Coyote Country

Talia Rose: Coyote

A coyote prances out of the Eel River near Benbow this weekend.  [Photo by Talia Rose]

The clever coyote slips into local Native American tales but, for the most part, stays out of the way of humans. Nonetheless, Talia Rose who posts lovely local animal photos on her Facebook page County Line Wild captured this handsome critter Saturday.

Have you ever managed to catch one with your camera? Please share in the comment section below if you did.



  • Here’s one of my favorites.

  • No. But I raise you two Bobbies.

  • My fave photo, of mama cat and junior on their walkabout, was mama giving me – the look.

  • I had a coyote charge me once. In the Eel river valley, early summer, I think it must have had pups. Scared the crap outta me. Yelled and threw stuff while back peddling till it stopped

  • Coyote near Redding.

  • Another of my favorites…

  • If I ever get a shot like that there will be a few less coyotes!!! 🔫🏹🗡 Has anyone ever seen what a coyote does to a doe and fawn? Blacktail deer populations have been on the decline since the 1950’s. Black bears and coyotes play a major role in this.

    • For heaven sake’s, what possesses you to destroy other people’s joy. Does this seem like an appropriate response to people enjoying nature?

      If you wanted to say the same thing without the photo, you would be making a point. Adding the photo appears to be for shock value. Well, you’ve shocked and disgusted me.

      • Shocked and disgusted? How about a picture of a doe with its rear end ripped out from a coyote? Do you think nature is existing just to give you idealistic photo opportunities? Show a little intellect and include some actual information about the true existence and habits of our charismatic mega vertabrates!!! You pander to couch locked misinformed anti naturalists!!! You maam are part of the problem!!!

        • Nature does not exist to give me idealistic photo opportunities. BUT this corner of my website exists to provide a peaceful antidote to some of the darker parts of the news. Just as someone’s church is not the place to have sex (doesn’t mean that sex is wrong, but it doesn’t fit the situation) just as someone’s white couch is not the place to lay your muddy boots and a wedding between a widow and her new groom is not the place to rave about her old husband. There are time and places for things and this post is not the place for that. You intended to be shocking. You succeeded.

          A coyote killing a deer is part of nature. Yet you act horrified that it happens and want to kill a coyote because of that? How natural is that?

          What problem am I part of? People wishing to enjoy a little pleasant photography? Good god, the shame… If someone wants to sit and enjoy a quiet day in nature, do you insist you have the right to start throwing bombs because after all that’s part of real life?

          • Triniboldticino

            I was enjoying the photos until the headshot. I’ve dumped a few ‘yotes, but that was simply tacky.

        • Dude, you’ve been listening to Joe Rogan too much. ‘Charismatic mega fauna’ doesn’t apply to coyotes. And this is just fucking gross. No one wants to see this, or the ass end of a deer killed by a coyote, or pictures of you when you die. You like to hunt and kill, great. I get it. So do coyotes — they have to. What’s wrong with that? Just remember that it doesn’t matter anyway…read Coyote America: for every coyote killed the female of each pack automatically increases the number in the next litter to compensate….we’ve been trying to exterminate them (I still don’t know why) since we got to this continent and they just keep sprawling LOL. They will be howling over all our graves. They win. And keep you hunting porn to yourself[edit]

    • Nice shot. Get over it Kym, the world isn’t perfect, okay?

    • Hmmmm…something tells me that humans play more of a role.

    • If you are killing to eat, your actions can be justified but if you are killing for the sake of killing i believe you are the monster. Human beings are the only creatures on earth living in extreme excess depleting the earths resources without any regard for the beings which co-exist with us.

      You are ignorant if you cannot acknowledge the fact that the extinction of so many species is linked primarily to the existence of human beings. If like the animals we lived at a subsistent level the world would be 100x better off.

      All animals are living, just as we are. You should show some gratitude to the earth and its inhabitants which has so generously blessed you and us with this abundance.

      you need a wake up call

    • +Marcus You are a heartless man with the soul of a wendigo. A coyote kills out of hunger but your hunger is just an unsacred lust for carnage. The obscenity of such an image. The beautiful face of a being which holds more wisdom behind the eyes then you could possibly see. I here by curse you, that every time you feel hungry then your head will ache. Every time you eat food your skull will burst with the pain of your carelessness. And in utter torment will you turn your eyes toward heaven and pray in the night for the end of it. Your regret will not leave you and you will not sleep. You will hunger constantly but never be filled. Your skull will press upon your scalp so you were being stabbed as it were. With a final cry to heaven your back will hunch over and your hair will grow. Your skull will change it’s shape. You will wake up on the ground and wag your new tail. You will feel no pain again accept the pain that exists in the belly of a being who is experiencing true hunger. I here by curse you from the first full moon on to be turned into a coyote. You will live the rugged life of a wild animal and will hunt deer and other game with your teeth. You will visit people you know but they will not recognize you. They will wonder why this coyote keeps stalking them. The fear of you will be held all through out the human world. If you were wise you’d stay away from people. There would be a good chance that they’d shoot you too. So anyway, I know you don’t believe me but lol I’m just trying to scare you. (Curses aren’t real) Just seriously can you please show some more compassion some time. G, thank you, it would be nice.

  • Here ya go.

    • Everybody has to eat to survive. So you save a deer from a coyote so that it can be eaten by a cougar or a hunter, or be hit by a car, and then you kill the coyote, or are you also killing the cougars, hunters and car drivers? We all have our levels where we draw the line on value of certain things. You are certainly allowed to be as happy as I am when I kill a gopher in my garden, but I don’t get a jolt in the level of shock value on others. The joy you exhibit flashing your speared coyote photo is sick.

  • Marcus, what a buzzkill, go back to lost coast outpost, [edit]

  • Not sure why we had to see the ‘buzzkill’ stuff…I like this kind of photo myself…

  • All the pups–grew up in a culvert.

  • Also one I took of a beautiful bobcat.

  • So what you are saying is I can’t post here because it’s for pretty pictures only? I missed the heading that said I can only post pictures that fit your idea of beautiful or innocent. I was trying to raise awareness!!! Coyotes are indiscriminate feral killers that need to be controlled. Just like tyrannical media censors that try and tell people what they can and cant express. I can and will share my point of view vividly if I choose. Until you make this feed private, or on a membership basis than deal with it!!!

    • If you couldn’t post pictures, I’d delete them. This is a private website and I can choose to clamp down on the comments. I don’t because I believe in people speaking freely.

      This includes my right to tell you that I find what you did as rude as throwing fireworks at a person innocently enjoying a sunset. You can choose to go to a quiet gathering of people looking at art/nature and attempt to shock the people trying to enjoy the moment or you can respect that sometimes we all have a need to just set aside problems and enjoy a beer or a good photo or little music without someone throwing life’s uglier moments in our face.

      If you can’t see that there’s a time or place for some things, then you’ve probably been surprised when folks got angry at you before.

      • Private website – translation , I will do whatever I want to, Truth is that she is correct but that position will leave a bad taste in most peoples mouths.
        As for me I know I have to accept the good with the bad. that is the mature way to live. No one has commented on the excellent shot Marcus made with a bow, the animal did not suffer. and the look on the face of that coyote is pure evil.

        • Triniboldticino

          Doesn’t bother me. Just change the channel to Buck McNeely (a complete dipwad) if you want to see indiscriminate carnage. The purpose of this thread seemed to be photography, not how good a shot one is. I could post a few clean shots as well, like one of a big beautiful fox nailed at 90 yds. running away with our prize rhode island red in its mouth, but wouldn’t think of it in this particular type of thread.

    • Predators need to stop eating their Prey? On what world does that make sense? Do deer solely exist for your pleasure? Is that why we need to control coyote and bear populations?

      • In his crazy world we would kill all predators that hurt animals, and we are the top predator always so not sure what he wants to do about us. I I feel very bad for that guy, he must be in the most insane amount of pain and mental anguish to want to make a positive news feed that negative. There is so many negative news articles or relevant articles he could comment on but his twisted mind led him to post on this feed. Hope you get help and find happiness Marcus!!

  • I like how you treat every response as if you are someone’s mother!!! You aren’t a biologist!!! I am!!! The bottom line is your “censorship” will prevent people from receiving the full picture of what actually is taking place in our fragile fragmented natural world. A true media outlet will let all share their views equally without comment or disapproval from the editor. Why don’t you do a piece with some real biological value and substance if you want to share good vibes. Get out and actually experience nature on its terms. Not the terms expressed at the end of a Disney movie!!! Lol…. thanks I’m done now!!! Almost!! Your analogy with the bombs was hilarious!!! an extreme comparison?!?!? To say the least..and if coyotes were dropping bombs they would be the atomic!!! Lol

    • There is no censorship to telling you I find you rude. Good heavens…talk about an extreme comparison.

      As for you being a biologist, anyone anonymous can claim anything. Put your name on it and where you work and your qualifications if you want the respect that goes with the claim.

      As to a piece with biological value and substance, write it yourself and I’ll pay you $25, my standard fee, to post it if it checks out. But I’ll post it in the news section–not in the Handfuls of Humboldt section.

      • Way to go! I enjoyed the cute pictures! We all know that there is a circle of life, but I agree, this is not the place for it. I applaud you for your direct approach and I think that it’s a wonderful idea to have Marcus (I don’t know him) to write his own article.
        Thank you for your news and pictures! I check here daily if not multiple times a day. Blessings.

      • Marcus is right in one aspect, yes coyotes do kill fawns I see dead fawns on my ranch from coyotes every year. It does make me sad and angry because Deere population is on the decline. And yes they are mean creatures playing with the animals as long as possible making sure they die slowly. He is correct about the torture these animals ensume in their prey. But it was very unnecessary to post those pictures. You can easily get your point across with words. I think that’s the main reason everyone thinks your pictures are out of line.

        • These animals attempt to safely dispatch of their prey whilst minimizing injuries and fatalities. Let nature do its thing. Animals are not mean they are subsisting and do not live in excess like i’m sure you, myself and many human beings currently do.

  • Marcus should be banned for life FROM THE PLANET!!!!!

  • All the photos were amazing, except Marcus ‘ s you really didn’t have to do that.theres always one rotten apple in the lot.

  • Talia, lovely photos as always! You are my favorite local photographer and enjoy the wild beauty you capture. Thank you.

  • Banned for life from the planet? So now you are saying I should die?!?! Deer Solely for my pleasure? Are you kidding me? Balance is key! Some species coexist along side us with ease! Some struggle ! It is out responsibility to monitor, assess and respond accordingly. All of your cute comments that go along with your cute pictures followed by challenging my integrity and asking me to do your job is laughable!!! That picture was on the news feed!! I responded. I started work with mad river biologists from there I moved to Natural Resource Management from there I went to Jones and Stokes Corporation from there I went to The Nature Conservancy and ducks unlimited. I went to SNCC,UNLV, and HSU for my credentials. Honestly, none of my college education taught me what I know it’s field experience and actually being out and watching nature. Which I’ve done for a living since 1998!!!! What have u done for the environment ? Banned from the earth!!lol I hope a coyote eats all of your piss ant lap dogs and murderous house cats one by one!!

    • Marcus is right in one aspect, yes coyotes do kill fawns I see dead fawns on my ranch from coyotes every year. It does make me sad and angry because Deere population is on the decline. And yes they are mean creatures playing with the animals as long as possible making sure they die slowly. He is correct about the torture these animals ensume in their prey. But it was very unnecessary to post those pictures. You can easily get your point across with words. I think that’s the main reason everyone thinks your pictures are out of line.

      But you better not wish death on my piss ant lap dogs or murderous house cats even though my cats are evil I think.

      • Marcus, get over yourself . You put those pictures up for the shock value. You’re the type of person that shits on someone’s happiness because misery loves company, then are all indignant that someone calls you on it. You aren’t fooling anyone but yourself.

    • Marcus, look. After calming down from the shock of seeing an animal with an arrow in its face where I expected to see only beauty, I realized that you probably aren’t a regular reader that knows this section of my website is for sharing lovely nature photos. On most of my site, I would have accepted this image as one view of what needs to be done. In this particular section and the Good News section, my readers and I enjoy a nice quiet view of life. That’s not much to ask from a whole website devoted to looking at what is often the rough side of the world.

      It’s not like there aren’t times and places for killing animals. I’m not a vegan. I understand that because of humans moving into rural areas that black tail deer are losing habitat and cover which is making them more vulnerable to coyotes and reducing their population. I don’t tend to blame coyotes for that but that doesn’t mean that there might not be a time or place to consider killing them humanely. Though I would be very reluctant to do so.

      As to asking you to post your name, I’m not challenging your integrity but the integrity of an anonymous commenter on my website. You could be an informed biologist but all I know is that you posted a rather brutal photo where others were posting only beauty. Your entire character known to me is based on that one act. There is no proof you’ve offered that you are a biologist with valuable information. Why should I regard you with more respect than a trespass grower who advocates killing coyotes in his patch?

      Also, in offering you a chance to present your concerns, I’m not asking you to do my job. My job is to provide a space for information that I often write myself. But others do write pieces for me. Here’s a post written by someone else that I think has been helpful in forwarding the conversation about light pollution. If you feel strongly about the coyote’s overpopulation, then here is your chance to speak to thousands of people.

      In any case, our conversation up to this point hasn’t been a shining example of people with different opinions learning from each other. I’m willing to try again.

    • Sleepy Alligator

      You don’t need to be banned for life, you just need to get a life!

  • Marcus that is the course of nature, do you think you were put on this earth to manage wildlife, that’s a joke. EAT WHAT YOU KILL, KILL WHAT YOU EAT. The coyote serves an important role in the circle of life going on beyond the grocery stores and roads traveled by cars. You could learn a thing or two watching that animal, maybe it could teach you to become a sportsman.
    –avid hunter.

  • For those interested in the subject of how increased population of larger carnivores in the state affects the ecology and human populations this interview with Dr. Justin Brashares gives a great snapshot of our relationship over time with bears, mountain lions and coyotes…
    Much of this work is being done down in Mendocino County at the UC Hopland Research and Extension Center

  • Thanks Kym for your wonderful article and being so darn tack full.your comments were heartfelt.your approach was right on!!

  • LOL – chill, everybody…..we are so freakin’ lucky to live in a place where we can see (or hear) coyotes regularly…..although I hear a few are slumming in the cities these days ;^p
    I find it lovely to wake up in the early AM to a coyote serenade…..occasionally they’re so close it’s really loud….same with the bobcats….you know their chirrup-growl they make in the spring? From a distance sounds like a bird, but nope, it’s the cats. What’s really weird is I’ve heard the same sound recorded on a couple movies (for nature sounds in the BG)…..apparently there’s a particular “incidental nature noises” sound track that is shared. Unless you’d seen a bobcat make that sound (which one was lucky enough to experience near the Eel River once) you’d never believe it….

  • I’m not a photographer, but I really enjoyed looking at all the pics, except the arrow shot.

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