And the Kitty Ran Off the Very Next Day….(Plus a Second Missing Cat)

Yesterday, this kitty who had been missing for a year after his family moved to a new home was found. He was returned to his people and their new home. But…by this morning, he had escaped from the room he had been secured in (to get him used to his new surroundings.)

“Jackson’s really friendly and loves to be petted,” said his owner so you shouldn’t have much trouble luring him close if you see him. Call 707-499-2269 if you have any information.
Found Kitty

Also, here’s another grey and white kitty still missing in the Salmon Creek area. Possibly seen recently by Bear Butte Road.
lost cat

His name is Theory. He may have a collar and tags but they may also have fallen off.

If you see him or have any information, please call 707-497-4906.



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