Saving a Neighborhood: Thank You, Firefighters

fb0a66c5-781d-4522-ae2e-43841444086dFrom volunteers to professionals to the inmate crews that put out the last spark, the firefighters who jumped on the flames that swallowed a structure in Redway yesterday helped save a town. A hundred years ago a blaze like that on a warm and windy day could chew through entire neighborhoods. Yesterday only one structure was lost.

Supervisor Estelle Fennell wrote, “Thanks to ‪#‎MeasureZ‬ funding, firefighters were able to get into the middle of the toxic smoke to break down and separate the burning ruins in order to stop the fire from spreading.” (See here for more on the fire including photos and video.)

Kim Sallaway, a local photographer was on the scene and shared the sweat, the work and the camaraderie he saw with us. Take a moment and thank a firefighter today in person if possible but in the comment section works, too. (See more of his work here.)

Note: we also want to thank the local people who rushed in to help the injured elderly resident. Thank you.






  • Does anyone know who the elderly resident was? The Healy Senior Center would like to help them.

  • Michelle Steele

    Thank you Firefighters for everything you do for our Community well done and good Job. Keep up the excellent work and be safe out there. To the elderly lady who was injured I hope and pray for a speedy recovery.

  • Wow! thanks, just awesome thanks! And thanks Kim for helping us undertand just a little bit of what the firefighters have to go through!

  • Any info on what caused the explosions? The first one was huge! I live two doors from this fire!

  • amimissingsomething

    Thanks to all the Fire personnel and all the others who came to the aid of a neighbor. That’s what life is all about working with neighbors and friends to take care of one another. Thanks to Kim S for the great pics. Thank you all for a job well done. Take care, jj


  • Fabulous photos!!so sorry.

  • Sorry to those that lost home and injuries.
    Also, can not send enough thanks to local firefighters and CAl Fire (?)
    I know there have been recently been Fund Raisers in many of the local communities and I hope each community is genorous!
    Equipment is very expensive and having specialty equipment so a fire fighter could deal with toxic fires is just one piece of equipment that should be available, and they cost so much….throw Ina few extra bucks ifyou can….
    It was windy and could have easily spread beyond the single unit….
    Thanks again….awesome community!

  • I too am grateful to the firefighters who risked their lives. But could Supervisor Fennell be more specific about what Measure Z funding had to do with this situation?

    • Richard, she said, “Measure Z funding provided the Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) that makes it possible for firefighters to work in toxic smoke. These SCBAs are top of the line and also have life-saving sensors that send alerts when a firefighter is in danger. Without this equipment the firefighters would have been limited in how they could handle the threat of spread.”

  • Thank you Kym for your clear and concise reporting of the local happenings. Keep up the good work!

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