Old Glory Flies Again in Memory of WWII Vet

flag by “The flag of our country once again flies at Criss’s Flower Shop in Redway,” reports Tom Pietila who is a member of the local American Legion post. “Old Glory” he said, was replaced after a rope broke three months ago.

Family Tree Service and Garberville Post 494 of the American Legion worked together to replace the flag.

[I]ts taken this long to find some one to replace the rigging,” Pietila wrote. He explained that the banner was originally set up “[i]n honor to Louie, late husband to Criss and WWII veteran.



  • Crotchety Local

    Very nice. The EPIC, KMUD and ACLU crowd must be hating on that.

  • veterans friend

    I wish they would reinstall the flagpole at the POST OFFICE, where it is mandated by law, in Myers Flat

  • Wether you agree with the wars this country’s corrupt politicians perpetrats or not, most veterans join the armed forces to serve their country and fight fore the freedoms we have so quickly taken for granted, and some seem to out right despise, and fore that every person who puts their life on the line for their sespect of this country and the people that live in it deserves our respect and admiration. Thanks to all vets for what you did for our country. For all those that think The United STATES Of American is inherently evil please feel free to GET THE FUCK OUT.

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