[UPDATE: Cleaned up] ‘Used and Abused’: The Aftermath of a Wedding

***Update: The mess has since been cleaned up.***

Fancy silver couch

Left behind at Wedding Point after this weekend. [Photo sent by a reader.]

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Normally, we ask all letters to the editor to sign their name but, since this writer isn’t naming the people involved, we agreed that they could be anonymous:


…We have a problem here in Shelter Cove that has raised its ugly head…There is a very nice couple that owns a piece of property here. They do not live here. Their lot is commonly called “Wedding Point”. They kindly, over the years, have given permission to many, many people for weddings and other events overlooking the Pacific.

This past Saturday, their property was used without their permission and it was thoughtlessly used and abused. There was a large crowd and loud music all night.

The owners just found out about it.

The property was left in shambles, as you can see by the attached photos.

SOMEONE needs to come back and clean it up.

Can you help??????

We don’t know who the mess makers were and we’re not asking you to tell us the names of the wedding couple and whoever was supposed to cleanup but…the neighbors just want the mess gone. If you know the responsible parties, can you pass the message on? If you are the folks who had a lovely party, could you make the mess go away?
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  • Typical sohum!!!

    • Yeah, blame a whole population for the screw ups of a few. How do you know they were from Sohum?

    • So hum sucks? Really this makes you think that. Do you realize that people from out of town most likely did this. Where are you from i want to make fun of the shitty little place you call home. And if it’s eureka i don’t have to try.

  • That rug really ties it all together! Man.

  • Too bad the Sherriff wasn’t called while this was going on. It appears the writer knew the activity was not authorized while it was in progress.

    • Does it?

      You read much between these lines ” This past Saturday, their property was used without their permission and it was thoughtlessly used and abused. There was a large crowd and loud music all night. The owners just found out about it….”

      Is the letter written to reflect the chronological order of events? Not knowing that an assumptive troll might want to shame and cast blame on the good citizen writing on behalf of the absent owners!!

      ..”who just found out about it…”

      My intuitive sense tells me the prose does not reflect a timeline. Now they are aware. And others are aware it happened without authorization. Go troll a real issue.

  • Driftwood sculpter

    Love the driftwood chair and I’m guessing, some kind of door or screen. Driftwood sculpting is not something you can learn overnight…….. Unless you stay up really late.

  • Reading the tides

    That’s lame that the property was used without permission,but it doesn’t look like it was in “shambles”

    • I was gonna say that – wish our property looked that nice at it’s best! ;*p – and I still say O’ll take the couch if no one else wants it….

  • We just had a wedding in our yard this past Saturday and I am proud to say that the wedding party and family REFUSED to leave before we were happy with the way they left things. It is a shame that others are not this thoughtful. I hope that those responsible get over their hangovers, fatitigue or whatever and come back and clean things up.

  • Who ever did it it was rude.you people suck who did this.kind folks who own this property I’m so sorry not all Humboldt people are like this.ill come help clean up!!

  • I attended the Kate Wolf Festival in Laytonville last week. When the people leave they clean their spots and not even a gum wrapper is left behind. I understand that the Burning Man festival is the same. Nothing left but the dust.

    So, there are ways to control the trash that people leave behind. Usually that would include only inviting the right people. We did have someone volunteer for the fire crew with stellar qualifications. The scumbag checked in the front gate and got his all access pass and did not check into the fire crew. That will NEVER happen again. We have our ways to deal with those kinds of people. Low life seems to be the fad nowdays.

  • Id love to take that couch off your hands!

  • That’s F’d up that someone did this, But honestly from the looking at the pictures it would take maybe 1 truckload to get rid of the couch and the rest of the stuff. Honestly really doesn’t look that bad in my opinion.

  • Looks like someone ate a bunch of acid and tried to make a music video

  • As my father would say; these people had no fetchin up.

  • I’m a “outsider” and come to the cove to visit as we love it there. In fact we’re building a home there soon. I do find it a little strange that some of the “locals” don’t give a shit about keeping thier properties up.

    • Reading the tides

      Up? What do you mean? What standards govern what someone’s yard can look like!? We have strollers planters dog bowls, benches. In no particular arrangement. No one can tell someone else that they should pick up. Maybe polluting is one things, but an eye sore to you may be how someone else knows how to organize themselves

  • I don’t see a lot of trash. I see just one more pick up load. The last load was waiting for the next day, that’s all.

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