What Are Those Runners With Sticks Doing?

Peace and Dignity Run

Ryan Frame, a member of the local Wailaki Tribe running the last Peace and Dignity Race through this area in 2012. [Photo provided by Traci Chadburn Speelman]

The race began in Alaska and it ends in Panama this November. Every four years Native Americans and their supporters carry sacred staffs as they run almost 7000 miles in about seven months. Today, you will see the relay runners along our highways headed south from the Bear River Casino near Loleta at 11 a.m. They will meet the Eel River Wailaki in Dyerville where they will head to Burlington to spend the night. Tomorrow night they will be in Laytonville. Recently they ran from Hoopa to Loleta.

“[C]ome and wave and send prayers for a safe journey today and tomorrow morning when they leave on the next stretch,” says Edward Viies, a member of the Wailaki tribe.

For more on the Peace and Dignity race and what its supporters want to accomplish, click on the link.

Map of Peace and Dignity Run 2016

Several different routes are taken by the runners. [Image shared on Facebook]



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