[UPDATE 2:41 p.m.] Home Invasion in Humboldt Hill; Two Assaulted

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Colt Tuel

At least one gunshot was fired during a home invasion about 5:30 p.m. in the Humboldt Hill area. The incident which occurred in the 2100 block of Chad Lane, resulted in one victim being sent to the hospital for minor injuries and the second victim being grazed by a bullet.

According Selena Zorrilla-Mendoza spokesperson for the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office, “Three suspects forced entry to the residence.” At that time one of the suspects began assualting one of the residents. Another suspect, she said, “attempted to gain entry to another part of the residence and shot through the door grazing the second victim.” The second victim called law enforcement and the suspects fled in a black SUV.

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Brock Tuel

“Two of the suspects have been identified,” Zorrilla-Mendoza said. In addition to the three that entered the residence there were possibly three more outside.

The identified suspects are ColtTuel, age 24, from Eureka and Brock Tuel, age 26, from Fields Landing. Both are wanted for attempted murder, burglary and negligent discharge of a firearm.

If you have any information, please contact the Sheriff’s Department at (707) 445-7251.

UPDATE 10:01 a.m.: Press release from the Humboldt County Deputy Sheriff’s Office:

On Thursday, June 16, 2016 at about 5:30 p.m., Humboldt County Deputy Sheriffs responded to a shots fired call in the 2100 block of Chad Lane in Humboldt Hill area of Eureka. It was reported to Deputies three to six suspects fled the residence in a black SUV.

Upon arrival, Deputies contacted two male victims. Victim #1 was transported to a local hospital for minor injuries sustained from being assaulted by one of the suspects. Victim #2 had a graze wound on his arm from a bullet fired through his bedroom door. Victim #2 did not require medical attention. Victim #2 told deputies he heard someone shouting his name from another part of the residence and went to the closed bedroom door. Deputies were told the suspects attempted to force their way into the bedroom and fired a single shot into the door, grazing Victim #2’s arm. Victim #2 told the suspects he was calling the cops.

Victim #2 then exited the bedroom and saw suspect Brock Tuel assaulting Victim #1 on the floor. All three suspects then fled the residence in a black SUV. The victims told Deputies the suspects were looking for a specific person and had personal issues with the victims.

Suspect #1 was positively identified as 26 year old Fields Landing resident Brock Stan-Bono Tuel.

Suspect #2 was positively identified as 24 year old Eureka resident Colt Giovanni Tuel.

Both are wanted for attempted murder, burglary, and negligent discharge of a firearm.

Anyone with information for the Sheriff’s Office regarding this case or related criminal activity is encouraged to call the Sheriff’s Office at 707-445-7251 or the Sheriff’s Office Crime Tip line at 707-268-2539.

UPDATE 2:41 p.m.: One suspect has turned himself in. For more on the story, click here.



  • Got to be more to this. These r two good guys, must have been provoked .

    • exactly!! they are good people

    • Are you guys kidding!? Yeah there is more to the story. It’s Called HERION

    • They must have been provoked? Lmao it’s so crazy the judging you people do just based on how they look. If they were Hispanic or black or look like white trash tweakers y’all wouldn’t Have given them any benefit of doubt. They Broke into someone’s house with a gun with ill intentions. It’s inexcusable no matter who you are or what the hell you look like!

  • They may be good guys but they really didn’t think about the situation very well. Obviously someone ripped them off and they were there to get what was theirs, but bringing guns was a bad choice. Now they got some explaining to do. And yes they do have good parents!

  • They do not fit the bill of neck tat thugs Fer sure .good luck fellas

    • Because they don’t have tattoos or they don’t look like tweakers? Like what. What does that even mean. They broke in someone’s house to ROB them wth is wrong with you people sticking up for them.

  • I worked with Brock some years back at a large construction company. He was always a cocky guy. I could definitely see him doing something like this

    • Well I just worked with him at Pacific builders 6 months ago out of 15 people he was a very quiet, giving of tools, just was a cool guy. wouldn’t smoke weed on the job. so odd to see him here. rip

    • Says “bigmeat707” lol

  • They are not heroin users just growers wanting what is theirs that these “Victims” took from them.

  • Bring a gun to a fight,go to prison.

  • “To get what was theirs”? Would they have killed the to men? Sounds like great guys.

  • All a bunch of idiots but, when you take a growers goods you have to expect retaliation. Everybody knows the rules!

  • I grew up with these guys. Were in trouble off and on. Parents never put their foot down on them in high school. But they are adults now, so no longer their parents responsibility! Sure the truth will come out in this situation, always does!! Thank God no one was killed.

  • Getursht2gethreureka

    This isn’t the first situation like this that I’ve heard these names in. No good, sane human being invades someone else’s home and shoots at them even when “provoked”, just saying.

  • Amazed people jump to conclusions of either side, however, knowing both 2 victims and the 2 named suspects personally, the actions of the suspects are completely inexcusable and intolerable!! To come to a private residence, with gloves on and a gun, breaking in doors, to gain entrance, sucker punching as they enter to further gain access into the home and then kicking another door in and then have it swing back because it hit the wall and came back at them and when yelled that the cops were being called and so they discharge a firearm to further gain entry and then realize they f@cked up, but when running back out decide to further assault the first victim with more punches as he is trying to get up and can’t believe that his so called “big brothers” would ever come to his home that they, the suspects, always knew as their second home as they grew up two houses away and could come and go as they pleased and could always find refuge there, was actually attacking him. Why ???? There are no drugs or cash at this home. It would have been reported. There is a bunch of bullshit from these suspects ….still wondering why???? They all need to turn themselves in!! Especially Colt Tuel and the third suspect!!! Broc at least came to his senses. Own it people if you are so f@cking tough!!! Unfortunately, Prison is definitely the more difficult route to be educated as to what is actually right or wrong….your parents did teach you better!!!!!

  • It is a shame to see friends I went to school with throw away a lot of their potential young adult years, possibly trading it for prison time. We already lost one of our close friends to a mandatory 10 year stretch in an Idaho prison for heroin trafficking. He gets out when he is 32. He did tell me tho, it has straightened him out!!

  • Reguardless of what caused these guy’s to act in the way they did it is in no way shape or form acceptable! For those who think its only karma being taken into their own hands, go fuck yourselves because idiots like this make our once beautiful county a errie and dangerous place to be. All done out of impulse to retaliate or to prove a point. Which Doesnt make either party any better than the other. Not leaving out the fact that these ass holes are the reason for all the laws against us owning or concealing our firearms! Making it even more harder for those to protect our families!

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