Fireworks in Shelter Cove May Cause Problems With Landslide, Warns Fire Department

Shelter cove landslide by Cheryl AntonyPress release from Shelter Cove Fire:

On Sunday, May 8th, 2016 a large section of the bluff at Shelter Cove, called the “Cove Beach”, calved, sending a slide four feet deep, which went from the bluff base to the waterline. Fortunately, no one was caught or injured. Please be advised that the bluffs remain unstable, with smaller slides occurring south toward “Deadman’s”.

The concern is that the concussing effect of the larger explosives used in the coming holiday, as well as the vehicles using the beach, and the attending activities therein, may well de=stabilize further the current , precarious situation. Our interest is for all to enjoy a safe and uncomplicated holiday.


Shelter Cove Fire
Shelter cove landslide by Cheryl Antony Shelter cove landslide by Cheryl Antony



  • So If there concerned that fireworks and vehicles may cause a slide, then why can’t they just close the beach on the 4th? I mean that would suck because the cove is the only alternative to benbow as far as people bringing awesome fireworks but if they really think that it might be dangerous or cause a slide…Close the beach then!

  • The obvious solution would seem to be what’s used for avalanche control – set off some big explosions before the 4th so that anything that’s going to fall does so before the people get there.

  • BTW, the geological term is mass wasting……..for your bemusement and acidification ;^p

  • There’s been plenty of fireworks since the slide started. Thursday night there was a midnight fireworks show from some of the more self absorbed residents. So far so good on the slide, fingers crossed. Hope everyone has a safe fun holiday!

  • Tempest in a teapot! Fearmongering. Just tell people to be careful and be done with it.

  • “Were gonna need a bbigger boat”.

  • Those bluffs have been coming down for the last 100 years

  • Fireworks causing a landslide? I think someone has a good imagination. I mean, theoretically I suppose it could happen. The landslide could set off a 9.9 earthquake causing California to slip into the ocean.

    “Firecracker Destroys Western US”

    • Now that’s funny!!thank you

    • explosions cause concussions/ shockwaves. A big enough shockwave could very easily cause unstable earth to slide. Your joking right gunther?

      • Super correct saucy! Kym Kemp isn’t known for posting fear mongering articles. I’m very grateful for her keeping everyone informed on issues in our community, including possible dangers in our neighborhood, and that is a logical possible danger at an event where kids will be. Thanks Kym!!

  • Fear monger you wallet being heisted in a utility kickback scam, being posted as a Pioveneer, sent packing under a bluff. Your only safe at home.

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