Prepare for Delays on Salmon Creek Road

County Roads Feature

Road crews working last year [Photo from Humboldt County Public Works]

Prepare for delays on Salmon Creek Road and Thomas Road this week as Humboldt County road crews put in culverts. They will also be ditching and otherwise preparing for paving on Thomas Road next week.

“We’re starting to put in culverts today through Wednesday or Thursday,” explained Denton Carrick of Humboldt County Public Works. “We’re going to do more ditching and prepping for paving next week.



  • the condition of this road the county has neglected for a large number of county residents living up there is a disgrace.

  • Marcia Mendels

    Yay! I know it will be frustrating at times, but it will be worth it in the end to have a safer road.

  • What areas will they fix? Hopefully at least the ridge road area below the bulletin board and Lower Thomas turn off!

  • Claud Krashcup

    Let the demo derby begin. FASTER! ha,ha FASTER!
    Only kidding. please slow down.

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