[UPDATE 6:20 a.m.] Did You See Something Fiery Just Fall From the Sky?

Did you see a fiery thing fall through the sky at 9:35 tonight? We know it’s the Delta Aquarid meteor shower which will peak tomorrow but Southern Humboldt resident Sharon Amirault said it looked bigger than a meteor.

“We just saw it drop out of the sky,” she explained. “It was insanely big and [it] split…It was huge and looked like it was trailing smoke.”

From west of Miranda it appeared to fall in the area of Alderpoint/Island Mountain.

UPDATE 10:31 p.m.: One of our readers pointed us to this site that shows the trajectory of some space junk. With the info there we tracked down that this appears to be a rocket body that was launched on June 25, 2016 from the Wenchang Satellite Launch Center in China.

If you missed it, you can watch it fall in Utah in this video tweeted by Matt Holt

You can see a photo here.
UPDATE Thursday at 6:20 a.m.: This video posted by YouTube user AdmiralTrevMan shows the object as it went over Las Vegas.

Hat tip to Lake County News for pointing out the video.



  • Saw it. Slow moving bright light with a tail. No noise. Disappeared over Pratt Mountain. Awesome

  • The aliens have come now that Trump has a chance, please save us!

  • We saw it fall from the sky directly east of us. We’re in central California. Appeared to us to be over the Sierras. Big flash… long tail… And then broke into two distinct pieces. Guessing we watched it for about 20 seconds start to finish.

    • I live in northern california in Mendocino county and I described to my family the exact same thing!! I’m glad others saw it because I felt like they thought I saw a falling star but I said, No,it was bigger then broke into 2peices!

  • Saw one in willits the other night then it just disappeared it was amazing looking

  • Rohohoandabottleofrum

    Seen it too 🙂

  • I thought it was a large airplane that was going to crash. I watched for the explosion on impact but there was none. It seems to have just disappeared. I’m a mile up alderpoint Rd. and it looked like it was falling in my backyard.

  • We did see a beautiful comet around 11 in the western sky–long ride!

  • We saw it over the sky in winnimucca Nevada

  • The sky is falling

    Thats funny because on Bell Springs tonight a weather balloon or something was spotted floating in the air at about 45 degrees. It was like a ballon, doughnut shaped, clear and appeared to have cables or strings tethered through the middle like spokes in a tire when you looked through binoculars. It was too high to get a pic.

  • I saw it and I live in the Santa Cruz mountains. It was spectacular.

    • Wtf and spectacular were certainly appropriate descriptives! the vids being posted online do NOT do it justice, and the official “explanations” certainly fall flat like a terd…we were witness to a monumental event at a pivotal time in world history. stay tuned.

  • dumping pollen on illegal grows ? uh-oh…….

  • I heard what I thought was an explosion (or thunder-crash) at about 9:30 pm, followed by two smaller ones. Called neighbors to check, and watched the sky for fire for the next half hour. We saw and heard nothing after that. Eastern Mendocino, deep in a N to E canyon af

  • This was the single most incredible, unexplainable, and awe inspiring moment ive had in my life. Real life deep-space 9. Space junk? A “second stage” chinese rocket? Oh please. That looked like the Death Star breaking up on re-entry, with an escape pod getting ejected at the end…

    • It was an Erie feeling as it passed by, all quiet where we were, I told my buddy it’s aliens and they want to talk…

      • Oh yes. Im not a mainstream Christian but did it not look like some Second Coming type of shizzle?

  • Honeydew Bridge Chump

    Chinese space station they lost control of fell.

    Makes one ponder how Apollo was so successful when near Earth orbit is so challenging even with today’s technology.

  • I watched it from Mad River last night. It looked huge, to big for a meteor I think. Spaceweather. Com says a Chinese rocket burned up over western US last night. I would love to know what it was. Craziest thing I’ve ever seen in the sky….huge object….huge red hot tail. What was it????

  • Dyerville Loop is Not Alderpoint

    It hit the Bulgarians place in Larabey sub division!

  • I’m in central California and a little after 9:30 ish I seen what at first looked like a big airplane turning with peices shooting off of it . It looked very similar to that of a sat. falling back to earth and breaking apart as it entered the atmosphere . It was in view for a good 30 -45 seconds it was pretty slow and the 2 big parts were kinda tumbling which made it look like a plane turning .

  • Just saw a small one here in CT around 1042pm!!! Just googled to see what the heck I just saw!!!!! So gonna post that on Aug 14 one was seen, wild stuff!

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