Pokemon Go too Virtual for You? You Need the World’s Biggest Marble Hunt!

IMG_20160719_160640 Press Release:

Are You Ready For The World’s Biggest Treasure Hunt? Happening in Your Hometown…

Over 10,000 marbles will be hidden and

waiting for you to find them and add them to your collection.

Join this free, fun event in honor of National Marble Day, July 23rd

Everybody loves treasure. now you can have the adventure of a lifetime and add some beautiful artwork to your existing or new collection.

Marbles have been some of the top collectables in the world for centuries…and they’re only getting better. The marble community is growing – artists and collectors join every single day.

In the past year alone, Facebook Group Black Market Marbles grew from 0 to over 13,000 members. Marbles & Things has added more than 5,000 members in the last few months. There are many more Facebook Groups and Instagram Accounts – these numbers are only the beginning and they’re expected to skyrocket in 2016/2017.

Treasure hunting has happened since the dawn of mankind. Now, it’s teaming up with glass art marbles and social media for a historic event unlike any other.

Three local artists will be “loosing” twenty handmade marbles all around Humboldt county. participating artists include Dirt Road Designs Glass, Copious Glass and Andrew Hainwright.

“We are making adventures for you and your family to enjoy by hiding my flower marbles in nature. They will be tough to find, but the search will be fun for the child in us all.” Says artist Matt Kelley

Not only do I get excited about making the marbles but I also like to put thought into the clues, which often include: poems, play on words, or hints that require some research and knowledge to decipher,” says artist Topher Reynolds. “It’s not just about giving away a marble as much as creating an adventure with a potential treasure.”

Over 10,000 marbles will be hidden and found by people just like you.

Follow the posts on social media for your clues, hints, and locations. Team up with your friends and family to find treasure.

Cherish and keep your marble forever. The perfect start to any art collection. And the perfect addition to any collection you already have.

When you find your marble, just go on Facebook and mark it as found and thank the artist. This event is ongoing. Marbles will be hidden frequently all over the world.

Be sure to join The World’s Biggest Marble Hunt Facebook Group for:

  • Pictures and Sneak-Peaks at Marbles In Your Area
  • Meet The Artists Who Will Be Hiding Their Marbles for You
  • Gather Clues and Directions to Marbles
  • Find Out More about Glass Art, Collecting, Flameworking and the Marble Making Process
  • And more!

Marble rosesGo down in history, join The World’s Biggest Marble Hunt group to meet the artists. Get your clues. Find your hometown. See gorgeous pictures/teasers for the marbles available.

You can join the hunt absolutely free! This is all for fun, to start or add to your art collection, and embrace your local community.

Glass art marbles are hidden all over the world, waiting to be found and claimed by adventurous souls who will discover the magic within each marble for the first time, you now have ecstasy that is on a level that defies verbal description,” says top contemporary marble broker, Brian Bowden. “I hope that many thousands will join in this treasure hunt and either continue their marbleous journey, or discover the joy and wonder of marbles for the first time!”

About: Will Stuckenberg, founder of Black Market Marbles, and Rebekah Parker, the founder of Marbles & Things, teamed up to create The World’s Biggest Marble Hunt with one goal in mind: To bring a free connection between artists and collectors. A bridge that anybody can cross. An event that go down in history and draw attention to the glass artist community and marble world.

The response was incredible. Artists and collectors worldwide have joined this previously unmatched historic event. Over 10,000 marbles will be hidden. Making this the biggest scavenger hunt in marble making history. And you are a part of it.

Some of the top artists in the industry will be hiding their marbles for you to find. Go to WorldsBiggestMarbleHunt.com today to discover artists and find your clues.






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