Hitchhiker Victim of Hwy 299 Accident

CHP Feature FatalityThis is a press release from the California Highway Patrol. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

On Thursday, June 16, 2016, at 6:09 pm, 21 year old Adrian Pollock of Eureka, CA, was driving her 2008 Dodge pickup eastbound on SR-299 at the East Fork Campground, just west of Willow Creek. Her passengers were her two young children, her husband, her friend, and a hitchhiker. For reasons still under investigation, Ms. Pollock lost control of her vehicle in a left hand curve and ran off the south roadway edge of SR-299. The pickup overturned and the hitchhiker, seated in the right front seat, was fully ejected and sustained fatal injuries. All surviving occupants were transported to Mad River Community Hospital in Arcata with minor injuries. The children were properly seated in child passenger safety seats and were uninjured. Ms. Pollock was subsequently arrested for vehicular manslaughter and booked into the Humboldt County Jail.

The identity of the deceased passenger is withheld pending notification of family.

DUI was not a factor. The roadway was not closed. The vehicle was not impounded. The California Highway Patrol (CHP) Humboldt Area is investigating this traffic collision.

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  • What a tragic situation! This young woman’s life is forever changed. I just wonder why she picked up a hitch hiker, and why wasn’t he buckled in? My first thought is, that he wasn’t buckled because he wanted to keep an eye on everyone. Is it possible that he was forcing them to give him a ride? Just speculation.

    • pretty lame speculation, id say. really ? maybe there just wasn’t enough seatbelts. ? that sometimes happens.. said Pickup. you see how many were in it. and how many seat belts are there…

      • There was probably 3rd row seating plus he was in the front passenger seat. He definitely had a seat belt.

        • I have a 2008 Dodge pickup, it has three belts up front and three in back. Granted it had to be a tight squeeze to put four adults and two kids in there, but if it was an extra cab or quad cab with front and rear bench seats it has six seat belts. Unless we are missing a glaring fact, I still don’t understand why she was arrested and charged with manslaughter. Hopefully more info comes out. Feel bad for all involved.

        • sharpen your pencil

          A dodge pickup does not have a third row seat. That would be a durango. Very hard to mix those two up. But I suppose so if the CHP is as completely idiotic as half the people posting in this article…. Doubt it though!

      • sharpen your pencil

        You call someone else’s speculation lame, then you yourself make worse speculation by claiming not enough seatbelts. [edit]

        I can hear the hitchiker right now, “I don’t believe in seatbelts, it takes away from my freedom, didn’t you know seatbelts are a government conspiracy, MAN!”

        • That was my uncle that died he is a big man barely fit in a seatbelt thanks for your compassion hope that someday you feel loss and everybody talks about your loved one in a bad manor

    • I was thinking the same thing, I’d love to hear her story.

  • If it was truly an accident and impairment wasn’t a factor it helps nothing to charge her with a crime

    • yep. maybe he guy just didnt want to wear a seatbelt. no fault of hers, another case of the chp looking to criminalize a tragedy.

  • Why was she booked then?

  • Age & name of the hitch hiker not yet released? Was he/she a minor? Being responsible for another adult’s or lack thereof just doesn’t sound right. But then again, we are living in a “collectivists” Orwellian society of late.
    Regardless, R.I.P. hitch hiker, my condolences to your loved ones.

    • How about having an unsecured load in the back of a pickup? Shouldn’t the driver be responsible for that? It’s the same principle; An unrestrained human in the front seat can, and in this case, did, become a hazardous projectile. It’s not a crime of moral turpitude, and I hope she’s not punished harshly, but come on people. Take responsibility for your own deadly vehicle when you take to the roads.

      Condolences to the survivors. Let’s make our highways safer.

  • I’m so sorry to the family.of the hitchhicker,rip.that said,The state of California says all occupants must be restrained.so if I’m not mistaken that means all must wear seatbelts.the Chp told me the driver is responsible to make sure all in car are belted in.you can be sited.my car my responsibility . remember the old saying buckle up for safety IT’S THE law.i tell anyone who gets in my truck,belts on or we don’t move.with all the Frickin crazy drivers here why wouldn’t you???

  • I have met these people and have also seen the vehicle. It was in very good shape. My condolences to the hitchiker’s family. Maybe Adrian should have INSISTED the hitchiker buckle up, as I always do with my passengers, but if the hitchiker refused, manslaughter seems far too harsh…negligent homicide? Or some lesser, non-felony charge? Was the seat belt operational? What a tragedy!

  • Its a tragic event no matter what the reason was for HIM…meaning the hitch hiker not to have a seat belt on…you can insist all you want..in the end its in your own hands to wear one or not…sad

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