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deer with marijuana

“They just nibble here and there…nothing yet to worry about,” a grower says about this photo. There’s a split in the growing community. Many growers swear deer destroy gardens. Others say they have no problems and don’t even fence the plants. (See another example here.)

What do you say?



  • I have come to the conclusion that Deer do not eat pot. they nibble on one leaf then walk on by. never had any trouble.

    • WRONG…Just because something has never happened to you does not mean it’s a fact that it doesn’t happen.

  • I have only had nibbles for a long time. 2 summers ago up alderpoint rd they kept stripping plants bare so I’ve seen both

  • Lol, deer eat Marijuana by the pound!!! It all depends on what food is available and how dry it is! I shot a deer that had a solid two pounds in its gut. I would include the pics, but I have been chastised in the past!!! Lmk if you need my credentials kym!!! I can readily post my hunters safety card if needed!! Lmao.. over time the deer will get used to eating it and it will be more than a nibble once there is little else to eat. Guaranteed!!!

    • Yes, what they eat and their desperation to get at it is definitely related to what’s available. Consider that and maybe let there be available appropriate forage…

  • Deer eat your plants until they start budding, ESPECIALLY fresh clones…

    • yep, that’s correct, deer will munch plants down. But they don’t like the buds, its too stoney for them…..

  • I have no trouble with deer

  • I get a kick out of reading this line of comments and the ones on the Facebook page. We’re all like blind folks checking out the elephant. We only have a piece of the answer.

    I know growers who’ve lost a chunk of their plant to deer (mostly very young plants) and I’ve known ones who never have fences and have never lost anything to deer. The link in the photo above shows a garden with deer grazing among the plants. That grower has never had any problems.

  • They eat any plant material that digests and has nutritional value!!! Buds included!!! It is all determined by population,food availability, and habitat, or lack thereof. The general public is so ignorant it is scary!! Smart phones dumb people!!! It’s not a matter of what they like/don’t like it’s a matter of survival! Deer aren’t human beings!!

  • eat: no…trample: yes…

  • deer are browsers , they will eat any plant especially moms flowers .
    their body knows what nutrients it needs and will eat accordingly . ive been a hunter over 40 years and have followed them and checked on what they eat so i know what to look for when hunting . ive watched them eat then walked up to plant only to see no evidence they ate some. ive even seen them strip new saplings of bark in dry creek bed cause bark was moist . they get about 60 % of their daily water intake from moist plants . and pot plants love water

  • Those plants look terrible

    • LMFAO, yes I would have to agree, there mine and that figures that the dou would model next to the shity plants😳

  • If deer arn’t eating your plants, then it is because there is some other food source that is close by, or the deer simply are not hungry enough or your stuff is fenced. Anybody that says they will NOT eat pot plants is wrong. The person in the article that said “they just nibble here and there” – might be true for now but just keep letting the deer wander and ‘nibble’ without fear, and see what happens.

    • Been years in the case of the grower in the link…no problems. The garden is in a large grassy meadow.

      • Well then that’s amazing. Last year it was a constant struggle for me. I’d walk outside with a flashlight around 11pm and there would be about ten of them feasting on my few plants. Ended up putting up a six foot fence…two days later, go outside at night, theres a pack of them inside the fence. (six feet is not enough for a deer) moral of the story, think i lost around 3-4 plants total, but they were around 8-9 feet tall and bushy. And when i say ‘lost’ I mean the bastards ate everything down to the main stock.

  • My heard of deer go right to the front of my property I have 2 apple trees which I shake the apples fall ,and that’s were they go righ t past my garden .my grand babys love to see the deer.

  • From what I’ve seen and heard deer go for the plants grown with natural ferilizer and no sprays of any kind. And they’ll eat Powder mildew.

    • The grower in the link says he is completely organic and never sprays anything even organic sprays.

      • Weird, well there goes my only theory! Maybe they like certain strains over others like spider mites do sometimes? They definitely eat some gardens over others but I’m really curious as to why know!

        • Some folks say the deer only like OG. There was no OG in the garden in the link so maybe that’s it. I find it hard to believe that deer have such refined palates though.

  • Maybe it’s a case of sativa vs. indica

  • Hahaha. That’s funny. I neeeded that. Og deer.

  • They pick and choose different cultivars. Some plants only get nibbled. OG gets munched the the stalk!!!

  • As usual a group of overthinkers of course deer eat fresh green my 35 years /of my intimacy with my girls has taught me o course they eat plants that’s what they do

  • seeking balance.

    I’m guessing it depends on what else is around to eat, and maybee the strain and flavor of you weed. My garden is fenced…why not fence it…lazy? But, when I prune, I always pile up the clippings outside the fence. The deer love it, they eat almost everything on the pile, and come back daily to see what I leave them.

  • Does it give them the munchies?

  • Sleepy Alligator

    Kym I think that my favorite RB picture would be appropriate for this debate. You know, the one from last year (maybe 2 years ago) of those beautiful giant plants with the deer posing next to them? Personally I have never had a problem with deer eating my plants ( knock on wood), but I have had a bear knock around every plant I had in a small area. I assume the bear was just curious. Not surprisingly all but one of the plants survived. My biggest plant loss to wildlife was caused by a rabbit eating the entire outside layer from the ground up to about the height of an average rabbit. I’m sure it was a rabbit because the next morning there was a rabbit in my rat trap. I never had that problem again, but I did develop a dislike of rabbits.

  • After four years of breeding CBD rich strains, which have been given the name DEER TREAT SERIES:
    This cross of Cannotonic x Thai Haze x Harle Tsu, have been the deers favorite. After two years of observation with age cameras we have noticed that the deer will walk right past a 4xGold which test at 25% THC +.
    And will head right for the CBD rich strains. This continues at a # of our R&D gardens currently. Try some DEER TREAT. and see what your deers think.

  • I know someone who had a deer walk into a greenhouse, go halfway down a row, then eat one entire plant top to bottom and then leave without touching one other plant. Why? I don’t know.

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