Travel Trailer Burned North of Redway


Two Redway Fire volunteers, Jack Hooven on the nozzle and Jessie Auijano backing him, fight a blaze at an abandoned travel trailer north of town.

At 7:46 this morning, Redway Fire District raced to report of a vehicle fire north of town. The crew managed to extinguish the blaze with no spread to wildland and no injuries. However, the vehicle was destroyed.

According to Chief Brian Anderson, “The cause is unknown, but human involvement is suspected.” Vehicle fire



  • Good job guys! This trailer had been sitting there for a few days. It seems people are just abandoning them there and then setting it ablaze to get rid of dealing with it. Really sad to see around here.

  • This will keep happening unless the last registered owner is made to be responsible. WHY DOESN’T THAT HAPPEN?

    However, it is impossible to get rid of any vehicle anymore. Where do you go to rid yourself of and old trailer. How do you get rid of an old car?

    • Did the junkyard by the garberville cemetery close? Been awhile since I been in that area.
      I think there’s one on the eastern side of road parallel to 101 just north of eureka (off the corridor).

      • Ernie Branscomb

        The scrap metal market is so low that recycling cars is not worth it. It actually cost the yard more money than they made to scrap them.

    • Not impossible; but maybe expensive. Eel River Recovery; the yard on the other side of 12th street from the transfer station, takes lots of weird items.
      I dumped an expired cab-over camper on them a couple of years ago. Cost me a hunnert fifty bucks. Meanwhile, they actually gave me money for heavy metal.

      There are, actually, a couple of nation-wide, online outfits that buy junk cars. They even come out to fetch it. Sometimes they even give the title holder money?!?!
      (sorry, it’s been a few years. I’m not bothering to look up the URL; but it’s something simple, like ” junk cars dot com,” or similar…)

    • You donate to charity…..worked for someone I know

    • I echo your sentiments! I believe our local representatives need to prioritize this issue and eventually present it to legislature. All the abatement money earmarked for these abandoned vehicles is gone before the budget year ever begins. Vehicles are abandoned by those who know the consequences don’t impact them. It’s a very frustrating issue.

  • We are so lucky. The fire was inches from the berry bushes and mere yards from the hillside covered in plenty of fuel for a very dangerous fire. The homeless people up that hillside would be in incredible danger.
    I live on the other side of the road. Why should I worry? This is the second trailer burned in the exact same location. The first was set ablaze 60 days ago exactly. We have been very fortunate that Redway hasn’t burned to the ground. We have dealt with half dozen fires in the same general location in the last 3 years.
    Thank you fire fighters for a very rapid response. You kept it out of the trees. If this intentionally set fire had a few more minutes to grow before the fire department responded, the outcome could have been catastrophic.
    Whoever set this fire is very stupid.

  • Apparently you leave abandoned vehicles by the on/off ramp at Miranda for MONTHS. Or, for an even more offensive option; leave 2 cars (now totally trashed) on the Avenue of the Giants. This allows visitors from anywhere in the world to get a real look at how much we really care about the incredible natural beauty in Humboldt.

    • These ones?

      • They are filled with old electronics, and monitors.

        • Yes Kim…those cars. I never stopped for a close up look.
          One can actually dispose of e-waste (which includes t.v.s) FREE at the Redway dump…no need for trashed cars plus e-waste…really no need at all for the trashed cars on the Avenue either!

          • redway dump will take e-waste but it is not free. I brought an old tv there about 8 months or so ago and it was like 25 bucks if i remember correctly. So unless they changed there policy since then e-waste is not free there.

  • I couldn’t agree more Simone. Why haven’t authorities picked these cars up? They are dangerous for many reasons. And what do people think of us with three trashed cars within a couple miles of each other. The blue one at the Miranda exit it appears was just left so it could be disposed of by others. And there was one right before it. CHP knows they are there and they watch them too. I feel like they are punishing us for letting meth freaks live here. Nobody can take care of them except the cops. Why won’t they help us good guys?

  • And if someone leaves another motor home on that turnout it would be wise to deal with it quickly before people burn up.

  • Trailers and broken down cars are a freaking hazard. Where is the CHP on this?
    There’s an abandon trailer at near the vista point off Hwy 101 in McKinleyville. It will be trashed soon.

  • Does measure Y ring any bells? Approved by voters in 2012. Its the “abandoned vehicle abatement program” in Humboldt Co., isn’t this supposed to be taking care of this problem?

  • This is actually an issue that should be dealt with by the county Code Enforcement Unit. Remember all the scandal most part of a decade ago, when Code Enforcement was running around waving guns at residents and setting up raids? Turns out that their mandate is limited to cleaning up sites like these — and response is based on citizen complaints. The same officer, Jeff Connor, is the county Code Enforcement officer. Call him up! Make a report.

  • Dyerville Loop is Not Alderpoint

    We took a pool on how long it would take before the trailer lit up.. i won 500.00…. im still betting on the two cars on the way to sfhs. . there is one out by rancho im still holding out for, hasnt burnt yet but when it does the houses nearby just might go up also. wtf is it going to take for people to get their heads out of their asses?

  • Ernie Branscomb

    There is an abandoned car in Benbow. It’s been there since summer arts.

  • law enforcement are by and large private and public revenue collectors now. priorities involve anything that can bring in some funding, much like everything else. i’d be interested how many old rapes and robberies are followed up on until closed..
    the cars surrounding the Giants are disgusting, one more at the Miranda bridge by the river access

  • Why are there so few JUNK YARDS in Humb. Co.?

  • what about the meth truck that has been broken down in front of the laundry mat in Garberville for weeks now ? parked against traffic ?

  • There’s been a white 5th wheel with blue markings called a Prowler left in a turnout on Kimtu Road since April. The guy squatted there for 6 months last year. He showed up again in March. There’s always a sign that says he’s up the hill working and will remove the trailer “today”. It didn’t last 3 weeks before all the windows were smashed, leaving glass all over the road. I swept up the glass after a week and then the trailer got plundered and any remaining glass was smashed again. So I swept it up again because it’s a hazard to ride a bike or walk a dog there. Now there’s a ticket on it, but the license plate disappeared. I fear it’s only a matter of time before this one gets torched, because no one is doing anything to remove it. It can’t even be towed now because salvagers have taken the tires off the front axle. I’d love to let the property owner know how much we all love driving past that eyesore everyday.

  • I see yellow tickets on those I’m sure chp knows their there!!they used to pick em up soon after.wonder what’s up with why trash our beautiful Humboldt.come on man

  • And a license plate.really,geeze

  • I just called the CHP and got a number for the Vehicle Abatement Program. That number is: 707 268-2509. You will get a recording saying that the money for the program is gone until July 1, 2016. PLEASE CALL. Leave your message. I mentioned the two trashed vehicles on the Avenue of the Giants just south of Phillipsville, the trashed car at the on/off ramp of the 101 for Miranda, and the burned out vehicle just north of Redway. Kim Sallaway’s concern of Redway up in flames from torched vehicles is a very real possibility! We are the eyes, ears, and VOICE for our community!

    The number suggested for Code Enforcement Officer, Jeff Connor, 707 4762429, had a recording saying it was no longer in use, and disconnected.

    Next step … find out just how much money is in this Vehicle Abatement Program. How can this money be supplemented? Whatever the amount allotted for the fiscal year, it is obviously not enough for Humboldt County.

    • Good work Simone! Heres what I found out. The fee is referred to as the AVA fee, its charged @ the rate of 1 dollar for every vehicle registered in the county, 2 dollars for certain commercial vehicles. AVA fees are collected by the DMV & dispersed to the countys abandoned vehicle authority. We have 79,331 reg. autos & 41,336 trucks that were registered in 2015, thats a fair chunk of change! Did we really use that up? or did another gov. entity absorb it. Maybe measure Z funds could be used? Is this an issue Estelle could look into?

      • Thanks for the information. We are a team down here…a weird little team; but a team none-the-less. I had thought of contacting Estelle also.

  • When my husband’s uncle was alive retired humb.detective (cop) they picked up all the left vehicles and other crap.for salvage and did well now for some reason no one cares.i heard there’s no money to get rid of these vehicles B S.stop buying new cars for county and city employees,till they clean up Humboldt.they don’t deserve those cars,they don’t do their jobs for those cars.geeze enough already CLEAN UP OUR CITY

  • Well dons auto is temporarily closed. They were who towed the abandoned junkers out of in front of my house in garb. The sheriff said that there is one guy for the whole county that does the paperwork and his name is wally Williams. Harass the sheriff and hwy patrol! Also kmud takes donated vehicles for free! Btw kym I’m pretty sure jessie the firefighters last name is quijano, aka jessie Q

  • Brian Anderson…….please help us understand this problem. Help me understand why you officers just drive past these cars regularly and nothing is done except a yellow ticket. You guys must know who they belong to. Maybe you should just publish the car owners names.

    I have donated a car to KMUD. It’s really easy, they come quickly and you get a tax deduction.

    • Brian Anderson

      The Vehicle Abatement Program is administered by the County of Humboldt. The funds this program receives is limited as noted above in a previous comment. Once a vehicle is identified as an abandoned vehicle, officers / deputies place a yellow sticker on the vehicle, record the information and forward this to the abatement program. The abatement officer will then come out and have the vehicle towed. Towing services and disposal fees are then paid out of the abatement account. For abandoned RVs, this can cost up to (and in some cases, over) $1,100 each. It is not fair to the towing companies to bear this burden. As you can understand, the towing companies are in business to pay their employees, contribute to our local economy, make donations to countless groups selling cookies and the like, and feeding their own families. Given the vast volume of irresponsible vehicle owners depositing their junk cars along the road, one can quickly do the math and see that it is vital there be funds in the abatement program to fund the removal of these eyesores. Unfortunately, this fund runs dry almost as soon as it is funded. CHP and the HCSO would love to remove these vehicles immediately upon discovery, but the tow companies will rightfully refuse to tow them without being compensated. Now, each and everyone of us can keep our eyes open for vehicles towing junk cars and jot down the vehicle description and license plate number of the towing vehicle should the towed vehicle be dumped alongside the road. We all have cell phones with cameras, so if it is safe to do so, take a photo. Law enforcement can go after those identified as dumping abandoned vehicles along our roadways. Along those same lines, if you know where an abandoned vehicle came from, relay that information as well. If the last recorded owner is identified, they can be liable for disposal fees providing they did not submit a release of liability to DMV upon the sale of that vehicle. I know it seems so easy to blame CHP or HCSO for not towing these vehicles, but this is the reason for vehicles being left alone by law enforcement. We simply can’t compel, or force towing companies to take these vehicles.

      • Thank you, Brian. How come the VIN doesn’t identify an owner who can be held responsible?

        • Brian Anderson

          In most cases it will identify the last owner of record. This may not be the case if the vehicle has not been registered in years and years. If the last owner of record submitted a release of liability upon either the sale or gifting of the vehicle, they can not be held liable for anything after that. In the case of RVs, it can be very difficult to locate the VIN after a fire. Most “public” VIN locations are on the outside skin of the RV in the form of a Mylar label (these don’t do well in fires). I have found others placed inside the kitchen cabinets (these also don’t fare well in a fire). Some RVs have a secondary VIN stamped in the frame, however, this is not a requirement of the manufacturer. Depending upon the age and condition of the frame, even if it was there, it can be difficult or impossible to locate. A lot of times, when it comes to tracking a vehicle’s history, the last registered owner did not get the name of the person that purchased the vehicle. Or, that person immediately sold or gave the vehicle to someone else. The chain of possession can stretch for miles and can not be proven.

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