Chip Pile Fire at Scotia Mill

scannerAt 3:49 p.m. a person reported a possible fire in a chip pile at the Scotia Mill. “It’s on the north end of the power plant… . Looks like we can handle with resources at scene,” reports emergency personnel on scene.

Somewhat plaintively, at 3:55 p.m. the personnel on scene asks, “I was just wondering if any Scotia personnel other than myself responded… .”

UPDATE 3:57 p.m.: The crew member on scene described the incident as “a small ash fire” that the Scotia plant personnel could handle.



  • I helped build that plant I was a ironworker retired .

    • Wonderful, I’m sure that’s why it’s still standing today. Looks like they had some quality craftsmen on site.

  • They discriminate against hiring older workers. Like everybody else!

  • Thanks mr j dubbs it was a great job I put the tube s steam generators ,and water walls for the main fire chambers so long ago about thirty yrs .ago I went to Fresno and but another plant oh I also worked on the one on the north jetty at the tee .whenever I go to the racetrack I say hello .

  • For anyone interested in the Scotia Biomass Power Plant, I put together a short slideshow a few years ago for our local Biomass group in Fort Bragg.

    Although it doesn’t show the area where the small fire is, it does give an inside look at this unique way to produce power from forest waste.

    Scotia Biomass Power Plant Tour

    Viewing time: 4 Mins

  • Did the chip pile spontaneously ignite? I ask because:
    FOLKS USING COMPOSTING PRIVIES are not always aware of just how HOT
    the pile will get. I know of two (in 45 years) which have started fires in this way.
    Be safe. When adding privy ‘post to your composting process, alternate both dry and wet matter in layers.
    Don’t water the pile to “speed up” the process. Rather, cover the pile with tarp, to keep your earth worms cool and productive. Patience pays off, as always. af

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