to Las Vegas R/T for $58, and better yet, R/T from LAX to Hong Kong for $325. As opposed to ACV to LAX R/T for $750!!!!!

  • We’re safer here,than BIGGER city.we just need to buckle down,run the tweekers the hell out of here!!and your doggy too!!

  • You should recall the statement by the Palco “evicted” residents and the panhandlers. The new ordinance prevents them from panhandling so “we’ll just break in and steal to get our drug money”.
    Also, Moonbeam Brown has released 35,000+ “non threat” inmates back into society because of inhumane overcrowding in the jails. All of the local increase in crime was pretty time lined with these poor souls being cast into society with their prior skills to reutilize. What a glorious master plan to mess up our lives.
    Liberal courts and liberal politicians are such a wonderful thoughtful group fighting for our public safety and well being! You voted them in and now you reap what you harvested. Socialism is Humboldt’s bed fellow and the DHHS and Chinn are conspirators sucking in the Fed money to guarantee their precious jobs. Stop feeding the human pigeons.

  • We need to concentrate on getting rid of the source like the cartels the dealers of the Supermeth . It’s simple deduction get rid of the source and the problem will go away. What if the cops worked on busting the cartels bullshitgarians ,slowed the heroin being brought to Humboldt .Slowed the meth at least make it damn hard to bring it in ,but our lame police .isn’t even good enough to catch the driver of the lil girls that got run down ,but as of now all the crime is drug related , look at the mug shots they all look 30 yrs older than they are .the only way to make one feel safe is to arm your self at least give your self a more level playing field .the crooks far out number the tax paying law abiding citizens. This will be humboldt future .if the drug crime rate can’t be slowed .it seems to me that proactive policing is a thing of the pass .it turn around so we can shoot you in the back .

    • After us getting ripped off again,all my husband’s work tools,generator ‘ s and our insurance giving us the old FUCK you,we’re armed and that’s not like us.people in front of us next to us all our homes and vehicles too.sick of this fuckin shit!!!!!!!!

  • So sorry for the stuff that was taken buy the feral people vermin more panhandling, so they steal for the Supermeth they mix the too .heroin .now you got a double barreled zombie
    theif tweeker , who runs 24 7, for the next month scheming and planning about what they’re going to steal next.That’s just one homeless addict .I wonder what the satistics of homeless drug addicts there are in Humboldt co ? Alot, and come this fall .It’s gonna be worse than ever down in garb. I wish I had something nice to say about all this i have lived humboldt. my whole life of 56 yrs ,and I call it like I see it .

  • Me too,60 in December.Born and raised by my g-parents.they used to leave the door unlocked,for friends and fam.ya now hahahahaha.a dream long own damn yard isn’t safe anymore

  • Ditto I grew up sprowl creek the flat or airport the land the airport was my family’s land .the state bought it .from my great grand parents. I always read your comments .again ditto on your last comment.

  • I refuse to let them scum-bums ruin our life.after they ripped us off our truck blew.up on 36,bad week.hitched a ride to work,now we will dust our selfs off and start again!!these thieves and bad elements aren’t WINNING!!we are.THIS IS OUR TOWN.we need one of the state’s biggest shake downs,take order,No more bullshit.our whole justice system,they aren’t though enough.we can’t go back but we sure the hell can make it better.and mogtx I agree with you and enjoy your comments!hope everyone has a safe sunday

  • Ditto to you G-MA I as well enjoy your comments. It’s refreshing to dialogue with like minded people .

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