2123 Marijuana Plants Found on Two Properties in Shelter Cove, Says Sheriff’s Office

Shelter Cove raid

Law enforcement leaving the Shelter Cove raid and headed through Redway yesterday. [Photo provided by a reader.]

Yesterday about 2:30 p.m., Humboldt County Sheriff deputies served search warrant on two residences in Shelter Cove. One was in the 1300 block of Toth Road and the other was in the 300 block of Blueridge Road.

According to sheriff spokesperson Selena Zorrilla-Mendoza, “A search of the property resulted in the discovery of several large outdoor greenhouse marijuana cultivation ops on both parcels.” She said that the residence on Blueridge Road had an indoor grow also. Both properties together had a total of 2123 growing plants, according to Zorrilla-Mendoza.

“One suspect was located,” she explained. Various items were also located including processed marijuana bud, “documentation of sales, digital scales, packaging materials, US currency [$65,385], money orders, and two firearms.” Todd David Athey, age 54, was determined to be “responsible for the grows and was arrested for cultivation of marijuana, possession of marijuana for sales, conspiracy to commit a crime,” and possession of weapons during commission of crime.

His bail was set at $75,000.

UPDATE Friday: Multiple people in the community have approached us explaining that Athey does not own both pieces.

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  • Todd is a good man . Way worse shit going on over the hill , maybe dtf should get some balls and go after the Bulgarians , I doubt it though .

  • Fuck the bullshitgarians ,but I also agree with huh?Downey is the worst lamest sheriff I can remember .born in garb 1960 so with that being said I’ve scene them come and go ,and it’s time for him to retire we need a sheriff that’s got some balls and wants to get the real bad guys ,and arrest the real bad guys like the methicans illegals ,and the bullshitgarians illegal ,and they are land raping water steal ing eco terrorists ,toddler maybe a good man , but it was probably the shitgarians that ratted him out . Competition .now they draw attention AWaY from there opps that his 10,000 plants ,but our sheriff let’s the illegals do what ever they want ,so he bust a legal American . Just saying

  • I think their twisted around there fingers,with some dough.lots of Russian s trying to buy up our Humboldt.time to stop that shit.

    • Humboldt is NOT yours or ANY group of people. That ignorant type of thinking is what has caused this problem in humboldt,THE GOVERNMENT OwNES YOUR LAND,you rent rent it they tax payments,cheers!

  • Todd had nothing to do with that shit show across the street from his house. Those dipshits started a fire last year and nearly took out the neighborhood (thank you shelter cove volunteer fire department) I think they flew looking to see if the dipshits were at it again and just following up with last years fire since nothing happened to said dipshits and happened to see Todd’s scene while flying over, probably didn’t find dipshits at shit show so just blame Todd for everything , bigger numbers better headlines. Just my opinion .

    • Your opinion is correct , they made it seem like it was all Todd when he was vastly smaller than those idiots across the street . No mention of the other property owners ???

  • the Bulgarians,,,and the Russians as well. what kind of special immunity is going on there? Could it be federal protection for past favors? I hear they own their own dispensaries in the City as well as their notorious grows all over SoHum. A good investigative report would be appropriate here.

  • Todd is a good friend of mine. He had nothing to do with the shit show across the street he is a victim of the sheriff dept. doing a half assed job. No mention of the guy who was running the grow across the street who actually had the big grow going. Way to go Humboldt sheriff dept. I feel so much safer knowing you are on the job. I think That maybe you should investigate a little better JACKASS’S. Not to mention all that Todd does for this community the list is endless and I don’t think that I have the time to go on and on about what the man does for shelter cove

    • It doesn’t matter how much you do for the community. If your greedy enough to Bogart multiple properties for weed then you deserve to get caught. Mom and pop growers only, if your rich enough to have 65,000 untaxed dollars laying around then your going to big and your greediness may just catch up with you, and blame it in your neighbors allyou want. No one made you have multiple grows ding dong.

      • He didn’t have multiple grows you ass. Everybody in the cove knows the facts . Go back to your cave .

        • I really could give a F less about pot growers with 65 large laying around. My close friends are small mom and pop farmers that got busted because of a neighbors actions. After the cops yelled at them about were the rest of the weed and all their money was they realized they just raided some low income small farmers. Zero arrest were made, zero dollars confiscated. Those are my kind of peeps and you can run your mouth but I live in the cove and could give a F less what you think is a small grower, I know how much cash small growers have laying around. And I stated my opinion without name calling.

      • How is it “untaxed”? Lots of people claim their income that never sees the bank.

  • Wow. Lots of crybaby comments. So growers like to get lots of money for their weed correct? Well this is the risk you take . If it was legal it would be worth as much as tomatoes. If you don’t wanna get busted get a real job and pay taxes like the rest of us

    • No cry baby comment here just stating facts that this man got caught up in some crap that should have been his neighbors problem and when the sheriff had no one to arrest they got him instead of the guy and his illegal immigrants who actually own and grow the property across the street. If you don’t know the facts don’t chime in with your insults. Have a nice day

  • What sort of moron has 65K and guns at a grow?! People never learn, that is never a necessity, at least have the money buried!

  • veterans friend

    Yep, the trifecta . Money, drugs & guns.
    No “good guy” has over 2000 plants in an unpermitted grow. Nice that he has friends though

    • The majority weren’t his plants , they were the neighbors , try to keep up buddy .

      • Damn, the neighbors planted multiple properties and 65,000 grand in his house?!!! Stiff accusations there bud.

        • You’re a clown , the property across the street is an empty lot that was being grown on by two Mexican guys . Everyone knows who the property owner is and it’s not Todd .

  • I see some people commenting are saying that his neighbors where responsible for the other property and not him. If this is true it shouldn’t be hard for the cops to do a small amount of actual work and charge whoever owns the land. That’s not right if this todd guy is being charged for his neighbors property if he really had nothing to do with it. I don’t see how they can just assume it’s all him if the property isn’t his and just because they didn’t find anyone at the other property. Does not make sense to me.

    • When does what the sheriff department does ever make sense? They took the easy way out instead of investigating what was really going on. Much of this article is so false. I know it’s not Kym’s fault she is only putting out the facts as they were given to her by the sheriff department. But there is a whole other side not represented here. Sad that a total mistake is being thrown out to the public and is believed to be the utter truth without all sides of the real story

      • I would gladly report more if people are willing to talk on the record. Also, I plan to call the Sheriff’s Office today once the fire is under control.

  • Let’s hope that the cops whack the shitgarians next .I mean they had to see there grow when they flew todds grow .if they don’t get busted well then we know the cops are in with the shitgarians.how do you think the shitgarians and the methican s would like it if we went to there country s and desecrate their land steal there water and leave garbage everywhere. I don’t think so.

    • Bulgaria is the oldest country in Europe,since 681
      Your grandfather imigrated to America senturies later,steeling the land from Indians,by killing them.Somewhere between 94 and 112 000 000.So the only diference between me and you “Americans” is a couple of generations shitmericans.

  • Hi all, I’m chiming in as a total outsider from across the country, but someone considering a move to Shelter Cove for peace and quiet and the ability to reconnect with family and the outdoors. I’m really surprised and a little concerned to come across this article and all the responses that go along with it. It’s tough trying to find a peaceful getaway off the beaten path on the internet, and trying to guess what the people and the lifestyle there would be like, so I’m not judging Shelter Cove on this one article alone, but as a guy with a wife and new child, is the legal and illegal business of growing marijuana something to be concerned about there? Mexicans? Bulgarians? Are these gangs operating illegally that pose real threats? I appreciate any remarks, especially good ones that don’t revolve around the drug trade, but the reasons that make it great to live there. From a distance I really do envy the town of Shelter Cove and hold it in high regard, at very least for what it possesses in natural resources, my biggest hope is that the residents are equally as impressive. Thanks, have a great day.

    • “move to Shelter Cove”, as in live there full time? It’s somewhat isolated. Has a steep downhill grade, makes towing tough. No jobs, so commute is a must. Commute to where? Make sure whatever you buy is a legal parcel. As far as pot growing thats going to be everywhere in this area. The gangs really don’t pose a threat. If you have an ocean going vessel and like to fish, this place is great. If you don’t require culture, art or music venues, this place is great. It is a really neat place. Beautiful, isolated, cool weather, epic views.

      • Thanks Fish On, we’d like to move there full-time, I’m a builder/contractor jack of all trades in the remodel/construction industry, with a focus on carpentry, so I’d be trying to find work in that realm. Beautiful, isolated, cool weather, and epic views definitely doesn’t discourage us any, sounds amazing. I do have obvious concerns about building on those grades and finding enough work within a reasonable commute…

    • Wow, finally someone who can spell and use punctuation marks correctly!

    • Vahan Zhamkochyan

      I fell in love with shelter cove and bought a flat land ready to build with utilities on site. Meanwhile I am planning to close escrow on 2 duplexes and a primary residence in Napa Highlands next 3 to 6 months. Business takes me there. So got my hands full and can’t build there, in the near future. But as you can see I am very well still interested in shelter cove, but not in the near future for obvious reasons. I would consider to do seller finance with some down. Of course we would meet at one of the local realtors office and go through a legit escrow company. The address is 13 steelhead, it is a duplex zone so it’ll make you money as well. And if you Google search it you’ll find out that it’s less then 100 feet from the coast and has great views! Asking $110,00 which you’ll find out is a steal considering the location and the zoning. Let me know your thoughts. If interested please contact. zhamkochyans@gmail.com

  • Side note – pot doesn’t bother me one bit, just unfortunate it attracts some of the wrong people for the wrong reasons.

    • Good, because the majority if not all of your work will come from people involved in the industry, one way or another.

  • Sounds good!

  • Is it legal to grow in shelter cove? Looking at buying a parcel and would be growing 200 plants. With caregiver medical cards.

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