Rio Dell City Council Says Nay to Medical Marijuana Land Use Ordinance

Press release from the Rio Dell City Council:

indoor bud

Indoor marijuana bud

In 1996 voters of the state of California passed Proposition 215, exempting patients and specified caregivers from criminal laws related to medical marijuana. The Proposition did not however create clarity on the many issues surrounding medical marijuana and as a result the California Legislature and Governor enacted the Medical Marijuana Regulation and Safety Act (MMRSA) in September of 2015. The Act provided for a full regulatory framework regarding Medical Marijuana that called for a dual licensing system of State and local government permits for cultivation, manufacturing and dispensing among other activities. MMRSA’s clarifications included support for the authority of local governments to regulate land use and levy taxes.

Spearheaded by Councilmember Debra Garnes, the Rio Dell City Council began consideration of MMRSA in December of 2015, with a draft land use ordinance developed by the Planning Commission over four months and five public meetings. The Planning Commission then voted 4‐0 (Member Alice Millington absent –Millington was a supporter of the ordinance) to recommend approval of the Commercial Medical Marijuana Land Use Ordinance (CMMLUO) to the full Council. In total, the City Council considered the topic over nine public meetings and drafted a binding tax measure that would have been proposed to the voters of Rio Dell for the November 8th general election.

The full CMMLUO came to the City Council for action on the evening of June 21, 2016. A motion to approve an amended version of the ordinance was made, which included limiting cultivation to a few parcels on the Dinsmore – Rio Vista Plateau and Eel River Sawmill Annexation area in addition to limiting the number of dispensaries to three within the City limits. The motion to approve the amended ordinance failed by a 3‐2 vote with Councilmembers Thompson, Marks and Mayor Wilson dissenting and Councilmembers Garnes and Johnson voting to approve the ordinance.

Under existing Rio Dell Municipal Code Section 17.30.190 residents of Rio Dell are allowed up to 50 square feet of indoor growing of marijuana for individual medical purposes. This section of code remains active.



  • The Kick Back For That 10 thousand Square Foot Building Wasn’t Big Enough . The one proposed for that parking lot next to the eel river saw mill

  • Complete lunacy how come you can grow so many as a 215 ,and the big out fit coclomrate s can grow unlimited amounts I’m desabled 215 patient ,and I grow my own medicine once a yr out door ,and I’m thankful I can do this I my back yard ,it’s one of the things I live for .I don’t get it.

    • veterans friend

      Your first two words….answer your question. Our local, state & federal elected officials are all completely in thrall to the monied interests, for whom the continued prohibition of cannabis is apparently more lucrative than comming to grips with the fact that it is, after all, just a plant.

  • Conglomerate. Enthralled.

  • The polls I watch have the Cannabis Question failing, state wide. Largely due to the Cops ‘n Gods influence, as usual, but I suspect also due to those who prefer the stability of the Black Market. (sigh) But those who have already bought into the various rules and ordinances, and revealed themselves and their businesses, should pause to wonder what will happen to them if it DOES fail, and the machine grinds on…and on… af

    • In order for the price to be what it is, there has to be a lot more consumers than suppliers. You’d think the consumers would support legalization.

      • Tax and Regulate and Control and Collect

        The prices will not drop much at all. There will just be many more hands in the pocket of the grower and retail outlet- local and state agencies, local and state taxes, permits, fees, etc. The price will not drop to the consumer- they will make sure of that believe me!!

    • They should just decriminalize it like Darrell Castle is pushing for & start afresh with county guidelines that suit each county. Pharmaceuticals & labs pollution is far worse than natural fertilizers.

    • You can only perpetrate a con so many times .

  • Great news. Other areas should follow

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