Garberville Rodeo: Glory, Guts and Skill

Did you miss the thunder of hoofs, the smell of horses, and the roar of the crowd at the Garberville Rodeo this weekend? Check out these great photos by Lynn Harrington. You’ll feel like you were there.

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  • Poor animals! ;-(

  • I find rodeo so disturbing. Clearly these animals are in distress. Not a popular opinion, I’m sure. Just check your heart, animal lovers. These calves are scared and running, the horses and bulls are in pain. All for human entertainment. Gladiators, prisoners.

    • If it weren’t for Rodeo, those bucking horses wouldn’t have a life at all. They love to buck. Buckers are not safe, they like to explode into bucks out of the blue. Rodeo pays good money for the buckers they’ve recruited, & take good care of them.
      They’re not in pain, they’re in ecstasy.
      The horses in pain are the wild ones your BLM have rounded up & advertantly or inadvertently shipped off to places like Vietnam for slaughter. Only one killer company out of 10 don’t use Sledgehammers. That’s cruelty.

  • I went to the back of the rodeo and had a talk with the rough stock. They confided in me that they like kicking the crap out of cowboys and get rewarded with a huge helping of oats and hay. The stock is pampered beyond belief. These are valuable animals and they are treated with great care.

    Look at the bottom photo of the cowboy on the white horse roping the calf. The horse knows exactly what to do without even being told, tell me that that horse isn’t having fun. Plus, the calf gets a great dinner, its better than being eaten by wolves or mountain lions.

    Click here for a new take on vegetarians:

    • I’d rather be punched in the face than eaten by a mountain lion but that doesn’t mean I want to be punched in the face. So I’m not sure if its logical to justify the constant stress from being chased and tied up because its better than an unlikley mountain lion attack.

  • It’s so sad to see people that know the horses want to be wild and wants the person off their back to think that’s fun for the horse. So ignorant and self righteous. Anyone that cares about animals can tell the difference in a happy or miserable animal by looking in the eyes and those are some damn miserable eyes. My horse decided around 9 he didn’t want to be rode anymore, I didn’t just say”awwww, look how much he likes slamming me into the railing…. “No, I let him be wild and do what he loves.

    • Ignorance must be bliss, do you understand the torture most animals you buy in the store goes through? At least people who ride and work in The rodeo know where their food comes from and respect it more cause it’s a full time job they enjoy. These animals live for this, they are well cared for and are not mistreated. Rodeos are all about sticking to your roots and knowing where you come from and how hard life used to be for ranchers. If your soft you wouldn’t of lasted a minute in the old days, so your opinion means nothing.

  • veterans friend

    I heard a “rumor” that this was the last Garberville rodeo. Anyone know the story?

  • I loved the rodeo but was disturbed the year that 28 year old horse died of heart failure in the chute.

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