Afraid to Put a Trump Bumper Sticker on Her Car, a Grandma Sends This Letter to Us

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We received a letter today from a grandmother concerned about being unable to express her political opinions without being vilified or having her vehicle vandalized.

Donald Trump for President bumper stickerKym,

I need to vent, I’m a minority in Humboldt county.

I am a Republican.

I am on Facebook a lot, I’m a 51 year old white grandmother, I was born in Humboldt county, but grew up in another state, came back in my mid 20’s, have raised my kids here, always love eureka, the laid back relaxed atmosphere.

I see all the hate on Facebook for the different candidates in the presidential race, usually keep my opinions to myself.

today i saw a post for Trump bumper stickers for sale,my husband and I have been discussing getting one for our vehicle, my concern was someone vandalizing our almost paid off car. I commented to the person that I would like one and the backlash began.

I thought this was still America, where you are entitled to have an opinion, apparently not. I was called a hater, dumb,and a few other choice words. Where have all the bigots come from…can we please have our old Humboldt county back! Thanks for listening, and hope you don’t have to do a story on the vandalizing of my vehicle once I get my bumper sticker.

Dorthy Thomas

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  • Ummm…maybe buy a T-shirt instead.

    • TRUMP= Tyrannical Republican unethical meat puppet

      • nobody for prez

        And……you just proved her point; that there’s supporters of other candidates that are every bit as nasty as those they claim to be.

        • I think the fact that only those who go along with the left point of view are entitled to freedom of speech should be a huge wake up call to what’s really going on in this country. You can just call those who disagree with you “haters” and that somehow ends the conversation. Think about this: there are people who will vote in November who don’t know what ISIS is or the threat it poses, don’t know that the country is almost bankrupt or why, don’t understand the basic principles of democracy, don’t understand the Constitution, etc., etc. Scary.

      • Unethical? LOL! And Hillary is the model of ethics?? I think not. Hilarious.

      • Saving this country. PERIOD!

  • #TRUMP#TRAIN#2016

    I am right there with you Dorthy!! I too am a TRUMP supporter and proud of it but, refuse to have a sticker or yard sign due to the worry of backlash issues to my property. It’s a sad day in America when we are affraid to publicly announce our choices for this reason. Just remember though when Trump takes office he will take care of business and all the “HATERS” out there will soon see why he was the “RIGHT CHOICE”

    • As I see it most of the haters are right wing. Have you read any comments in the last 8 years about our president? ! All hate filled! From the top down. “We will make him a one term president!” Well that didn’t work.

      • We are angry with our government…both sides. No jobs, corruption, no one cares for the little people anymore. We have been forgotten.

      • Actually I have always been verbally assaulted by left wingers, not conservatives, this is bullying and they do it in the media, in everyday life, through political correctness, we are supposed to never have a right to an opinion. People are done with this mess.

    • I am sorry and that is how it USED to be. But be clear, Donald Trump represents fear and hatred at its basest level, and just like you are frightened of; immigrants, blacks, free trade, you name it, others in this country are frightened of what Trump represents; everything that is NOT America. I implore you, read some history. Read Trumps REAL history. And by the way, you DO realize the man has NO experience governing, not the slightest idea of how to do the the complex job of POTUS? Nor would he have the support of the Judicial Branch, the military, big business..the list goes on.
      You WANT a dream that never happened; clean streets and everyone is white and rich and dad will be home soon to help mom make dinner.
      Sorry. Its 2016 and that ‘dream’ was never real OR ‘American’.

      • All your statements are inaccurate and false.
        If you actually listened to his speeches you’d realize this.
        He’s a unifier who loves America, American people and American values.
        Do you love America?

        • Triniboldticino

          I’m a registered Republican and I read Trump’s book “The Art of the Deal” when it came out in the late ’80’s. He has made all of his money on the backs of those he screwed with corporate bankruptcy. Small businessmen, plumbers, electricians – when he finished the first casino in Atlantic City, he filed bankruptcy, shafted everyone that helped build it, and proceeded to profit obscenely thereafter. And he’s proud of it. That’s the scary part. All other people’s money in his pockets and DAMN proud of it. He will take America down the toilet. Do you love America? We have nobody to vote for, and the circus has just started.

        • Speeches mean nothing. Actions speak louder than words.

          • True. And Hillary’s actions are deplorable. I’m not saying Trump’s an angel – who is? However, she used her position as a servant of the people, and risked the nation’s security, to line her own pockets. Would I really want to keep someone like that – someone who clearly does not care about the country except as far as it profits her – in power?

        • “Unifier”? Tell me you are just a troll. Even his supporters wouldnt say that with a straight face.

        • Accelerate to October 15,2016. Do you STILL feel that way about Trump despite the latest vulgar comments?

      • So you feel we should give it to HILIARY. Her track record is wonderful…yeah, Nope don’t think so. And this isn’t about you furthering your agenda ,it about this woman being attack by liberals for trying to speak her opinion. It is awful how we are scared to say anything anymore. Political correctness is a way to bully and control. People have had it to the back teeth, sick of it!!!

      • You apparently don’t believe in the American dream and you certainly don’t respect the American way of life. One that is about God given liberties.
        Please stop with the liberal slander and the lies. I want my country and you don’t. I have lived the dream but I see it being assaulted by liberal corruption. You have so many other countries you’d be happy to live in, please go there. Take your tyranny and social engineering with you. It’s not about color or creed. It’s about freedom. That’s all a true American wants.

    • If you support Trump you support racism, shame on you. And shame on your poor education, which makes you a bandwagoner. Because you can’t see past your horrible views you will suffer from confusion and disbelief when Trump ruins everything we’ve been trying to rebuild.

      • How do people not realize that the country is already in the crapper? We’re almost bankrupt, folks. There’s nowhere to go but up, and four more years of the same policies and behind the scenes trickery and obscene overspending will not “rebuild” us.

        • thanks for this comment… it seems that no one gets this fact! Too busy pulling for their team to give a sh**. I voted for trump but will never again support him! He was the only candidate that talks about the deficit and how the country is bankrupt. Now that he is in office same ole crap! open up huge spending bill about to come on through! Oh well what can I expect? I thought we would get change; just ended up with a crybaby trustfunder. I work for a lot of trustfunders and they are all the same democrat and republican.. they suck….. The middle class needs to wake up and do something!!!!!!

      • Trump is not a racist. Comments like that are just smoke and mirrors tactics to blind people from reality.

      • No, Trump is NOT a racist. He is not all those names you call him. But you could be entertaining racism yourself. What are you going to do? Have a fit? Scream and spew hate and call names? Please. Stop the nonsense. You are the reason he got elected. The silent majority is tired of the tyranny and lies. Those who have been forgotten have taken back the White House.

    • I’m with you 100% Dorothy ! I’m older conservative republican grandma who knows expressing my support for TRUMP is taken in this area as an invitation to VOMIT UP ANY AND ALL THE UGLY ANGER AND VICIOUS HATRED THEY HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR. Well Dorothy, I’m certain WE are not the only ones and I for one applaud your strength and courage of your convictions. I also advise you to remember that old saying ” consider the source” especially since we live in the MOST INTOLERANT of areas for any views opposed to the prevailing attitude of ” excuse any behavior or problem and blame the conservative republicans” PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY means nothing here in Humboldt county.

      Well here is my stand, TRUMP, ALL THE WAY TO THE PEOPLE’S HOUSE ! ! !

  • If you are worried about bigots perhaps you should look carefully at who you are planning on voting for?
    One of the things I have always enjoyed about this area is the spirited political discourse…however, Trump (your choice) seems to bring out the worst in both his supporters AND his opponents, and in the rush to the lowest common denominator we seem to have left behind any ability for a civil conversation. If I see a Trump bumper sticker on a car, I will assume (until shown otherwise ) that the person in it is a bigot that is unable to think beyond the sound bites they have been spoon fed. I am not saying it is OK to vandalize others property, just that perhaps we should examine where this anger comes from?

    • Have to agree with Saille..Trump has brought division…with his hateful words.

    • Saille, I would be interested to know why you think Hillary would be a better choice. I’m also curious why you think Trump is a bigot? Have you ever listened to one of his full speeches, or only the “sound bits”you’ve heard on the ABC news out let’s. Please give details not just insults.

      I’m not a Trump supporter per se, but I would vote for him rather then a cerupt career politician.

      • Hillary is not better, just bad in a different way. Pick your poison, they are both gonna kill you (us, the economy, the planet). A bigot is a person who is intolerant toward those holding different opinions…and that is Trump to a T just look at any tweet he sends out for evidence of that. I have tried to listen to his speeches (because I try to be open minded) but I found that I just couldn’t. And I don’t watch just ABC news…I get my news from various sources and try to sift thru them for the real information.

      • Truth is THC, neither candidates are a sure choice, but if you fully watched a trump speech how do you not think trump is an egotistical, nieve, rude, lieing, idiotic racist pig that looks like an arangatang may be his mother?

    • Saille, your post makes the point. Kym was expressing concern over vicious comments received online merely for stating she was interested in a bumpersticker for the candidate she supports. Based on the viciousness, name calling, assuming her to be a biogot and uneducated comments in your post and others… she is right to be concerned her car is at risk for vandalism. A case of S.I.N. .Shift the focus, Ignore the Facts, Name Calling.

      • To be clear, this letter is not from me. It is from a reader.

      • wasn’t it racist when everyone said Obama look like an orangutan but it’s not racist when you say Donald Trump looks like one double standard that we are fucking sick and tired of and that’s why Trump is an office

        • You have no concept of history. Trump is a racist,if you voted for Trump, YOU are also a RACIST, anti Semite, misogynist, bully. Aren’t you proud

  • That’s why I vote!My papa told me years ago “if you want to keep your friends don’t talk political anything.WAS HE EVER RIGHT!

  • Lets see, when Obama was running for office back in 2008 he said he was a Christian, he said he was pro traditional family. ” thats a man & a woman” And he would stay out of the Middle East, he would close Guantanamo Bay in Cuba, He lied about all these items. So you complain about what ?

  • J. Worthingham Fatback

    Respectfully, after hearing your opinion, I agree that the destruction of anyone’s property for exercising their right to an opinion is outrageous!

    That said, MY opinion is: Voting for Trump is tantamount to voting to allow chickens and goats on the Muni Bus. In some areas of the world, that is commonplace and accepted, but in America, it seems bizarre that people, and A LOT OF THEM, are adamant about reducing us to a global point of Ridicule. I uphold and endorse the system of everyone getting a vote, and each vote counting-the winner prevailing; BUT, I am worried that the dumbing down that was accelerated by the Bush family will come to total fruition if we let the lunatics run the asylum. (I would be less fearful if the nuclear codes were not inherent to the Presidency)!

    It seems like the people who beat their chest about Trump are the very people who would suffer most from his victory….if you collect ANY KIND of retirement, social security, medicare, medical, or other living assistance, you will be shooting your self in the foot. Read. Educate yourself. He has not spoken of anything substantive on any issue, period, except to say “I LOVE Mexicans” and “Where’s my African-American” and “Lets bomb the shit out of them”, etc, etc.

    And, with Trump in the drivers seat, OUR generation might just see nuclear winter-remember ‘nuclear winter?”

    The system in the country is BROKEN, I agree, but to throw a giant monkey-wrench into the part thats still running is like throwing all the food on the floor, even though you’re starving, because there was no pudding served with dinner.

  • How the heck are you going to complain about bigots when your voting for one!! Smh can you be any more ignorant.

  • While I think The Donald is the eviler of two lessers, Judging from the amount of vitriol in the comments section leads me to believe Mrs. Thomas is correct in her fear that her vehicle would be vandalized. I don’t like Rush, Mark Levin, Beck, Maddow, Savage or any of the other friction junkies on the radio or tube, but I will stand up for their right to say whatever it is they want to say. They can open their word holes and own it, just like the rest of us. I can choose not to listen or watch to them, in the same way I can choose to ignore bumperstickers. So go ahead and sticker up your sled, Dorothy, I promise not to slam your ride or anyone else’s.

    • That’s the way America should be…. I like the way you put it… We can all open our word holes… Too funny but truly respectful

  • Buffelo Phoonman for president!

    I miss the old Humboldt too! I’m not a trump supporter, but I support a persons right to choose. I always thought bumper stickers of any kind were a bad Idea. Our politicians are only reflections of us. The face in the mirror is pretty ugly! I worry for the country, no matter which yo-yo wins. We have become a nation of frightened, materialistic over weight simpletons. Willing to believe any lie that sounds good. Sorry if I hurt anyone’s feelings, but look around.

  • Yep my neighbor here in Miranda area had a Trump yard sign and a Trump banner on his outbuilding…both were stolen at night. I am not a Trump supporter but that kind of trespass and vandalism is uncalled for.

    • Yep. Stay out of my yard. I also am not a Trump supporter. Or a Hillary supporter. I want what is fair and just for all tax paying Americans. If you want to live the “American Dream” you have to pay the price!

  • I completely and totally support you in putting whatever you want on your car, lawn, house, t-shirt. Vandalism is never o.k. Speaking up for what/who one believes in works both ways. If you publicly voice an opinion, then I hope you accept the conversation that follows….conversation, not ranting, not name calling, not verbal violence.
    I wonder what you mean by, ‘bring old Humboldt back’? Each ‘ old Humboldt’, ‘good old times’, contains social injustice for many, just like now…We are here NOW. This is our time to speak up (or not). Every action or inaction has consequences…intended and otherwise.

  • Ask people who display the Confederate flag on their cars (in a exterior location passersby can access) and ask them if their flag gets removed or their car vandalized as a result. I’d put a Trump bumper sticker in the same category as the Confederate flag at this point.

  • I have lived here through quite a few elections. This is the first one that I have feared retaliation for who I support. America is changing and so is Humboldt county, I know some change is good,but when you have to watch what you say, to me that is oppression.

    • Yeah, try being gay or trans gender. You think YOU are oppressed? Ohhh, so sorry your bigotry is not enveloped in a big societal love hug. We are fighting for our survival and you are a bit inconvenienced by your needing to be a bigot. Tsk, tsk, tsk.

      • I know at least one transgender person who is voting for Trump. How do you know Dorthy isn’t transgender?

        • Dorthy said she’s publicly afraid to voice which candidate she’s supporting. I find it hard to believe she’s referring to anyone other than Trump. If she was transgender AND voting for Trump I believe she would have mentioned this point because it would strongly hit home her point. But she didn’t, so I don’t believe she’s transgender.

          How do we know? We don’t know. It’s a simple evaluation of the likelihood that she’s not transgender. And, of course, I personally don’t go around trying to guess the gender orientation of anonymous commenters.

          • Dorthy, who gave her full name, said she was wanting a Trump sticker and she’s Republican so I think we can safely assume that she is planning to vote for him. Because I’m as much a sucker for stereotypes as anyone, I don’t think she’s likely to be transgender either. But the point I was rather ineptly trying to make was that I worry about our tendency to demonize others who think differently than us–calling her a bigot with no other indication than her choice of who to vote for seems a might hasty.

      • Trans Gender are something like less than .0001% of the population, stop trying to make it a bigger deal than it is. Just be happy you live in America and not in a country governed under sharia law.. You’d be stoned to death by now.

      • [edit], gays and transgenders have been supported , there are laws to prevent discrimination. You have tv shows, and even if others think its a mental problem , we are told we are hate mongers and evil if we dont support it
        . We dont have to support transpeople or gays . We just cant discriminate. Just as you guys dont have to support the white middle class , which you guys constantly crap all over and call stupid , uneducated , and any other name,just for having their own opinion on any issue .
        But hey, lets not worry about our fathers and brothers losing jobs or our families starving and having zero healthcare, we need to make sure trans people get free operations ! and illegals feel welcome ! F$&@ that my teeth hurt everyday and I cant qualify for all the free nursing or childcare programs “because they are geared for minorities” and that has been said to my face over and over whenever I tried to get help .
        Maybe yall need to pull your heads out of your butts and see the children of the middle class who dont have food or clothes , or have to go to schools where 97% dont speak english ! And that is my
        neighboorhood. Does my daughter even get an edication ? no! Because the school where I am a homeowner has 97 % Esl students and my daughter doesnt need to learn English .
        But lets be nice to the illegals ! Make sure they feel comfortable and welcomed , while whites get made fun of and blamed for every problem.

    • I feel the same way.
      Where were those Trump bumper stickers at? I support Trump and I want to get some. I will gladly put it on my car.

  • So I noticed that you stated your race in your option piece as “white” so I would like to maybe give you some perspective into what it is like to not be “white” in this county. I have lived in Humboldt county my entire life and I have endured racism since I was very young. I mean racist comments within grocery stores, my home, on camping trips, going to the river, in restaurants. Even some of the people I love who were raised here “in the good ol’ days” sometimes don’t realize that their commentary is offensive. I try to find common ground with people and to try and explain my perspective of why I might find what they say hurtful. I am an american from Scandinavian decent as well as Mexican and have always been asked ” what are you? like your heritage” My response is that I am american because that is what i am. So when I see that trump has made it easier for my fellow Americans to justify their own hatred and racism it makes it hard for me to respect people who are willing to support a person who has regressed our country on such a fundamental issue. So although you might be afraid of someone damaging your property for having your beliefs exposed on your car, I am made afraid by the supporters of trump who might damage my body for exposing the color of my skin in the place i have lived my entire life. So I guess we both have become fearful because of the polarizing politics that this election has brought onto this country. I too am sicked how it has incited normal people to act violently and destructively. I hope that someday America can find its way back to a unified and great country that will look after its citizens no matter race, religion, or political party. Good luck to you and I hope that you will be open to share your perspectives and to hear other peoples perspectives because that is how we find common ground .

      • personally I object to your use of the word ‘grandma’ in your headline- are you trying to sway those of us who try to read information w/o bias towards one group or another. Should we feel more empathy for her because she has grandkids.. because she is a grandma? Is she elder abused if someone wrecks her car? Why not just call her a Humboldt resident or female voter or someone without the implied bias in your headline.

        • Grandma is shorter.

          Flippancy aside…I used Grandma because I wanted people to think of her as more than a Trump supporter but as a human who probably loves her kids and her grandkids. Sure, we may disagree with her vehemently on politics but we might trust her to babysit our cat and bring in our newspaper when we’re out of town.

          • ‘I wanted people to think of her’ so acc/ to your statement the use of the word ‘grandma’ DOES bring connotations of trust, responsibility and love. lots of people out there to trust and lots of ‘grandmas’ aren’t trustworthy or responsible. I don’t disagree with her politics, she has the right to vote how she wants to of course. I disagree with your headline and the use of the word ‘grandma’. It is biased and attempts to sway our opinions

            • It does. I wanted people to look beyond politics to our shared humanity. I’m guilty but not ashamed.

            • Kym writes this blog. She gets to add her own slant to anything she writes. If she introduced an article by saying that she was trying as hard as she could to be factual and unbiased, and swore that this was the closest she could get to objective truth, that would be one thing. But a blog entry? She could have said, “Sweet l’il old granny” and it would have been okay with me.

              • Dang, here I try to be all journalistic and objective and news media-like and I get lumped into the blog pile. Sigh…

                • I noticed! Thumbs up! You have my respect back

                • Using the affectionate label does follow the oppressive narrative of labeling age groups.

                • Sigh…being from an older generation, my ability to offend seems to have no end. I actually thought about this one though but because I’m older than she is and I wasn’t offended, I went for it.

                • You do have my respect Kim and sorry I got caught up in my moment of reading on your site. I’m way older than you both and can understand your journalistic pride when it comes to showing the humanistic side of the news. I in no way meant to attack you only the choice of word in the headline. Keep up the good work

                • Pumpkin,

                  You weren’t mean about your criticism and you had good points. I like to get only kudos but I don’t think it would be good for me or for my readers.

    • I would be afraid to, there is a vast republican army hidden in the woods waiting to be unleashed in humboldt county

    • I am sorry you took offense to saying I am white, I have 2 beautiful daughters,my oldest is married to a full blood native American Cherokee, all 3 of my grandchildren are son in law is very proud to be”native”, my other daughter is in a relationship with a Hispanic gentleman. I love my family dearly. I have no problems with people of a race different from mine, I also don’t have a problem with people whose political thoughts are different than mine, my youngest daughter was a Bernie supporter. The problem I have is people who are intolerant to other peoples opinions. Everyone has a right to their own opinion.

      • Right on

      • I guess in writing things can be misconstrued. I wasn’t offended I just wanted to give you a different perspective because you did choose to identify with your race in your piece. I’m happy to hear that you are accepting of your multicultural family. Maybe you should explain why you do support trump so we can understand your perspective. Also although you may be more tolerant of all races, Do you believe that your candidate is? And how do you think your family might be effected either positively or negatively if trump,were to become president? I’m genuinely interested and I’m not trying to be inflammatory

      • agreed

    • Yes,beautifully said. Thank you.✌🏾️

  • veterans friend

    If you are worried about the reaction of others who might think you a bigot, just because you support a racist bigoted blowhard, perhaps you should rethink your choice.

    • Why is wanting to protect the citizens from harm, bigoted? Better yet, why is wanting to protect refugees who are running from danger, bigoted? Open borders cannot protect refugees or citizens. America’s doors are open to those who seek refuge, not to those who wish to destroy those who seek refuge or the defenders of refuge.
      The open borders brought on a mass problem, not Trump. I’m not a Trump supporter, but I’m also not a hater. Had the officials in office kept their oaths in office, we wouldn’t be looking at this mass situation. When Americans are assaulted by DHS at the ball games & airports, yet our borders are wide open, it is not the fault of candidates who seek to find solutions.

  • You ask “where did all the haters come from?” And yet you want to vote for someone who preaces nothing but hate. ?????

  • I make it a rule not to put any sticker on my vehicles. It’s like a tattoo. In a few months or years I might have second thoughts. Then what. Scrape, scrape, scrape. There’s more to vehicle devaluation than just vandalism.

    I am confused about the point of all these stickers and yard signs: Does putting one up actually account for any extra votes or is it just a feel good thing?
    ” Look honey, there’s a Ralph Nader yard sign”. I never thought about him before. Let’s vote for him.” ” You know, sweetie, I agree with you 100%. So glad we saw that sign”. Does it actually work that way?

    The stickers that irritate me the most are those phoney-ass “I support the troops” stickers and variations thereof. I always like to ask the stickeree, if I could; in what way do you support the troops, besides putting that cheap curly yellow ribbon on? Especially nauseating if it’s accompanied by a Bush Cheney 2000 bumper sticker. [Does anyone even display one of those anymore?] BTW, I’m a vet and so are a lot of others. I do not speak for anyone but myself.

    Sometimes just going to a Black Methodist Church in the south takes courage. Spare me the sticker shock.

  • I’m not a trump supporter either, but if Osama bin laden himself came back from the dead, and ran for president and it was either vote for him or hillary clinton, guess who would get my vote? I’m honestly not really that into politics and I’m not gonna call people names who are clinton supporters, but plz just do some research before you vote. She is totally in it for herself and is a known liar. there’s a video on youtube of her lying for 13 minutes straight WITH PROOF that she’s lying. Once again, NOT saying trump doesn’t lie and I’m not saying I agree or support him, But I’m in favor of anybody but hillary.

    • Even if OBL came back from the dead you wouldn’t be able to vote for him. He isn’t a US citizen. So then, WHO would you vote for, really? We’re all hangin’ in suspense.

      • I was trying to make a point. And for the record our current president obama isn’t really a citizen he was born in Kenya. Remember how long it took hawaii to ‘find’ his birth certificate? Anyway the point I was trying to make is that in my opinion hillary clinton is about as corrupt as it gets and I would literally vote for ANYONE but her.

        • You got proof of Obama’s Kenyan citizenship, produce it. Orly Taitz was working on that and so was Trump. Neither was seen or heard from again. Obama had them both killed. The present Trump guy? A clever impersonator. You better lie low.

          • God, I’m a sucker for smartass comments. I’m still grinning.

          • nope no proof, just find it rather strange it took so long after obama became president for the world to be shown his birth certificate. If I remember correctly took more then a month. I know it would take me all of 5 minutes to grab my birth certificate. But then again I would hope the president of the united states could get a fake one made in far less time, so who knows maybe the records keeping back then in hawaii did just suck. Also just looked at Orly Taitz wikipedia page, doesn’t say on it that she’s dead…Must be an impersonator also??

            • How long have we been waiting for Trump’s tax returns? There. That’s proof that he doesn’t pay any. Or, he’s a Trump impersonator.
              Even SCOTUS member, the late Anton Scalia, said give it a rest. Obama has satisfied all the evidence needed for proof of citizenship. Got anything else stashed under that tin foil hat?

              • Your ‘tinfoil hat’ remark indicates that you think I believe in aliens. of course I do. The thought of the universe being as large as it is, there is no doubt in my mind that we are not the only thing thats out there. But back to the topic at hand though, I personally just like to question everything that I am told especially if it doesn’t seem right or is something the government says. Don’t we all? And just an FYI trump, or the trump impersonator’s (HAHAHA) tax returns will have zero effect on his eligibility to serve as president of the united states. good game friend, good game.

                • [edit] I’m Latino and I deal with discrimination too. [edit] People aren’t gonna break your skin for not being white, it’s not that bad there. You can be a drama queen when you actually have to deal with white supremacist gangs and shit. Op just said she’s afraid of people keying her car for her beliefs. [edit] I go to WAY WORSE places than you and I’ve been fine. [edit]I’m Latino and I see Latino dudes make racist remarks and shit too. This thread was about a lady’s fear for expressing herself. Not some [edit] fear of everything in general. [edit] I’ve been there before, it’s not dangerous like that.

  • LeAnna Carson-Hansen

    Yes putting on a bumper sticker makes it open season on you regardless of what the sticker says.
    My favorite one was “Politicians like baby diapers need to be changed frequently.”
    Sadly, there will always be a person you will offend by your sticker no matter what the issue or cause is.
    One law enforcement fella told me that he liked stickers on cars so he could profile the driver more easily.
    This election cycle is a hard one in that so many are afraid, yes, afraid to proudly adorn their rig of choice with the candidate they choose to support. Pretty darn sad, but the hating has been going on for a long time.

  • There where 308,745,538 people in the U.S. according to the 2010 census. And these 2 idiots are the best we can come up with to be the leader of the free world? I really hate it when I have to use my vote for someone who I think will do the least amount of damage rather than someone who I believe in will make a positive difference. I wish I could just do a hard boot on this election cycle and get someone who I think would do a good job for everyone.

  • I cannot wait until tomorrow’s first cup of coffee to wade-in to how wantonly ridiculous so many in this thread are behaving. Enraged children schooled in the tradition of speciousness hurling hyperbole.

    Oh yeah, this is going to be too much fun.

  • Okay. I am the one selling stickers. There is so much hate! I have stickers on my car. They have been vandalized twice. Its sad.

  • It’s sort of like the fascists in Sacramento who came out to stop a rally by neo-nazis.

  • I love it Kym when u poke the tiger so to speak. Republicans are a minority around here, so you kinda have to be mindful of your souroundings. I personally wouldn’t put a Trump sticker on my truck because I don’t want the drama and it nobody’s business who I vote for. On the other hand if we lived in a very predominantly republican area it probably would be foolish to have a Bernie, or Clinton sticker.

    • Kinda sad either way though. That’s why I “poke the tiger.” I like folks to be able to speak their mind without fearing anything more than their neighbors will think them an idiot.

  • I think we’re screwed either way with Trump or Clinton I fear there’s rough road ahead

  • Hugo Phuckurselph

    This is America, put that sticker on your car. And always vote your conscience and not in fear. Don’t blame me about Clinton being the next President, I’m voting for Gary Johnson.

  • “I thought this was still America, where you are entitled to have an opinion, apparently not.” Aaarggghhh! This is such an annoying statement. I see versions of it all the time: “You’re not allowed to pray anymore.” or “You can’t say Merry Christmas anymore.” What the HECK? Did anyone ever go to jail for breaking some law, by saying Merry Christmas? Or for saying they supported Trump?
    You are definitely entitled to have an opinion. But SO are the people who argue with you! See? If you say something, and someone answers back with their own opinion as to why they think you’re wrong, you were still *allowed* to say it! You just had to suffer the indignity, on a public forum, of them saying their own piece. Fair is fair!
    As to fear of vandalism… fear if you like. Or get some kind of hidden-camera security system. In general, i wouldn’t worry about it. I go past a house frequently that has a Trump sign on the lawn and sticker on the window–no damage. Nobody cares! There are all kinds of political points of view in Humboldt. I happen to think that the people who oppose Trump are the types least likely to commit vandalism… their candidates do not tell them to “throw them out” (re: people he doesn’t like). Still, i understand that vandalism and violence are always possibilities. Hoodlum kids with nothing better to do, or breaking into your vehicle in hopes of finding something of value to fuel their drug habits. Could happen. The world’s a crazy place. But it’s unlikely.
    Please just don’t be paranoid. You have a right to speak. Nothing is “not allowing” it but your own fears!

  • How come no one is mentioning Bernie Sanders as an option for President? She is just the “presumptive” nominee…

  • If you want to experience bigotry and hate, just mention that you’re republican in Humboldt Co.

  • Wow, look at the comments generated here. Most prove Dorothy is correct in not putting the Trump bumper sticker on her car.

    None of you know Trump or have lived anywhere near Jersey. If you have, please feel free to correct me. Your opinion is based on media hype and twisting of Trump’s words. KRCR did an interview with the African American spectator in Redding, who was not offended by Trump’s description of him.

    It is not just Trump, it is being vilified for being conservative, Republican, white in Humboldt based on stereotypes. I am not white, just for the record, but I am not a person of color.

    Yes, you all have a right to your opinion so do Dorothy and I. Without being attacked here or Dorothy fearing for her safety.

    Hillary Clinton should be indicted for her lies and costing American lives. She talks gay and women’s rights yet accepts money from oppressive regimes. She could care less if her husband took advantage of women and cares more about her career. These are facts, not opinions based about Trump by a largely biased media. The same media that vilified Hillary Clinton over Obama.

    In Humboldt County, tolerance needs to be practiced by some progressives, liberals and PC crowd who incite hate and bigotry just as much as they claim Trump does.

    As for Kym’s headline, those reading into it have issues, not Kym.

    • Im fairly certain that most of them are the same shills found in every comment section in every local paper. At least a few people in the county are temporarily employed.

    • “Hillary Clinton should be indicted for her lies and costing American lives.”

      Maybe you’ve been sleeping in a HC courtroom for too long, John. There has been a Republican installed witch hunt installed in the US House of Representatives, (the 8th such committee for investigating your charges since 2012) by Boehner. $7 million later they finally issue their “final report” today.

      Read it. Trey Gowdy (R) Slitherin, Chair of that select committee, has nothing. All he can do is blame Democrats for foot dragging and make accusations.

      If there’s one thing I blame Obama for is NOT going after the Bush cabal for their collective lies in getting this country involved in an illegal war, in our name, where almost 4000 American troops, which I’m sure you dearly love and support, John, have been killed, tens of thousands wounded – just wait a few years until the remainder of those 3 and 4 tour deployed troops hit their 40s -50s and start feeling the full PTSD effects of their multiple deployments in 120 degree temps – and hundreds of thousands Iraqis have been killed, wounded and displaced. Let’s not even mention the seeds for ISIL planted.

      Nope. Nothing there, Benghazi is the real evil and Hillary Clinton is the real villain. Sssh. Don’t bring up the subject of which party in Congress cut back on Diplomatic (embassy) security budgets in their “austerity” program to allow it all to happen in the first place.

      That’s the molehill you and your Republican party want to die on, eh?

      • Deluth, the only one sleeping is you.

        Check the headlines today. The only Republican witch hunt is in your mind.

        You are a perfect example of the intolerance locally. No facts to dispute, justs insults. In your book, Democrats do no wrong, Republicans, bad.

        Are you saying Hillary is a happily married woman? Do you have facts to dispute the money the Clinton Foundation took? Nope.

        Unlike you, I inform myself and am not threatened by opposing opinions.

        • Huh? What headlines are you talking about re your topic of HRC’s “lies and costing American lives” or any “indictment” for them? Must be FOX News, New York Post, or Breitbart News your Sirius is tuned into. The Gowdy report came out today, John. He’s got bupkis[edit]

          Will it take a 9th or 10th select committee to find what you’re looking for? Could be. Spare no expense, austerity can wait, because there’s important, POLITICAL work that needs to be done here.

          And here’s another little item, you, who spends your time in court every day should find interesting: We are now at Day 136 with still no SCOTUS appointment because of McConnell’s block of Obama’s choice. Have you been paying attention to the latest round of SCOTUS decisions without a full court? Not going well for the Conservative Three. Used to be Five, even Kennedy can’t be trusted now. What’s even more of a giggle is that McConnell is blocking any appointment by Obama because he is waiting for Trump to win, the guy he won’t even endorse.

          Yeah, John, your party isn’t too much of a shit show. Have a nice day.

    • John, do you know how many political careers have been ruined by a slightly racist idiotic moment? A lot of them, and most were people who would of made a change and done right. But they slipped up in their speech making a comment that wasnt anywhere near as rascist as trump can be. Yet they’re careers ended right then. One question for ya, Why isn’t it the same for Trumps racist arangatang lookin ass. Fact is, the rascism in one of trumps speechs out matches all of the career ending lines that destroyed a dozen (or more) of real whole hearted people in Politics that meant well, and they just made a mistake trump is serious about the BS he spews. And he’s caught in lies constantly is that someone you want as a president. If you think people that dealt with racism their whole life aren’t going to be offended by someone putting a trump sticker on their car you thought the fuck wrong buddy. When I see the word trump I see, racist pig, I see the person as being an ignorant piece of shit who will burn in hell for supporting such an evil person, the type of pain and suffering he has caused all over the world, destroying lives for a small profit to keep his jet in the air. So yes she is right for not putting that bumper sticker on her car.

    • You should read your own posts more carefully.

  • Typically you just see tax evading dope growers around here proudly advertising the Socialist Sanders on their vehicle that was purchased with drug money.
    Humboldt – Hypocrisy at its finest.

    Your anti-establishment candidate is endorsing Hillary.

  • “Xenophobic, racist, bigot, ignorant, isolationist, selfish”, variations on a theme, all of the above often complimented by declarations of “pity for” the (hopeless) “dupe,” or some backdoor way of saying “you’re asking for it” when someone–anyone–either listens to, asks about, or EEE-GADS supports a person who dares question or point out there is such a thing as national sovereignty or thinks we should do what we can to protect it by, ps, actually enforcing existing laws then gets absolutely hammered over it. But this goes beyond Trump vs Clinton or Sanders for me. This is a ideological divide but not the one that people throw out for convenience (i.e. conservative vs liberal). This is ultimately about how much a nation>a state>a municipality>a town>an individual has control over its destiny. Make no mistake: that’s exactly what this is. You have decades and decades of ruling class telling you that “you cannot possibly do it without me”/”we know best.” I’m talking globally now. Throw in decades and decades of policies to make sure you undermine the individual’s ability to shed the sometimes unfortunate circumstances of their birth, deliberately codify it with systems that vilify independence of life and thought in favor of groupthink, and voila! You’ve got two going on three generations thinking and believing (with a religious vigor bordering on mania) that they absolutely cannot manage anything at all themselves. (Nor should they right, because that’s selfish. Independence is selfish). To question dependence is to be isolationist in these times. To question unchecked borders and unenforcement of immigration law is xenophobic in these times. To not blindly accept, with utmost confidence, the words of a president, a prime minister, any one person or small group in a position of power and influence is ignorance to be joyfully scorned. And finally: To not support the erasure of history as a means to avoid offense is invariably racist.

    I don’t hate those that have commented in here using the variations on a theme I mentioned at the beginning of this post. To me that would be like be like hating a group of goldfish in a bowl for not knowing how to survive once dumped into some class 4 rapids. I do pity them though. They have no concept of life outside the bowl that’s been created for them.

  • I’m not a Trump supporter, but I defend other people’s right to support him. Like Chiv & the others, I find it sad that he & his supporters have to be defended. Way too much has been purposely taken out of context. Follow the money.
    I, too, miss the friendly debates between community members. It’s important to be open minded & well educated. Force is neither.
    When the lesser of two evils (now there are 3) is chosen, you’re still choosing evil. Choosing. Let that one soak in.
    Whatever happened to integrity, honesty, & love for our Constitution? The people we elect to any office take an oath to protect & defend the blessings of liberty for all.. even Trump & Hillary supporters. Until we demand for their oaths to be honored, this will only get worse.
    As for me, I’m voting for that other guy who stands for Liberty & justice for all Americans. He’s not republican, democrat, green, or libertarian. He’s a constitutionalist.

    • Thank you Shak.

      • My pleasure.
        Unfortunately, I’ve only run into one candidate to date who is worthy of my consideration. His name is Darrell Castle. I think his site is at Seems legit, honest, sincere, knowledgeable & determined. If you hear of any others, let out a shout on your blog. (I read but am not signed up to comment).

  • Anybody but Hillary!!

  • I’m gay and white and voting for trump! There is said it!

  • All these comments is just why I don’t talk about who I’m voting for.i will say one thing I won’t vote for a LIAR!!I have to trust my president.So much hate from people,please people NEVER LET HATE WIN

  • Know Your History

    The party of slavery and the KKK will not tolerate a bumper sticker demonstrating an opposing view. They are the ‘Brownshirts’ of today’s American political system.

  • Reading the tides

    They are both crooks and not worth anyone’s vote. Until we as a people see that the so called leaders from the county on up to present are crooked people we will go niwhere. Arguing about who is better is like two kids arguing over Superman and Batman. Get real. The system is brokenm. There is no one way to fix it but all if us coming together. Trump and Clinton are both pieces if shit in my book. However, supporters of them may not be, just brainwashed. Wake up people. Squeegee your third eye and see that no politician will ever ever make anything better

  • Lindsay Thomas (Her daughter)

    I love how people are calling my mother racist just because of the person she is voting for. My mother is not racist, she is allowed to vote for who she wants. This is America. I thought we are allowed to express our opinions freely. No she is not racist. My sister is married to a Native American gentleman. My nieces and nephew are half Native American. I am currently in a relationship with a gentleman who is mixed with many different backgrounds. I do not see my mother as racist and it doesn’t negatively impact me. I see my mother as a person with the freedom to vote for she wants.. I would appreciate if the hate comments would stop. I love, and actually know my mother. Unlike everyone here who wants to assume.

    • Just because your nieces and nephews are Native American does not mean your mother is not racist. And I’m not even calling her racist, I call her uninformed. But if she is well informed than she is a racist pile for voting for him and knowing about his views on minority’s.

      • Lindsay Thomas (Her daughter)

        Do you even understand what it means to be racist? Or are you just throwing that term around because you’re the one who is indeed uninformed? My mother has no hate for anybody outside of her race. And she is not racist just because she agrees with some of trumps ideas. I’m not sticking up for trump, because I don’t like the guy either. But she has the right to vote for who she wants. It’s America, we can vote for who we want!!

        • Yes I do understand racism, I’m not white. I totally agree with you, everyone can vote for who they want. Truthfully, I’m just disgusted with this whole election, and then you see these rubes that are voting for this person who won’t help people like us. It’s frustrating when you see people who have so much time on their hands they worry about a bumper sticker that says Trump and they know Trump is racist so it might make a black or Hispanic person angry, in turn they might have their car vandalized. It’s just crazy to me. Also I don’t think someone would even vandalize a car because of that, I feel like someone would just see it and be like, oh they racist.

  • Anytime you stick up for someone whether it be to hold a sign…vote or express your ideals on social media..if it brings about such harsh comments and back lash..maybe its time to really rethink your decision to vote…hold signs or post on public media for your ideals…meaning there is something just not right about Trump or his ideals..for me..being native/Mexican…he scares me…not for this ideals as it changes time to time…its the hatred he brings out in the public rallys…theres no need for that…anytime negative back lash comes about its wrong…under any circumstances..isnt it? :/

    • I don’t know. Bernie supporters and Hilary supporters have gotten trashed for their decision to vote, too. Doesn’t seem like the victims of the trashing should have to rethink their vote but rather that the people who are the victimizers need to straighten their act out.

  • Well, there was the Bernie Sanders lawn poster that was ripped down multiple times by Trump-dicks on Azalea Avenue in McKinleyville. These proud Republikins even got out of their jacked-up truck and verbally threatened the home owner several times – so maybe getting your car vandalized with a Trump sticker on it would be just balancing out the bad karma, what comes around goes around.

    • Do you really believe that if a Bernie supporter is threatened by a Trump supporter that threatening some other totally random Trump supporter is good karma balancing….? I sure don’t blame all Ford owners if a Ford hits my vehicle.

      • Of course not, but I find it kind of ironic that Trump supporters are now pleading for “protection” after all of his rallies that pretty much spew constant hatred and isolation at everyone and anyone that doesn’t follow him or agree with his message. Reap what you sow.

    • I am not a violent person, I would never vandalize anyone’s property, when they have a sign or sticker for someone else, the person who did this need to be arrested for threats and vandalisms, that being said, I do believe in defending myself and my property from threat. Karma does work both ways.

  • That’s what is great about America we can be and say what we want,vote for who we want marry who we want.freedom of speech.boy that’s a big one.the problem with a opinion is everyone is right.the hateful Ness comes silly,right?be kind.we all have a right to stand up for ourselfs and our property

  • Vote for whoever you want. But, beware that Trump is going to divide this country.

    • Sorry, Cheney, Wolfowitz, Rove, FOX and Rupert Murdoch already had that covered years ago. We’re all just trying to hang on now.

  • Don’t be afraid Grandma…..My dad has two on his car and I have two on mine. One is “Hillary for Prison”
    I have yet to see a Hillary sticker !!!!

  • Native Indian for Trump!
    I support the Needy!
    I opposed funding the lazy!

    Wish the would make signs and bumper stickers: ” Native Indians for TRUMP.”


  • I bought a Trump sticker and put it on my car. I am a tailor. One of my customer’s friends who just happens to be black pulled my sticker off my truck, The owner of the store that I work inside of saw him do it. That is the kind of “tolerance” that libs adhere to. They preach tolerance but they want it only towards them. They preach racism but only where it concerns them. Every time a Democrat president gets into office they stir up racial tension.Thank GOD my black friends (and I have a LOT of them) don’t pay attention to it. In fact some of them have told me how stupid it is. If Clinton wins the way things are will just progress to worse. The only reason she wants to win is power. She wants to rule. She is a bigger narcissist than Obama. She doesn’t care about this country. She just wants to keep the lifestyle that she’s become accustomed to. She is so evil. She ripped ABC execs and David Muir another one behind the scenes the other night. One of my customers has a video that someone sent him where she was using every foul word she could think of and told them if Trump wins they’ll all be sunk. I am sure praying hard that he wins

  • Really? As a Democrat, I’ve had my car keyed, our campaign signs (that we paid for) torn up and vandalized, bumper stickers ripped off my car — none of which were offensive. On the other hand, I drive down the road and I read incredibly offensive bumper stickers EVERYWHERE for Republicans. Your hypocrisy makes me sick.

    Your party’s been doing this for YEARS in Republican dominated territory. Sucks when it gets thrown back at you, doesn’t it? I’m not saying it’s right, but I am saying that it’s funny that probably every single one of you have engaged in that type of bullying when it was the other way around.

    And I hope you enjoy our bankrupt country run by a rapist. This is NOT the America my family has been a part of since the Revolution. But then, no doubt with that bankrupting bigot in charge, we won’t have an America a year after he takes office. He’ll have sold us to his good buddy Putin. I hope you’ll all be very, very happy.

  • My sticker got pulled off and it has made me so angry! Leave my property alone! What is wrong with the people of this country? I have a right to put any sticker on my vehicle that I desire.

  • jaishankar maheshvari

    hi humboldt. it is very, very sad that just because the bushes and fox used 2 b evil, that everything nbc and cnn say about trump is true. its not. trump wasnt
    backed by the republicans or democrats (same) because he is out of the system. the sad thing is, to me, sorry but humboldt is brainwashed (never thought id see the day) but they are LYING about trump! please i am serious. he is out of the system so they are lying about him. he has supported blacks and women his whole carrer. he is going after child predators. look it up. he is going after pedos. (see: pedogate pizzagate people!!)6 he has arrested many govnmt pedos. thats why they hate him. thats why they spread lies about him. please reconsider… i cant belive everyone around here is beliveing the media lies about him! (whatever happened to ‘kill ur tv’, humboldt??) please wake up. hillary and obama tried so hard for war with russia THAT was scary. antifa is chanting “no usa” and if you read history, its the same communist tactics and plans of the bolshiviks who took over russia and made them the sucky communist country everyone thinks of when they think of russia, but actually russia is finally recovering and now these communists want to ruin america! look it up, please, they already want to give everyone 10 grand a year handout its communisim and socialisim.did you know that if hillary won, the UN already had orders to confinscate our guns door to door -look it up! also, look up putin just offered christian families a refuge in his country–away from the commuists– only no transgendars!! i personally used to think its was ‘open -minded’ to be bi-sexual, until …dont u people realize they are pushing this agenda down our throats?? i am discusted. and how they think its ok to transgendar children, that there are clinics for it?? dont you think its a little off??? and also, look up “transvestigation”: that every star in hollywood is actually the opposite sex than we were told!!! discusting!!! it is wrong because it is dishonest and sneaky. and before there is any debate about this, there are ways that scientists can look at 5000 yr old bones and discover which gendar they belonged to. also if someone blows themselves up, they can tell. men have broader sholders, women have wider hips. every time. period. even when a woman has very, very broad shoulders, her hips will always be wider. now look that up, and realize between that, and the pedogate/pizzagate, (you must look up how everyone in gvnmnt is taken to parties where they are drugged up and photo’ed in bed with child sex slaves and thats how govnmnt leaders ARE KEPT IN CHECK???) this world is run by some sick f’s and donald trump has already arrested upwards of 1300 pedos. donald trump let a homeless black woman stay in one of his appartments in trump tower, and gets food every day and flowers twice a week. he hired women contractors in the 80s when not many were doing so. why dont you look up the groups “latinos for trump” and “mexicans for trump” and see the love that they have for our president. he is being viciously attacked by the soros-owned media and he is not racist. hillary is racist!!! bernie is also rasist (and paid off by hillary–she bought him 2 luxury homes AND a plane!!!) trump is a renagade cowboy and he is giving EVERYONE a tax cut, everyone not just the wealthy, yet another lie i hear spewed around here. HE IS NOT RACIST. please trust. he is being treated this way because he is going against the sellout of this country by the rich elite, and thats why they hate him. hillary and bernie want communisim. look up bolsheviek (sp?) russia and communist vennisualia (sp?). gosh i always thought humbolt county was ahead of the curve for renegade independants who thought for themselves and bucked the system, (like trump!) but boy was i wrong. please please please forget the 90s version of “fox news” and realise they can barely afford to be on the trump train cus they are all owned by soros, rothchilds, rockefellas. PLEASE realise, please. just look at his speaches, uncut, un-rewound and recut and re-recorded, JUST the plain speaches, please. and maybe all the various ethnics for trump groups. he is trully on our side, anti big govnmt, anti regulations (he signed a thing saying they couldnt regulate water in ur own bkyard months ago that we all were suffering for that obama put in duh people what more could we want). he is for small buisness, moms and pops. thats why he has cut sooo much u guys LIKE big gvnmt, and regulation?? leading to communisim??? ill end by saying, i hv a TRUMP LIKE A BOSS (bcus he is the only 1 with common buisness sence EVER imo in ‘there’) MAGNENT and a WE THE PEOPLE car MAGNENT (why are immagrant kids & families getting MORE BENIFITS THAN OUR OWN??? f’ing crazy) magnets, people of humboldt, magnents, kindboldt, so that i can take them off when i babysit my granson for His Safety. bcus antifa (the major facists paid by soros who are punching elderly women and stabbing them) are, yes, scary. thanku.

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