50 Believed Dead in Orlando Incident: ‘Worst Mass Shooting in U.S. History’

Orlando Police Photo of the crime scene

Orlando Police photo of the incident scene.

An Orlando, Florida nightclub was the scene of what is believed to be a horrific act last night. The Mayor of Orlando says there are 50 dead. At about 2 a.m eastern time, the incident began. Shots were exchanged with law enforcement and a hostage situation ensued. At approximately 5 a.m. eastern time, law enforcement stormed the building and the suspect was killed.

The Mayor of Orlando issued a press release at 10:20 a.m. eastern time, he wrote,

We are dealing with something we never imagined….we have gotten better access to the building, cleared the building. It is with great sadness I share that we have 50 casualties, in addition to the shooter. Because of the scale I have called Governor Scott to request a state of emergency and we are issuing a state of emergency in the City. This allows us to bring additions resources to support our efforts.

Our focus in the coming hours will be identifying the victims and notifying the families. We are setting up a hotline for concerned family members – 407.246.4357. The identification process may take some time. We ask for your patience as we want to be accurate. I continue to be proud of how our community has responded.

The New York Times has more on the story.



  • This was a hate crime against the LBGT community

    • The LGBT community was the victim. However, some media organizations are also calling it a terrorist act. After further reflection though, I removed the word terrorist. I think we need more evidence before we can say that.

      • Isn’t a terrorist crime a hate crime?

      • Please,research before using the word terrorism,this word seems to direct hate in the wrong direction. Let mainstream media make those mistakes. Hate crime defines what happened just fine for now. This was a crime against humanity. LGBT,Christian,Islam,black,white.all pointless classifications…humans were killed by another human…tragic,senseless…

      • President Obama called this an act of terror.

      • Hey Kym I’m not trying to act as if I know more than anyone about anything. I appreciate your hard work.
        Over the years the modern media have used certain words way too much and I believe terrorist is definitely one of those words. So in my dissatisfaction with that I looked into the US government definition of terrorism.
        This is what I found.
        The US government defines terrorism as the unlawful use or threatened use of force or violence to intimidate or coerce governments or societys often for ideological or political reasons.
        I’m not into politics and I try not to take too much from most news outlets. I’m a father and honorably discharged Marine. I believe in the United States of America that our forefathers dreamed of.
        With the words, coerce, ideological and political in mind I view most news as terrorism. The rest of the news I believe is purely distractionary methods to hide what the political comunity is doing to us as their front man is assuring us they are all here working very hard on our behalf.
        Meanwhile the exact opposite is what is happening. They are working very hard on getting us to do all their bidding.
        Make no mistake, I think this shooting incident is absolutely senseless and in my mind no doubt a terrorist attack. Not only on the gay night club but on the foundation of America and the freedom and saftey we all hope for.
        Peace be with all the fallen and strength in recovery to the living.

      • This appears to be another case of a mentally ill person lashing out and attacking a group of people whose lifestyle he may have judged as wrong. My prayers to all those involved in this senseless act of violence.

  • When will it stop? Very very saddening.

    • Fives, it will stop when the sun burns out. You are witnessing the same actions humans have taken against each other since the dawn of man, and which will continue until the end of man. The only thing you can hope to do as a nation or individual is defend yourself. The perversion of the American constitution is what allows the spread of terrorism in our country. The left, no matter how warm and fuzzy their rhetoric, has naively allowed their self loathing to cause us all to become victims of terrorism. Unfortunately wimps don’t survive in the animal world for long.

  • I have been watching this since 530.awful so horrific,it’s happening all to much.Everyone needs to pay attention to everything around them.and what’s going on around them.its awful we have to do that,because I have always felt safe till lately.to ALL THE FAMILY’S IN FLORDIA I’m so very.sorry and praying for everyone.my heart is broken

  • Why the frack do they need to say its a “gay nightclub”?????? Maybe that was the motive?

  • ISLAMIC!!if.your Gay it’s an automatic death penalty.that club was a soft target.

  • Everything these days is labeled a “Terrorist” incident. One said “Domestic Terrorist” attack. Another said there were reports the man was linked to Muslim Extremists. Animal Rights individuals protesting with signs and chanting against Donald Trump the other day in California were labeled “Domestic Terrorists”.

    While this was a horrific incident, everyone has to step back, take a deep breath, allowing the investigation to figure out what this just a crazy guy who hated gay people or was this inspired by something else.

  • Kym you were not wrong in what you said,TERRORISM the use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims.he absolutely is a terrorist.was

    • G-ma how do u know the shooter had a political reason? Did u know him? His intentions? Do u know if he practices Islam or Christianity do u know the state of his mental health? History? HARD FOR YPU TO BE AN EXPERT FROM HERE ISNT IT?

    • It’s not about whether or not these acts were terrorizing – it’s the sensationalism of using the word terrorist ever since “The War on Terror” to label anything people don’t like. It’s been overused and abused! Our government is responsible terror all over the globe but since they are the one who now own the definition of the word they just don’t apply it to themselves or recognize how our actions in other places could contribute to this wretched cycle of violence.

  • Obama is responsible. 8 years of doing nothing about Isis. We will be plagued for years to come because of this president lack of action.
    And he refuses to call it Islamic terrorism


    • Obama is responsible, lol, and my cat makes the sky blue. The guy that shot the people is responsible, or maybe his religions view on gays is partially responsible, but you sound like a moron for expecting a president to control the billions of people on this planet. And until the American government and social media stop being terrorist then I could give a flying F less about who they call a terrorist.

    • The party of STUPID Republicans got Obama elected TWICE IN A ROW! Without a lame, failure party of STUPID Republicans, no BLACK MAN ever gets elected President of the USA. Conservatism is a mental disorder which your post perfectly demonstrates.

      • We don’t have a gun control problem. We have a muslim control problem. Fort Hood, Sand Bernadino, Orlando, New York, D.C. and Penn.

    • Maybe because we created ISIS in George Bushs agenda of killing Saddam. Do you not get that we funded them until things soured? They use American ammo, tanks, etc. that we supplied.

      What’s up with Orlando? That young singer was shot and killed and now this?
      One of the biggest problems is that the FBI focuses on domestic terrorists that create fear ($ loss) for corporate entities, not the general public, meaning many have gone to jail for acts on property not human life. Look up the green scare, people are still sitting in solitary for burning down a wild horse slaughtering facility. No people or animals hurt, just the company’s profits. In Pennsylvania if you take pictures of a factory farm and are caught you will be arrested and jailed as an eco-terrorist. Look it up. Is this the kind of “terrorism” we want the feds focusing on???
      The feds are not keeping us safe from the hate mongers who can easily get guns (gun shows still aren’t regulated) & kill people based on their beliefs, usually Christian. Hate of gays, powerful women and of course abortion providers. Hell they killed an abortion doc while he was at church!

      I hope that this horrible event will help educate our citizens about the truly scary groups here that are preaching hate. This rhetoric is being fed by folks in power like trump. My guess is this shooter was a supporter.
      How different is a suicide bomber from a die hard Christian who shoots up an abortion clinic in the hope of pleasing god?

    • Gag me with a spoon! You play right into the hands of our fucked up government when you say shit like that. It isn’t just Obama – how nearsighted can you be? You don’t get to be president if you don’t play ball with the power elite and their agenda.
      Since the creation of the NSA and the CIA America has been running around taking advantage of 3rd world peoples and their resources. They’ve started numerous wars…in fact, can you name any war that has been started since WWII that the CIA was not already on the ground before the war (or military action) was officially declared? We literally create terrorists both by going abroad and exploiting people to the breaking point, as well as supporting terrorist regimes with economic aid and weapons and even straight out training dictators at our School of the America’s in Fort Benning Georgia. All chickens come home to roost eventually and those fat cats on top just love it when spend our time blaming one figure head or another.

  • Your cat must make the sky blue. Ignorance is bliss

  • LeAnna Carson-Hansen

    Kym, when you get a chance please update this. From all the news feeds I have read they have confirmed that the shooter was born in the United States, his parents immigrated from Afghanistan, and that over a month ago according to his father, “He became enraged seeing two men kiss on street”, he was a licensed security guard with a weapons permit, and was known to the FBI as a concern. This was all from mainstream media sources.

    • if you need updates on this story, it’s easy enough to search the internet for updates from any of the numerous media outlets that have reporters on scene. I come here for local news not being covered anywhere else.

      • Ernie Branscomb

        I come here for local comment and local reaction to important events no matter where they occur. Please don’t discourage Kym.

        You can tell by the comments that local people are concerned. The headline clearly states what this is about. If you are so disinterested why did you click on it and comment. Really…..

    • and why did that enrage him, [edit]?

  • Omar pledged allegiance to Islam before he opened fire.chanting from the koran.so unless he was chanting to obama where does the president come into this?just curious.i don’t think Obama was radicalized.One person is responsible for this OMAR SADDIQUI MARTEEM. GOD SPEED TO all

  • Lesbian bisexual gay and transgender and don’t you dare call them fags you pompuss knuckle dragger! 50 people lost their lives and you have the audacity to call them fags? They are people just like anyone! They lost their lives today because of people who think like you! Watch your words mogtx!!!!!!!

    • Ernie Branscomb

      Mountain Lady
      The comment that you were refering to was deleted, including many comments objecting to it. You should feel honored that yours was left here, although it leaves it out of context. Just to clear up why it seems like a strange comment.

  • Lesbian, Gay, bisexual & transgender LGBT. And really you could have googled that instead of using it as an excuse to write this[edit]

  • Terrible. Horrific. Uncalled for. The worst mass shooting in US History? Big BS.
    Many acounts of US historical acts of “terrorism” upon the original inhabitants of this country that were worse. Hell, in our own backyard at Indian Island was a horrific uncalled for massacre of women, elders and children; not by one lone sick maniac but by a number of what was then Humboldts finest citizens.
    The miners of our state killed Indians as if they were game. Can’t recall the name of the fine US citizen who lived on the Eel River who bragged of killing hundreds,yes HUNDREDS of Indians by hisself!
    Lastly, let’s not forget our one time leader of this country Andrew Jackson and his Indian policy.
    Check the historical record. It’s all their. We have a lot of growing to do ‘Merica.

    • Just forget the fact that Indians were also killing settlers, o ya and other Indians long before any evil white men did. I have quite a bit of injen blood in me, along with Irish, Italian and German. I don’t see my self as an indian, wop or a kraut. I’m an American, my ancestors migrated here to become American not turn america into the socialists/ feudalist hell hole they ran from. I’m proud to be a citizen of what use to be one of the freeist country’s in the world, one of the first two countries to out law slavery. The problem with this country is not evil things that happened over a hundred years ago, the problem is the disingaged, pampererd, spoiled people of this country that have let crimilals take over our government and destroy us. Intell we stop fighting amongst our self and finds common ground its only going to get worse. By the way the shooter was a us citizen born to Afghan presents. He has ties to Isis and has already been investigated by the FBI just like the Tsarnaev brothers and the couple that shot up San Bernardino. Isis also put out a public threat about Florida less then three days ago. There are sleeper cells in this country (just like in the movies) and things are going to get worse before they get better, and all the politicians want to do about it is take away our ability to defend our self’s. Last time I checked it was already illegal to kill people and Im sure that club was a gun free zone.

      • veterans friend

        Your ignorance is correctable with education

      • Ernie Branscomb

        Quite unlike “Vetrans Friend” I agree with THC wholeheartedly. It was stated in terms that might cause people to think, and THC obviously knows history. THC is bang on!

        Just to add: none of us here had anything to do with the Indian Island massace. Nor would we condone it. However we have the exact same genetic make-up, including Vetrans Friend.

      • I agree with you THC wow I don’t smoke THC but agree .

    • Henry Larrabee

    • veterans friend

      Thank you. And THC, the people killed on Indian Island were women, children & old people. Not combatants. As were the people killed in the Sand Creek massacre. As I said your ignorance is curable ….but you must seek the cure.

      • Indians also killed a lot of settlers that were women and children, not to mention other Indians that were women and children. I’m not condoning the Indian island sloughter but to say the war between whites and Indians was only perpetrated by one side is ignorant.. and how that has any bearing on today’s Society I don’t understand, are you saying that people alive today are some how responsible? That’s like saying all Germans are bad because of Hitler, or all Muslims are bad because of Osama bin Laden, or all Russians are bad because of stalin or Lennon.

  • usually means.....

    Hmm sounds like someone’s hiding in the closet…….

  • Tara Sutherland

    So heart breaking!

  • To C.Marino:because I read,listen to the news I’m interested in our world and what goes on.im worried like most Americans.im not an expert I just pay attention.no disrespect for.anyone

  • And the Quoting of terrorism was from the dictionary as the definition of terrorism.not meant towards or about the shooter.even thou it’s true.sorry for the confusion

  • How many did Timothy McVeigh kill?

    How many did the ATF kill at Waco?

    It’s so very convenient that yet another ‘mass shooter’ hails from an Islamic country.

    Not sayin’ this is a false flag, but it’s a concept worth considering when these all too common shootings occur.

    Keep ’em scared and at each others throats…and laugh all the way to the bank.

    Who are the *real* terrorists?

  • veterans friend

    Except for, perhaps the Indian Island massacre locally. Sand Creek & Wounded Knee also leap to mind. But “injuns” don’t really count, do they?

  • 2 cents on da soapbox

    This is so horrible it’s hard to wrap head around.
    Also hard to see politians and governors who have worked to pass discriminatory bathroom and other laws now condemn this act like they care about the LGBT communities.

    Utilizing this to fuel the anti-islamic rhetoric seems disrespectful to the people killed; they knew all too well what happens when a particular group is singled out and vilified, & what happens when hate crimes rise dramatically against a certain group & authorities do nothing. It cost them their lives; let’s not let it cost anymore.
    If this guy was a Christian would we hear the same? That all Christians are dangerous because their sacred text is “anti-gay”? Let’s hope we can collectively take a few steps back to broaden perspective, look at the needs of our mental health departments nationwide, and honor the grieving that will be needed for long time without having to point a generalized finger at anyone.
    Blessings to all families/friends of the deceased, and to the survivors; the fear they must have is beyond reason.

    • Yes this was yet another senseless act of violence by a mentally ill person. And yes assault weapons issued to someone who had attracted the attention of FBI???

  • Ernie Branscomb

    Why would you talk like that? I personally know that you have, both gay and transgender friends. I don’t think that any of them want to harm you.

    Some of them would save your life in a heartbeat if needed. You need smaller balls and a bigger heart. Maybe use your head friend.

  • Kym , why would you publish someone using hateful slurs ? So inappropriate.

    • Comments are automatically published unless the person hasn’t commented before and then they are held. This comment has been edited now that I have seen it.

  • The shooter should not been issued consealed weapons permit OMG ud think being FBI investigated his ties to ISIS . Wtf is this guy a armed security guard really . Someone dropped the ball on purpose or not either . way how does this happen?

  • amimissingsomething

    This attack struck the LGBT community and Americans have to understand this one thing…..Terrorists want you to live in fear without freedom! ISIS perverted the Islamic Religion….. Allah told ISIS to kill gays… Sad day for all America no matter if or what religious beliefs you hold other than ISIS Islam. This is the face of ISIS terrorism and if you want to believe it’s something else, go ahead…..nevertheless, we are at war with ISIS and everyone should understand how these religious fanatics think. They hate you me straight gay or any other way if you don’t follow the koran and sharia law in their definition. You are an Infidel. You don’t have to like it, but you need to understand it. We are at War with ISIS

  • ISIS. There it is. Specific beliefs have specific consequences. Sometimes we should believe these people when they tell us thier motivations.


  • Trump idiotically finds a way to blame Obama, so which is it:
    not enough guns, or too many too easily obtained guns?

    Two FBI investigations and dead shooter has weapons permits…..nobody see a conflict with that then?

    FBI punting the permit investigations because they are secretly progun, or because they want to slow walk any

    directive from their (black) President in some blue flu type revolution (led by the House Republican ‘leadership’)…or

    because they are doing Obama’s bidding, perhaps to have more guns so the UN blue helmets can land in their black

    helicopters and carry our guns away then?

    Whatever, I just know it is all Obama’s fault.


  • There’s way to many guns out there.and some aren’t even reg.to the person holding the gun.make it harder to get ammo.no bullets no one dead!wouldn’t that be nice.still praying for all

  • I was reminded of this yesterday,I had forgotten it.”God always gives the hardest battles to the strongest”

  • “The deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history.” Not even close! CNN better get there history right! What happened in Florida is a terrible act of hate but we cannot label it “as deadliest mass shooting” because that is a direct violation of the history of this country and the lives and memories of those killed in the historical acts of hate in this county.

    Wounded Knee (1890) – Following the introduction of the Ghost Dance among the Lakota and the killing ofSitting Bull on December 15, 1890, a Miniconjou band of Lakota led by Chief Spotted Elk (Big Foot) fled the reservation. However, when U.S. troops caught up with them, they surrendered. The surrender turned into tragedy when a gun discharged as the troops were gathering the Indian’s weapons, leading to a virtual massacre of Spotted Elk’s band on December 29, 1890. Of the Lakota, 150-300 killed: 84 men killed, 44 women and 18 children killed, 51 wounded (7 fatally).

    Sand Creek (1864) – This was one of the most sordid affairs between the white settlers andAmerican Indians in U.S. History. The massacre, occurring on November 29, 1864, was led by Commander, John M. Chivington, was made upon Black Kettle’s village, nestled along Sand Creek in southeastern Colorado. Though the Cheyenne were flying an American flag over their village and had already surrendered, Chivington, who was a known “Indian hater” attacked anyway, leaving more than 200 Cheyenne, mainly women and children, dead.

    Blue water creek (1856) – In this battle, 600 soldiers attacked 250 Sioux, killing 86 people. In March 1856, without jurisdiction to do so, led by General William Harney. While the battle was hailed by many newspapers as a heroic victory over the Indians, critics decried it as “outright butchery”.

    Big Dry Wash (1882) – In what is now Cocnino County,Arizona a column of the 6th Cavalry from Fort Whipple led by Captain Adna R. Chaffee mauled a party of 54 White Mountain Apaches led by Nantiatish on July 17, 1882.

    Camp Grant Massacre (1871) – April 30, 1871, an angry mob of citizens from Tucson attacked the Aravaipa camp, clubbing, shooting 144 people, mostly women and children. All but eight of the corpses were women and children, as the men had been off hunting in the mountains. The attack was made in retaliation for a Gila Apach raid in which six people had been killed and some livestock stolen. Twenty-seven children who were captured, were sold in Mexico by the Papago Indians.

    Bloody Island massacre (1850) California. 60-100 killed. Retaliation by a Cavalry Regiment of the US Army for the murder of Frontiersman Andrew Kelsey and Charles Stone.

    Indian Island Massacre On February 26, 1860, over one hundred Wiyot men, women and children were massacred during a World Renewal Ceremony. The massacre was carried out by European immigrants who had settled in the Eureka area since 1850 as part of the California Gold Rush.

    Lawrence massacre (1863) Kansas. 185-200 killed.Confederates killed civilians and burned a quarter of the town. (Non-Native)

    Colfax massacre (1873) Louisiana.83-153 Blacks killed at courthouse. (Non-Native)

    Paoli massacre (1777) Pennsylvania. 200 killed. Patriots under command of General Anthony Wayne killed by British Soldiers under command of General Charles Grey. (Non-Native)

    Waxhaw massacre (1780) South Carolina. 118 killed, 150 wounded, 53 captured by British against American Revolutionary soldiers. (Non-Native)

    Fort pillow massacre (1864) Tennessee. 297 Killed, Federal black troops by Confederate soldiers. (Non-Native)

    Goliad massacre (1836) Texas. 300 + killed, 28 escaped, 100 spared as prisoners in mass killing ordered by Santa Anna. (Non-Native)

    Mountain meadows massacure (1857) Utah. 100-140 killed. Emigrant wagon train annihilated by the Mormon Utah Territorial Militia. (Non-Native)

    These are a few massacre’s committed by the U.S. Calvary, by the U.S. Government, under the U.S. Flag. Even when the ‘white-flag of truce’ was waved by the Tribes these killings still took place.

    And let’s not forget the infamous “Trail of Tears” Approximately 2,000-6,000 of the 16,543 relocated Cherokee perished along the way. (1830)

    Get it right Potus and CNN

    • copy/paste from Darrell Castle 2016 page.
      “THE LARGEST MASS SHOOTING IN US HISTORY HAPPENED December 29,1890. When 297 Sioux Indians at Wounded Knee Creek on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota were murdered by federal agents & members of the 7th Cavalry who had come to confiscate their firearms “for their own safety and protection”. The slaughter began after the majority of the Sioux had peacefully turned in their firearms. The Calvary began shooting, and managed to wipe out the entire camp. 200 of the 297 victims were women and children.

      Wounded Knee was among the first federally backed gun confiscation attempts in United States history. It ended in the senseless murder of 297 people.

      The Second Amendment, the right of the people to take up arms in defense of themselves, their families, and property in the face of invading armies or an oppressive government. The Second Amendment was written by people who fled oppressive and tyrannical regimes in Europe, and it refers to the right of American citizens to be armed for defensive purposes, should such tyranny arise in the United States.

      Wounded Knee is the prime example of why the Second Amendment exists, and why we should vehemently resist any attempts to infringe on our Rights to Bear Arms. Without the Second Amendment we will be totally stripped of any ability to defend ourselves and our families.”.

    • Except the only difference is this was ONE person!!ONE

  • Maybe they mean of modern times.like bombs automatic guns,which they didn’t have back then.or a terrorist of this matter.its a guess.cnn sucks sometimes.

  • Obama called it a hate crime.
    The spokesman for CAIR told Isis where to go.
    Several people said there was more than one bad guy.
    Several unofficial experts released videos with bad actors.
    The dude that held the door closed so the people couldn’t get out, is an actor irl.
    The shooter was questioned by FBI 3x’s prior, holds a G permit (can purchase full auto’s), worked security for immigrant transportation, joined Isis, shouted the Allah Akbar, hated gays, …
    yet groups like ACLU are blaming religion and right wing Christians and guns.

    All I know is, my heart breaks for all who suffered & suffers through this, whether real or hoax.

  • Dyerville Loop is Not Alderpoint

    Hey shack, Remember Obama was going to take away all your guns? Don’t vote for him, he’ll take our guns away ! Looks like he missed a few in Florida! People with hateful twisted minds kill people. Terrible, sad , tragedy! We have fallen into bin ladens trap.

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