I Am Humboldt – Oliver’s Story

The current I Am Humboldt page features 12 year old, Oliver Zuniga, a Eureka boy who’s been courageously battling cancer for over half his life.  To read more about Oliver and his story, please visit the page his mom, Desirae, created.


Oliver has been kicking cancer’s butt for half his life. This 12 year old handsome fellow loves spiderman, hates homework (hence his shirt), and is starting the 7th grade at the end of summer. He’s also starting his next round of chemo. Cancer stole a good deal of Oliver’s vision but it didn’t touch his spirit or his ability to be an active kid with the personality of a champion. [Photo Credit:  Pay It Forward Photography]

The I Am Humboldt crew is always looking for new faces to photograph and stories to tell.  Know someone with a positive tale to tell?  Please message them on their page.


12 year old cancer warrior, Oliver Zuniga. [Photo Credit: Pay It Forward Photography]



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