$400 Needed for Cremation of Hero Who Died to Save Children

Tim HattenThe family of Timothy Hatten is urgently asking for a little help. Hatten is the 35-year-old Fortuna man who died while trying to save two children from drowning on June 5.

Hatten’s mother-in-law, Lola Crothers, explained the family with all the unexpected expenses the family is struggling to find the money to have Hatten cremated. They need just $400.

“We have to have the money by tomorrow,” Crothers said. Otherwise the mortician told the family that the County would pay for it. If that happens, according to Crothers, then Hatten’s ashes would be placed with all the other indigent people cremated at the time in one urn at Sunset Cemetery.

“I’m trying to keep that from happening,” Crothers explained. She is hoping that people can donate quickly to Account Number 9225432070 at Wells Fargo Bank in Fortuna.


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  • I thought they had a gofund me account? Thatsbsad no one donated.:-(

  • Is there a GoFundMe account? I don’t know how to donate to the Wells Fargo Acct. from where I am using a debit card.

  • Mattole Valley Farms just said (well, a half hour ago) that they will pay for it.

  • Emily Chambers

    Someone should make a gofundme? I’d be happy to donate what I can.

  • could somebody please tell me how to donate…. I’m willing to help I just need to know where to send the money to… You can message me on messenger Facebook… Prayers and white light I hope everybody chips in

  • Obviously there closed now but if it’s not paid tomorrow still I’ll pay for it, can you let me know in the morning as I will have to drive to Fortuna just for that, which I don’t mind doing if needed.

  • Oh no! I’m not heading up north till Saturday. I hope a gofundme gets set up so I can contribute to this heros family. I’ll be checking this post obsessively!! That so sad that they treat any person like that and mix their ashes in one urn.

  • Michael Flowers

    I want to help. ..wells Fargo. .tomorrow here I come. .

  • LeAnna Carson-Hansen

    It is bogus that a funeral service would make such a demand on a family in need. Please update us on the status of the needs for funds. Sheesh, it makes me ill to think that a funeral service would demand such a thing. Yes I know a business needs to run, but our dealings with a funeral service in Arcata did not pressure a family in such a time as this.

  • veterans friend

    The total cost of cremation is under $1000. This is an American tragedy…that a family could be so broke they cannot take care of a death.

  • Veterans friend:my husband said to me last night,honey we can’t even afford to die!that my friends is truly sad.when America’s can’t pay for there deaths.they need to change that one day or else crap.their ashes how much space could they possibly take up geeze. This community has hearts of gold and I see this will get done.bless all of you

    • It’s called work. Work hard and be responsible with your money! Too many losers crying that they don’t have money. GET a JOB!!

      • veterans friend

        50% of working Americans do not have $1000 available to deal with an emergency expense. If you do, congratulations. Telling people to “get a job” is pretty cruel.

      • I have a job… A job I work very hard at. A job I go to EVERY DAY. I work full time for our school system and most certainly do not have $1000 emergency fund. Your ignorance is showing…..

        • Same haircut different decade

          He probably grows 99 pot plants and makes at least 400000 a year, more than most Americans. It’s ok.

  • You know what that mortician should be painted green for being a grinch with his heart 3 sizes too small. Have some humanity you dirty old troll. So sorry for the family. I don’t have much but I will give my last dime if the family still needs it.

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