South Fork High School’s Awards: Do You Know One of These Kids?

South fork High school2 (1 of 1)Press release from South Fork School:

2016 awards and scholarships for papers

Senior Scholastic awards

Spanish: Quinn Magpie

Culinary Arts: Sidney Stevens

Drama: Cody Bowen

Music: Kyle Kirkpatrick, Jorin Eddy, Raven Mood

Achievement in Athletics: Klayton Walker

Reading: Elisha McCoy

Study Skills: Orion Burke

Achievement Challenge: Dual Languages: Carmen Rodriguez

English 4: Dakota Cox

English 4 Honors: Jorin Eddy, James Wilde

Outstanding Service: Gaje Westphal

Citizen and Scholar: James Wilde, Ethan Wolf, Jasmine Carr, Ella Scott, Kevin Vandenack, Raven Mood,

Jorin Eddy, Kalvin Buffington

Ceramics: Madisyn Salomon

Advanced Art: James Wilde

Urban Design:

Team Leader: Armando Martinez

Most Helpful: Kayden Blair

Project Success: Carmen Rodriguez

Senior Honors and Scholarships:

Booster Club Scholarships,: Kevin Vandenack, Connor Messenger, Kayden Blair, Sophia DePew, Madisyn


Coast Central Credit Union Scholarship: Sidney Stevens

Ray Hartig Rotary Scholarship: Madisyn Salomon

*Principal’s Award: Karlee Humphrey, Carmen Rodriguez

*Golden Cub Award: Klayton Walker, Huston Reuter

*Culinary Arts Scholarship: Sidney Stevens

HSU Scholarships: Kevin Vandenack, Emily Eib

Garden Club Scholarship: Sidney Stevens

Jan Iris Wage peace Scholarship:Jasminie Carr

Sanctuary Forest Scholarship: Jasmine Carr

Community Scholarship: Cody Bowen

Kiwanis Scholarships: Jasper Wallace-Boyd, Cody Bowen

Jennifer Alyson Bushnell Memorial Scholarship: Madisyn Salomon

Soroptimist Scholarships: Macy Persall, Sidney Stevens

Syd Lehman Memorial Scholarship: Sophia DePew

North Coast College Access Scholarship: Madisyn Salomon

California Scholarship Federation Scholarship: Alea Ahola, Quinn Magpie, Kalvin Buffington

California Scholarship Federation: Honors: James Wilde, Jorin Eddy, Jasmine Carr, Quinn Magpie, Kalvin

Buffington, Alea Ahola

Cash for College FAFSA Completer Scholarship: Cody Bowen

Blood Donor Honor Cord: Kalvin Buffington, Cody Dowsland, Ruthann Goodfield, Ashleigh Harrison,

Carmen Rodriguez

Raven Mood: Mathematics Achievement Award from the California Department of Education and the California

Mathematics Council for exemplary mathematics achievement.

Humboldt Area Foundation:

Madeline Rose Coker Memorial Scholarship: Emily Eib

McLean Foundation Scholarship: Sidney Stevens

McLean Foundation Scholarship: Emily Eib

Evelyn Hansen Noderer Scholarship: Jorin Eddy

Grades 9-11 Scholastic Awards

Career and Technical Education

Shop: Ayden Gallagher, Sky Allen, Aaron Etherton:

Office: Mr. Professional: Devon Willner, Joseph Peralta

Culinary Arts: Devon Willner, Chris Arbuthnot, Anjoliena Girard, Jasmine Todd


Biliteracy Pathway Awards: Alex Tapia, Karishma Patel, Emmerson Peralta


English 2: Gabriella Winters

English 2 Honors: Madison Burnett, Maya Quiggle

English 3H: Maricela Lopez


Marine Biology: Katy Johnson, Jenny Booth

Earth Science: Rachel Goblet, Sarah Foster, Kylee Girard, Chad Springer, Sophia Wallace-Boyd, Gianna

Moore, Dusty Rodas, Silas Paula

Social Science

Excellent Scholarship in U.S. History: Raya Mahony, Victoria Van Meter, Violet Page, Katy Johnson

Excellent Scholarship in World History: Aaron Etherton, Kamia Way, Maya


Jessica Louth, Dillon Hayden, Ijal Morgan, Jon Jon Gotcher

Math Perseverance: Emmerson Peralta

Visual Arts

Media Productions: Hallie Douglas and Andika Verick

Oil Painting: Emma Lively (9)

Creative Designs: Aiyana Barrios (10)

Attention to Detail: Maricela Lopez (11)

Most Improved: Kylie Messenger (9)

Best use of Color: Raya Mahony (11)

Best use of Composition: Cooper Scott (9)

Watercolors: Amicah Pike (9)

Urban Design:

Biggest Clean-up: Levi Humphrey (11), Joseph Peralta (11), Sean Sweeney(11)

Digital Media:

Photography: Nadya Verick (9)

Layout Design: Rachel Goblet (9)

Most Likely to Volunteer with a Smile: Mercayties Cleveland (9)

Advanced Ceramics:

Persistence: Victoria Van Meter(11)

Miniature Designs: Sean Sweeney(11)

Thoughtful Planner: Gabi Moore (11)


Centering Guru: Ryder Pfau (10)

Dedication: Dusty Rodas (9)

Most Improved: Hallie Douglas (10), Levi Humphrey (11), Gabe Malley (10)

Persistence: Madison Burnett (10)

Most Helpful: Jared Ficklin (10)

Creative Design: Jasmine Krastes (10)

Music and Drama

Drama, Spring Play: Maya Quiggle, Emaya Young, Chance McFarland, Jessica Louth

Band: Shane Kirk, Aryanna Schmollinger

Madd Jazz: Acacia Courtemanche

Chance McFarland, Maya Quiggle

Musician of the Year: Acacia Courtemanche

Guitar: Shane Kirk, Sophia Wallace-Boyd

Drama: Kenny Portillo, Emaya Young, Katy Bach, Chance McFarland

Jazz ensemble: Sky Allen

Study Skills

Willingness to Learn and Good Attitude: Manny Rodriguez

Overall Achievement and Growth: Jacob Stebbins

Consistent commitment to learning: Jared Ficklin

Leadership: Tracy Roby



  • Congratulations to you all. You should be proud. I know I am.

  • Congratulations! Well done! I hope you had a wonderful time earning and accepting these awards.
    I am sure there are many who worked very hard, who didn’t receive an award, so give yourself a pat on the back too. It’s always fun and exciting to be acknowledged by others for hard work; but the biggest reward is the one you give yourself, because you took steps to expand your knowledge…

    Your journey continues…

  • Congratulations to all of them! Hard Work & dedication can’t be beat. Well done!

  • I have to laugh somewhat. One of the students who won a “scholastic” award failed to graduate because of laziness.

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