Thieves Surrender Dirt Bike After High Speed Chase But Then Escape; Can You Identify Them?

A local couple spent their morning tracking down thieves. By relentlessly chasing the thieves they managed to retrieve their stolen item but they still want the thieves caught before they strike again. Can you help?

According to local resident Emily Coleman, this morning, a dirt bike was stolen from property near the Stafford RV Park. When the owner’s father and his girlfriend (that’s Coleman) were informed of the theft and began looking for the bike, he went towards the river to search but Coleman went towards the RV Park.

There she saw a late model silver/grey Toyota Tacoma with shiny rims and a damaged front hood covered with primer leaving the business. In the bed of the pickup was a motorcycle covered with a tarp. At nearly 7:04 this morning, the Stafford RV Park’s surveillance cameras captured this truck leaving their park.

Toyota Tacoma on surveillance camera

Suspecting this might be the stolen bike in the bed of the truck, Coleman began following it on Shively Road. She says the driver tried to lose her by driving fast. Coleman contacted her boyfriend and the California Highway Patrol. Eventually, Coleman says her boyfriend caught up in another vehicle.

Coleman’s boyfriend chased the thieves until they stopped and tossed the dirt bike out of the truck before he could catch up to them. Coleman’s boyfriend described the driver as a youngish, white man wearing a flat-billed hat over wavy hair with a large burn scar on the right side of his face. He was approximately 5’10 with a medium build. The woman passenger had dark hair down to her shoulderblades.

The suspects then fled towards Hwy 101. According to California Highway Patrol Sgt. Martin Oliveras, as the suspects made their way towards 101, the CHP officer sent to investigate saw the truck passing him on the curvey Shively Road. A high speed chase ensued but the suspects eventually escaped.

However, it turns out they were camping at the Stafford RV Park and not only did the Park’s surveillance cameras film the truck leaving their park, a woman believed to be one of the suspects left the name Joelene Aubrey, a Eureka address, phone number and the plate number of another vehicle with the Park as part of the registration process.

Law enforcement will be investigating the validity of this address and name.ba6a3a04-7b72-4f02-983e-20e0c10dcc99

If you have seen this vehicle or know more about the man with the scar or the woman with the dark hair, please contact the California Highway Patrol at (707) 268-2000.



  • So much thieving going on wtf what the hell is going on around here.I bet they are tweekers .

  • An epidemic of thievery think I’ll have a yard sale .

  • Looks like the truck from the stolen tv incident

  • sharpen your pencil

    Anyone familiar with the Aubrey’s would know it was more than likely the correct name. That family is beyond messed up. Drug addiction is a BIG problem!

  • I hope that plate number pans out and they catch these people.

  • the aubreys huh look either your just some one who was afraid becaue mrs jodene or lauri ann school you because your a dumb ass or ur a raciest ntive hater tey struggle enough from the lack of friendship or human decent ways and to just throw that name out there . might as wll say lil annie gensaw now the gensaws couldn’t reach peddle and wouldn’t take a dirt bike . think out side the box a truck a bike for what the mountians silly the illegal weed grown needs a lil help with watering ..I think though if imnot mistaken that’s lil dougie camilli truck…… route 36 .. iam a cold case investigator

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      Spare us the philosophical metaphors. Maybe spare yourself the bath salts and meth for the rest of the century.

      Theft is the dominant culture now. If it’s not red hot or bolted down, it’s gone. Recently busted a pair of obviously well-fed thieves who parked their rig out front and gleefully began picking “free” pears from my tree almost within the shadow of my home. Big, long, free-association song-and-dance about how righteous they were, just like the grow-house jackasses that ripped me the last time.

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