Man Arrested for Marijuana Cultivation by BLM Yesterday

BLM Marijuana FeatureReaders have been asking us about the marijuana grow that was raided yesterday in the Honeydew area. Here’s what we’ve pieced together:

According to witnesses, law enforcement officials headed up Wilder Ridge Road south of Honeydew a little after 10 a.m. yesterday. According to booking logs, at 11:30 a.m., officers for the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) arrested Steven Lewis Conselvi for cultivating marijuana. Conselvi is listed variously online as either a resident of Eureka or Arcata.

Conselvi was released on bail bond a little after 5 p.m.

We’ve contacted the BLM and requested more information.

UPDATE here.



  • Is BLM property involved?
    What? No Bulgarians?

    • veterans friend

      No. A family man with a very conservative garden on his own property. Utterly fucked up

      • I just don’t get why the huge mega gardens aren’t busted! A very giving wonderful guy!! It all around sucks!!!

        • The cops are tight lipped about this bust because they don’t want to look stupid while having to say that they drove past 100 mega grows to get a small timer .

  • veterans friend

    Thanks Kym

  • It’s easier and cheaper to roll on the Small Folks. The grants and government funding which flows to these, and all, cops are based on the number of busts, not the bag limits.
    There are more small growers than mega-growers. Therefore, the more small busts (using fewer resources at lower costs,) the more lucrative the kill. af

  • Best Guy I know

  • Hippie or Gun Battle?

    Down driveway A is a peaceful hippie w/ a grow & down driveway B there is a heavily armed international gangster growing weed. If u make $50k a year & have a wife and kids what driveway do u want to bust? The cops always go the peaceful route. They don’t want to bust the real criminals and risk getting into a gunfight. At least that’s what it seems like to the public.

  • Get The Bulgarians Already!

    Was this for a garden on BLM? I hope that is the reason. If not then we have a problem! Some HUGE and unwanted scenes out that way and to drive past them for a little guy is…well…criminal!

  • Unless there was a pending federal charge or the violation occurred on federal land or they were operating under the umbrella of the HCSO, the BLM has no jurisdiction to enforce laws on private property.

    Here’s an interesting dialog via a DHS training site:

  • ULLR, that was before the AFFH & strong cities networks were signed. Things have changed recently.

  • Redwood Country Mama

    Perhaps the real motivation is BLM expanding by grabbing “in-holding” parcels. Pay attention if your property adjoins theirs. Remember BLM is managing the public’s resources for the benefit of a very few wealthy individuals who graze cattle, mine minerals, log timber…. Right now they have 44,000 wild horses and burros in holding pens waiting for Congress to fast-track legislation to undo the protections in place, so they can send them to slaughter.

  • BLM wants to merge this mans property with theirs. Well at least he wasn’t burning brush like the guys that lost there land in Oregon. No arson charges. I’m sure he’ll get a offer he can’t refuse.

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