[Update: 7:25 p.m.] FATAL: Motorcyclist Crashes on Alderpoint Road

CHP California Highway Patrol BlurAccording to LoCO’s CHP Watch, there was a fatal motorcycle accident on Alderpoint Road at around 3:15 p.m. today.

CHP’s incident report says the motorcyclist may have been hit by a car, causing it to crash into a tree. An air ambulance was requested, but the status of the incident has since been changed to fatal.

A tow truck was requested for a Jeep Wrangler as well as the motorcycle.

At this point, we don’t have a lot of information, but we’ll update when we hear more.

Update 7:25 p.m.: A reader who helped take the jeep off of the motorcyclist tells us there was no tree involved.

Update 6/30: Click here for a press release from the California Highway Patrol.



  • Is it just me ,but it seems to be a uptake on fate accident s latelly wonder iv.the person was impaired. Hope not , but condolences to the family

    • I drove by shortly after this happened to go to Garberville. There was no tree. The motorcycle was wasp heading towards Garberville going around a bend on the wrong side of the road, motorcycle was under the front end of a small pick up truck.

  • I think it’s because people are driving like maniacs, AP road is one big accident waiting to happen. RIP and Condolences to the family. I’m not surprised this happened.

  • Prayers to the family.so very sorry for your loss.please folks slow down on those back roads.

  • Alderpoint Road ranks right up there with Highway 36 and neither one of them or any kind of joke they both can kill you real quick so it’s all you Parnelli Jones wanna be out there be careful

  • Lost Croat Outburst

    We’ll see what the final conclusions are. Some very crappy drivers out there, texting, Phoning, horsing around just like at home except it’s pedal to the metal as they careen down the road. Hard for some ‘cycle folks to to stay in their lane. I’m so free, man, I’m so friggin’ free, I’m so . . . . . Smash.

  • It’s the many greed growers from out of country .try driving the
    Old briceland Rd over the hill and down to the airport ya mean !!!!!! I think that road is so dangerous wish all the bullshitgarians up there would get a lil taste of it ,but so far so good . For them .

  • Go back 30-40 years on all the roads mentioned and you would frequently be meeting a loaded log truck going one direction and an empty one the other…safely and with courtesy. So many folks in a hurry for nothing. Slow down,enjoy the scenery, and wave at the other guy like you have some human kindness. I’d like to have some bumper stickers made that say…leave your city driving in the city…lol.

    • I feel safer driving in the city , honestly .

    • The world gets in a rush. We all need to slow down and relax in our own way.. I served in the military for 22yrs. From Eureka. 2,300+ Days around the world. Learned allot. Still need to learn more. Life never ends. You should drive in Cyprus,France,England,Korea,Japan,Germany,Saudia Arabia, Dubia,and others. That is scary..

  • Made me think of my dad, Johnny B, after reading the comments.
    I always figured people drove in the middle of roads because they were afraid. It takes a confidant driver that understands how vehicles are designed to handle to be able to stay in the proper lane while going fast. But then, most of the roads in the Humboldt & trinity out-backs are just paved mule trails and not quite wide enough for most of the bigger rigs now on the road.

  • Drive fast- die young – no kill others young!!!

  • Ya Ernie my uncle was Wes Marshall I grew up on the flat born 1960 in Gerald Phelps hospital buy doctor Phelps ,and I know you must have known gene olsen I’m his son Marsha Swenson was my mom she passed away yr and a half ago. Luv your commen’s you hit it on the head on all the time. .you and I are OG native humboldt.

  • was passed one day by a “growdozer” on road to Harris store, across double yellow on a curve because I was not driving fast enough!! He would have killed anybody coming the other way, his truck was huge,lifted, mag wheels, the works.

    Sick young punks or older growers that don’t give a shit about anything but them, and making their cash.

  • Can't wait to move

    Typical sohum. This place is a joke.

  • Alderpoint road is a motorcyclist’s dream. Winding, just enough up and down to give chances to shift gears, and amazingly beautiful views. It’s my favorite road in Hum Co. So awesome! And yes, were I on a bike and I CAN surely see what is coming, I would utilize the other side of the road to enhance my ride.
    Unfortunately this young person only had 21 years to learn the limitations we must when seeking our thrills. Sad for him, his family and friends!

  • People are quick to judge when someone is killed with a gun, crying out for more laws or more gun control. These same people will take a vehicle barreling down the road while texting or talking on their phones without a thought to how many innocent people they could kill with a much deadlier item: “the automobile…” Wise up….

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