She Gave a Deputy the Finger—Literally, She Gave It to Him (Warning: This is Graphic!)

Sooo, anyone missing a finger?

Chandelier Drive Through Tree in Leggett found one. Or at least the tip of one. According to Lee Ann Maidrand who has worked at the attraction for 14 years, the fingertip “was tucked inside of a log you can climb inside.”

A child found the fingertip and she and her mother brought Maidrand to look at it. “[T]hey were hopeful it was a mushroom,” she explained.

The fingertip “was stuffed in a hole in the log that’s on it’s side,” explained Maidrand. “It was probably about two inches tucked inside the log…There was no blood anywhere. It looks like someone just placed it there.”

Maidrand took photos and we’ve posted them below. (Please don’t look unless you are prepared for graphic images.) However, she described the fingertip as looking “smashed.”  She considered that it might be a toe. “It was bigger than my thumb,” she said. “It was filed…. No nail polish.”

Maidrand said the fingertip appeared to have been recently attached to a human, “I poked it with a stick; it was still soft.”

Although chainsaw art is made on the premises occasionally, none has been made there recently. And, Maidrand said, “No one has reported an accident recently either. I was there the night before…. nothing. No one reported to any of the employees that anything happened….I can’t imagine someone chopping their finger off and leaving it behind.”

Maidrand contacted the Mendocino Sheriff’s Office and a deputy came to pick up the piece. Although we have requested information form the Sheriff’s Office on whether the office thinks a crime might have occurred or if this might be an accident, as of publishing time they have not recontacted us.

Meanwhile, Maidrand has hopes they might be able to identify the person the fingertip belongs to. “There is a good fingerprint,” she said. “I hope they fingerprint that.”

Before you go further, please remember that the photos below are quite graphic and may disturb some people.




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This seems to be the kind of article that shows up on my desk…(See story on the Lost Coast Outpost) My mom must be so proud….



  • I didn’t know merna passed kym RIP what a wonderful woman .

  • Mogtx
    Despite information to the contrary, I am still alive and well. But thanks for the nice compliment.
    Kym’s Mom

  • Yuck!somebody stuck their toe finger where they shouldn’t have.sign reads keep all feet hands inside vehicle at all just kidding

  • Sorry, couldn’t resist

  • Oh shit that other photo was gruesome.stupid drunk tricks.hehehe

  • “I poked it with a stick.”—–Awesome!

    Oh, that other finger story takes me back… first introduction to Lost Coast Outpost!

  • Maybe she could only count to nine so she got rid of the extra

  • Hello merna this is lil big mark olsen kym said my mom must be so proud .made me think you were gone Marsha passed 2 yrs ago ,so glad u are hear safe and sound .

  • Nobody Nose Yet

    “She considered that it might be a toe. ‘It was bigger than my thumb,’ she said. ‘It was filed…. No nail polish.'”

    In which case should she have called a toe truck?

  • Henchman Of Justice

    Reads like an interesting serial killer’s sick game like the Morgan Freeman and Brad Pitt flick “Seven”.

  • I bet marci kitChen is in Costa Rica buy now ,I know this has nothing to do with the finger .they should have Givin the finger to the chp .just saying

    • I was thinking about that this morning,checking to see if she was unreal.she has fled,sure feels that humboldt.sad sad sad!!!mogtx,yep

    • Actually probably mexico. Her boyfriend has property there as well as thousands of acres of land in Petrolia. From what I understand he and his family are decades Into the grow scene. Millionaires who could probably stay out of sight for quite sometime. I also heard from a good source that Marci and her boyfriend Josh were drag racing down the freshly paved eel river drive when the accident happened

  • Maybe someone accidentally cut off the tip of their finger and wanted it to go back to nature, so they stuck it in a log. Weird.

  • A buddy of mine got his finger tip cut off just at the first knuckle. Motorcycle chain accident. Somebody collected it, stuck, it in a baggy and placed it in the freezer. For years afterword, we would take the “finger” out to show it off. Hopefully this is a case like that.

  • looks like it might have gotten stuck in a chain or something but to note that it was “placed” in the tree stump is very odd. The finger looks bitten off in a way ???

  • veterans friend

    No print? AFIS

  • Does anyone know Marcy Kitchens boyfriend’s name?

  • “Fickle Finger of Fate Award” Goes to…. Chandaleir DRIVE THROUGH TREE!

  • Shawnee craddock

    I hope when it’s all said and done Marcy and Josh both go up on murder charges ,one is helping hide the other…

  • Shawnee craddock

    Why no update on them today?

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