Humboldt County Sheriff’s Vehicles Gathered in Fortuna Today; Marijuana Arrests and General Buzz About Helicopter Activity

About 10 a.m. today, “at least eight” Humboldt County Sheriff’s vehicles gathered at the River Lodge Conference Center in west Fortuna, according to reports from witnesses. Yesterday, a similar group of Humboldt County Sheriff vehicles congregated in the Carlotta area. Several reports noted they had a chipper. One reader insisted she saw several different convoys.

The information posted by the Sheriff’s Office today indicates that three were arrested yesterday by Humboldt County’s Drug Task Force for growing/cultivating marijuana. Drug Task Force symbolThese were likely related to the law enforcement convoy/s out Hwy 36.Booking for Hum county

In what may be a totally unrelated development, Southern Humboldt is buzzing about what appeared to be a series of low flying helicopter reconnaissance flights–reports have come in from Shelter Cove, Blue Slide, and Salmon Creek.

We have requested more information from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office and will update when possible.



  • im laughing at the new growers this year from out of state, that doubled down to set up shop. Shitting their pants to the sound of low flying choppers. Welcome to humboldt bitches.

  • Where is blue slide ?

  • Jerry just the kind of dirt bag we attract here .Mom still sending you money at 50 ?

  • The cove has been completely socked in with fog all morning and afternoon . It seems it would be dangerous to fly helicopters in an area completely devoid of mega grows in this weather .

  • Where was the grow that led to the 3 arrests? Maybe they weren’t related… wondering if the Russian sounding names are some of the Bulgarians we keep hearing about…

  • Ha, call immigration, three Ukrainians that are probably illegal. I know multiple folks who are being threatened by their new Uke neighbors, it’s awful. I’m talking folks who’ve had their land for 10-30 years,not newbies.

    Soooooo very glad to see the cops focusing on them. They are the water diverting asses, no care for our community at all nor our environment. They make the Mexi cartels look like nothing.

  • Bust them all who are stealing water and ass raping of the land .they could care less deport the bastid right along side the methicans

  • I think the arrests from yesterday were in eastern Humboldt. I passed an eight vehicle convoy with chipper near Larabe valley as I headed west early yesterday. The gathering at river lodge today was freaking huge way more than eight when I passed just before ten

  • Too early to be busting. People will just replant, still time for a full season outdoor grow.

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