Motorcyclist Injured Saturday at the Cove Medevacked to St. Joe’s


Medical vehicles gathered as the patient is transferred. [Photo provided by a reader.]

On Saturday, because of the Redwood Run there were a number of motorcyclists around the area. There were two motorcycle accidents that required medevacking including one south of Benbow and one in Shelter Cove. We’ve gotten recent information on the one in Shelter Cove. Cheryl Antony spokesperson for the Shelter Cove Fire Department tells us that a 29-year-old male’s motorcycle went down on the Shelter Cove Road about two blocks from the Airport.

Her team responded to help. “Due to a shortage of volunteer firefighters, other bikers directed traffic away from the scene and helped us with lifting,” Antony said. “This was their friend, and it was hard to do. They were all so helpful and polite.”

Because there was a fire in the Whitethorn area, Cal Fire helicopter 102 was nearby. Antony said, “We asked for a medivac and were elated to see 102 come over the mountain and come to our aid.”

The patient had badly injured one ankle, Antony said. “Our paramedic, Shelly Mendes, had started advanced life support treatment, so we loaded the patient up and moved him two blocks over to the waiting helicopter.”

The helicopter took off. “[The victim] went straight to St. Joseph Hospital, accompanied by our paramedic, and immediately was taken to surgery.”

Antony said that patient should recover. “We heard today that surgery went well and he is doing well in the hospital.”

The Shelter Cove spokesperson says the team has reason to be doubly proud, “We were also so proud of our firefighter that works for Cal Fire and was on 102 yesterday. He and his fellow crew really came through for our patient.’

She also has a request for all the drivers. “It has been really busy out here in the Cove. Please everyone, slow down and drive carefully.”



  • Oh Thank Goodness For All Who Was There To Help ! Yes Those Biker’s Are Pretty Awesome People’s I No Quite A Few & YAY SO Glad to Hear They’re Was No Death’s Correct ? I Hope Not As It Seems to Happen A Lot As you Well No !.., So Yes Thank you All For Helping & Being So awesome Too !.., So wish My Husband Would Of Went Even If I Cannot ride Any More LOL As They Say I Am So Great full Someone Was There. Too, Help You.., God Bless & Keep On Doing your Awesome Job Miss..,

    • You should consider turning on spell checking before posting anything else!!! The whole thing is one spelling error after another!!! Which to me takes away from the validity of the posting!!!!

  • So glad their not to badly hurt.prayers for a fast recovery and back on the road.

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