Obituaries and Remembrances

trees flowers1-2This section includes both obituaries and memories. Honoring our loved ones who have died does not end immediately after their passing. We recognize that… so we’re extending our obituary section to include individuals who may have left a long time ago. If you want to remember someone who is gone, either recently or longer ago, please send a photo and a few sentences to Tell us why you would like to honor the person–is it their birthday, the date of their passing or some other date of significance to you.



  • Screw mailin' it.

    My mother.
    Judi R.
    One of the first two women to study criminology at Cal State LB, she ended up taking defense lessons from Chuck Norris. Guess whose spankings were extra effective. Guess whose attackers always ran for their lives.
    After “temporarily” accepting the 3 year old Sunday school teacher spot, after 7 years, she allowed the church to claim she was the “actual” teacher: a position she sang her way through for another 20 years. All the while being an amazing PTA author/editor/volunteer, Mother, and Boy, Cub, Brownie, and Girl Scout leader: at both troop/pack and council levels. With the Girl Scouts 60 years of service is both recorded and awarded.
    A maestro angler, deck hands got excited when she went fishing on the boat with her husband; gossiping : “Judi is here?” ” Judi IS here.” ” We are gonna CATCH some FISH today!”
    Her acumen at poker, learned from her old-west card-dealing grandfather, means that tables everywhere are safer to play at with her passing.
    So, please add some zucchini to your pizza, in honor of my mother.
    And, Please Close The Door!!!


    Wow he was such an amazing human being. His energy lit up any room he walked into. He definitely lived life to the fullest and knew how to have fun. He will be missed by everyone that got the chance to have them in their lives. Sometimes life isn’t fair and good things come to an end, sometimes the good die too early. I know karma will work its way somehow. At least he has a handsome son that can continue the legacy. I’m so sorry for all of his friends and family that are grieving over this injustice and we all know that G would want us to live on with the happy memories he has left behind. I miss you so much every single day, I can’t believe it’s already been a year.

    Rest easy G.

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