Bodega Man Arrested for DUI in Alderpoint Road Accident

chpstarOn Monday evening, a Toyota Tacoma crashed into a rock while heading eastbound on Alderpoint Road approximately 1/5 of a mile east of the Bell Springs cutoff.

The driver, Eric Smith of Bodega Bay, was transported by City Ambulance to Jerold Phelps Hospital. Smith, age 34, was detained for suspicion of driving under the influence but, according to a California Highway Patrol spokesperson, “due to his injuries, he was released to the hospital for continued treatment.”

UPDATE:  The report has been forwarded to the Humboldt County District Attorney’s Office.

Earlier Chapter: Solo Vehicle Accident East of Garberville Injures One



  • Now he should probably go back where he came from..along with all the other outsider kooks…its too dangerous here for city dipshits.

    • You ever been to Bodega Bay? Hardly a city, genius. Like no locals drink and drive that road every single day.

    • Really? I grew up in trinity county. Was a accident. And special thanks to all the people that just passed me when I was on the ground flagging them down. Special thanks to a stand up guy that helped me out. Owe you big time. It didn’t seem fair to take the chp field sobriety after shattering my windshield with my head. So I told them to fuck themselves. There it is.

  • Hmm, let’s see, DUI, on Alderpoint Road. Land of marijuana. Do the math.

  • D.u.i on alderpoint road,wow that’s some crazy driving right there.or dumb!hope their going to be ok.

  • veterans friend

    Ever notice that everyone waves on Alderpoint rd. It’s to let you know that, even though they are drunk, they see you and will try not to hit you as you pass

    • That’s the funniest part, everyone waves and are friendly on the east side.
      Exact opposite of what the west side says. When actually nobody waves on the west side, they just scowl.
      I find east-siders far friendlier than west-siders. It’s exactly like the liberal / conservative miss-conception.
      Conservatives are actually patient and friendly, Liberals are a judgmental angry mess.
      So funny.

    • Oh yeah, they wave as they go by three feet in your lane without flinching back into their lane, like EVERY time I drive the AP road. The worst drivers drive on the AP road, always in a big hurry and all over the road, I’m surprised there isn’t way more wrecks. The latest major idiot who is going to hurt someone or himself is the idiot speed demon in one of those tiny cars. you take your life in your hands traveling on this road .

      • oh grow a pair eastside. I’d argue that you take your life in your hands driving anywhere. the Cove road is just as bad if not worse as far as people flying around corners several feet in your lane. I drive both AP and the cove road frequently people are just as crazy drivers if not worse over there.

        • Hey, don’t worry about it Saucy. I didn’t say AP road was the only road with shitty drivers, but it’s top on my list.

  • Well maybe if AP road got some real repairs or some sort of resurfacing. You have to drive in the other lane so that you avoid potholes that have personally bent rims and blown out several tires. Why hasn’t anybody addressed this?

  • Miss the “Dry Dock”in Bodega Bay,on HWY 1. Somewhat like the “Vista del Mar” Aka V.D. by the Sea. But with more fist fights. For mixed drinks, “The Tides”. “It’s the end of the world!” In the movie, “The Birds”. When they show the kid’s running down the hill from the school. They are running downhill to the “Casino”. A farmers bar in Bodega on HWY 12. Then there is, or was the “Pink Elephant”in Monte Rio. They have lots of windy roads, that guy must have been really blasted.

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